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  1. You have no clue what you are saying. To me, its hand in hand with feminist ideology. Misandry or misogyny. Insanity. The difference being, one's indoctrinated on our education system and culture. APA deemed masculinity toxic. That entire field is appalling. I do like Peterson. And yet, Peterson contradicts himself on the argument of equality of outcome in dating. I am against it be it free market or dating. No being her over a barrel to get a particular outcome. Furthermore, Petersons daughter left her husband and flew out to see millionaire playboy Cobra Tate before crawling back to her husband. If there ever is a better example of what married life is and what risk is involved? Peterson is correct above about the stability of the society. I agree with responsibility but I am not indulging with marriage given the status quo and abysmal fall out if things go wrong. Her husband stood by her side during her health issues. Her response is cuckoldry for a millionaire playboy with a harem of women. Netflix and chill is free. With basic knowledge of a computer, you can screen down on who you are Dating or seeing. There's no hiding past indiscretions. As a net tax payer and property owner, why complicate my life with all the responsibility and zero reward? Wanting breakfast or a coffee is too much in the modern era. The amount of Christian men using Internet porn why? It's just not worth it. Not now. Not anymore. If you work around women, listen how they talk about men, their bf or husbands. None of it sounds appealing.
  2. Its multifaceted. Look at divorce stats by gender? By college educated? 1. Yes. Educate people to be FREE THINKERS. Not sheeple. Not following the herd. Not signing up for the victim card and badge. In the modern era, a woman sleeping around isn't rebellious. A woman stating she wants to be a stay a home mother is. Its unheard of in 2020. I choose to date non-exclusively. Married men use to be respected. Not really anymore. In the modern era, i can meet women who want kids but don't want to raise them. Women who want marriage but don't want to be a wife. Wants white dress but doesn't want to take his name. Welcome Netflix and chill. 2. I am not getting married. Why would I as a net tax payer, bachelor, and property owner risk the farm when more than half ends in divorce and even worse when you check state on gender? On college educated. There's always inequality be it financial, attractiveness, height, talent, skill, and a number of things. If you watched Peterson, he is against equality of outcome. I agree. Ironically enough, Peterson contradicts himself with the stance with Dating. Peterson is correct that inequality in the dating world is going to have consequences but are we going to resolve this inequality? No. Peterson is awesome but he is off the mark here. Dating and economics is similar. There's always going to be inequality. You aren't going to force pair women with men. You aren't going to force extract resources either. I agree with Peterson on the importance of men and responsibility. I disagree with the application. For instance, if somebody breaks into the house of my wife and i, I need to go handle business. Responsibility and what rights? It went viral about a wife making her husband breakfast and a coffee. Gtfo! Outrage over that? This is not wife material. Maybe Netflix and chill. If shit pops off, I am going to risk my life to protect my wife and kids, requesting a coffee or breakfast, whatever is the least one can do. The dating and political world is insane atm. I rather be a bachelor. A bachelor gets treated better or you next her.
  3. That's called cuckoldry. No. No i don't. The ownership and responsibility is on the individual first. The family unit. The community. And onward. There's a lot to unpack. First, it starts in the home. Lawlessness and fatherless households. Higher crime rate. A lot of men in fatherless homes have no authority figures nor role models. A lot of time, fatherless men act like the single moms they are around. They have hissy fits with either other men or cops. It doesn't end well. The welfare state is not the solution. If anything, the welfare state more government intervention has done harm then good. All the looting, rioting, and burning down of targets is a cry for HELP. *** "I DON'T HAVE A DAD! " *** The government is not the father nor the head of the household. And it has failed to replace the role of the father. The government is incapable to fill the void. The more reliance on government, the more problems. Pumping in money is a bandaid over a fatal wound.
  4. Nah bro. We've had generations of that feminist nonsense in our education system and culture. A generation of men without fathers. More isn't helping incels. Given that incel epidemic, we don't need more of that. As for the other stuff, ever notice that there's no receipts? A lot of goons on YouTube who are married, don't chat nor compete in the modern era of tinder and ig? Haven't competed before msn messenger was a thing. There's a lot of frauds. A lot of engineers, coders, and tech startups. A decline in marriages meaning, lots of bachelors with a surplus of cash and con men trying to extract it from the naive. For every one channel that is legit, i am betting there's thousands of frauds talking nonsense and simping irl. ARC called out a guy as being a house husband in a recent vid.
  5. I am from the west and my experience in Asia is nothing short of legendary. I think someone has got it or they don't. I once met some dude on vaca. We called him psycho Sid (like the wrestler). He was a approach machine. I never saw anybody fumble around like he did it. Close ratio was awful but he was fearless. Psycho Sid comes up to my mates and I. He says, "I came here with a 100 condoms and I only have 99 more to go." I went the fuck off. I died laughing. My abs hurt like hell. So, he is the class clown i thought. No, this guy was terrorising the resort. He would just be blunt and tell girls what he had in mind. I saw him get slapped many times. It was funny. We went to the club and he was making out with randoms. On our flight home, he was hitting on a older woman. I asked him about how his night went and he said he power bombed a girl. Fuck, he was funny. Socially awkward and even embarrassing. He was a French Canadian. He said he was a drummer and worked in sales. The balls on this guy. Maybe you need to be more like Psycho Sid. I met another guy on vaca. This little brown dude from Whales. He humped two dozen girls on a week vacation. I never seen anything like it. Girls would reject having a drink at the bar and then i would see him hitting on her friends. The same girl who turned him down he would be pulling and kicking her out of his shower on the hour.
  6. The exact reason why guys should chat up irl over tinder. Simps following on ig is lame. My metric being dtf or unmatch. If i see any ideology (feminism, blm, activist, body positivity, only weird angle face shots and no body pic), i swipe left. As for line, i have several. They work quite nicely. Few msgs, acquire number, and get drinks fast or blocked.
  7. Lmfao there's a lot of workout parks, fog parks, trails, etc. Its perfect. Its a day job. A long slog sometimes and smoother other times. Its either on, no pants dance or next. Stay in your lane. I am a fitness brahhhhh so, I am out on those environments. Met girls on a walk, hike, post workout run or lift. There's a lot of spots in the game for it. It's fun. Its funny.
  8. Its a job dude. You don't find meaning doing anything as a corporate drone. You either start a business or a side hustle. Alternatively, you can go ahead with your hobbies and passions outside of your day job. For me, entrepreneurship is a good idea.
  9. Reading the arguments here, I honestly can say, common sense is not so common. I don't know if people are trolling or if it is a problem with iq? None of it is shocking anymore. From a spiritual perspective, I have found that I can keep my peace of mind and not live in or around lawlessness. Nor associate with or around insanity. Another point, it pisses me off that the discussion is torpedoed by morons claiming hate speech when a simple yet powerful change is FATHERS ON HOUSEHOLDS. not more net tax payer money. How about a stem degree or a trade? How about being a CPA or learning to code? What about starting a business? Looting and rioting looks differently as a net tax payer, property owner, business owner, and having a family.
  10. Why did the protests start? Which part? The child voluntarily said "i want to die." you wut? You guys crack me up. The argument is weak as saying, someone can choke someone to death and because they were not conscious and said, i don't want to die, its ok? Racism is bad. I don't care white or black. Not ok. Killing is bad. I don't care race or color. My block list growing today.
  11. That would be a deal breaker for me. There seems to be a disconnect for sex and i enjoy sex. I don't see any point of having a chat and no sex. I'm not lookin to pull teeth every time I want to do the no pants dance. Find someone who actually desires you. I had a girl i met rip off my clothes like a a wild animal and we went to pound. There was nothing weird about it except it took 30min to find my shirt. I had claw marks in my back for weeks.
  12. I would be seeing if she has any hotter younger friends. I swear, fellas should learn to code. Always execute the program. If she comes over, i smash or else NEXT. Repeat the process over again. Welcome to modern day dating life in 2020.
  13. Thread starter, watch two movies: Blue valentine Song for song Both are with Ryan Gosling. Both accurately show exactly what not to do and when to move on. The sooner the better. Imagine you are on a sail boat with a gf but she's putting cannon balls through the boat. She's sinking the boat and not paddling. Looking to. Jump ship. Move on.
  14. No. You asked a question and then read off cnn nonsense. Why? Well, a woman can run aroun having bastard children and rely on the state for free money (ie tax payer money). Nobody is cheering on the Floyd death. The stupidity of stun gun and assaulting cops before getting shot dead is beyond Moronic. I have no problem with protests but they are not peaceful and its not ok that the leader made terrorist like comments. Finally, its disingenuous to rant about cops Killing black people when the amount of abortions in the community are outrageously high. All life matters. How about we protest every time there's black on black crime? Everytime a child is aborted? Everytime a child is raised without a father? Let's protest but let's do it right. Its disingenuous that it only matters when it suits a convenient time like a election year. Shocking. I am pissed when cops kill black people and i am pissed when black people kill black people be it abortions or gun violence. Its not ok.
  15. The problem is democratic states have a ton of crime. The Asian community is in stem statistically. They have strong family values and work ethic statistically. A father in the household. I don't see any Asians looting in the target vids i saw. I respect the Asian culture and traditional values. People would be better off if they emulated the values.
  16. You cannot debate when someone is identified with victim clout. Similarly, democratic states have an abundance of crime. This is ignored by the far left. When an entire political party kneeling to a group who has a leader promoting terrorism in the form of "burn down a system." Stupidity given the riots and looting. Facts over feels /thread
  17. Fatherless households. Proud single mom. Shocker. Father's in the household are a key.
  18. Doubling down on a Purgé. Predict a counter balance for telling people how to think.
  19. Agreed. Its ironic given the point of a spiritual path yet, whatever is the most popular, people parrot. Lmfao girls with blm in their tinder bios. I couldn't swipe left fast enough.
  20. Heavily biased? No shit. Have you seen my account and bans for stating the facts? The ideal solution imho from a spiritual aspect is away from government. Libertarian. Smaller, not larger government. Not reliant on the state and pity party victim clout but the individual, family unity, community, etc. Trump closed the boarder due to global pandemic and got called a racist. The parties are both flawed. My issue is that democrats are kneeling to a organisation that the leader made terrorist like comments. Its appalling. A two party election isn't the solution nor is a lawlessness in a election cycle. Shocking.
  21. Survival is preserved because the masses are reliant on state. The first sign of danger, globally, everyone curled up in a ball and gave up their freedoms in cowardly fashion because of the bug. I view it differently. I see that importance of the individual, family unit, and community. The state is not going to get me laid. I do that. I enjoy chatting up girls. I like to hookup. If the basis for survival is met, the only focus people have now is replication. I found the r vs k content and gene warfare fascinating. R = prey & spray. Think rabbits. K = elephants for instance. It's very interesting. I am working on first improving self. If i had a family at some point, that would be a good focus follower by community work. I am a bit reaching now as i am a bachelor. I am still not seeing the point? Care to elaborate?
  22. I would be skeptical of any Dating coach selling anything. Agreed. There's a lot of gorilla's aping nonsensical crap on YouTube and of course no receipts. The ones I find hilarious are married. It cracks me up hearing about the characters who before aol messenger and MySpace were married but they think they have a idea of what the tinder and ig world is like. Too much laughs my tummy cannot handle anymore. Reddit archive ftw. YouTube is banning everyone. Molyneux got nuked. Not quite. Rsd is market leader. Is or was? Do you have any idea how incompetent men are with women? Guy never chats up girls but will preach. Reliant on tinder. Terrified otherwise. Its similar with Internet tough guys. Have you been to Vegas? It's like the pickup stomping yard. The volume of tourists is a thing of beauty. My understanding, pickup is dead and rsd moved on no? If you go to Vegas and chat up girls, you will hookup. Pending looks and competence, results will vary. I don't know how anybody could go to XS and not hump after is beyond me. Game is work man. Its like a full time job to keep roster and even then, shit happens. Her ex comes back, finds what she thinks is a better option (hotter, taller, status, bigger D), and elements of randomness like global pandemic. I have one girl who is still around since before pandemic. I have lost count of alternative girls who i either next or they dropped off. Such is life. Pandemic or not, girls come if they really want to see you bad enough. The alter being, she wants a pen pal. I saw the media scandal. Imagine being a lad at the event and then see yourself live on YouTube as the media scandal goes like wild fire. I would hate to be that guy haha.
  23. I just read estrogenation by Dr Jay after the PTW podcast. I never heard of the info above but I have friends who did the test. The Dr Jay ca apparently transcribe info on the genetic code and help upgrade based on the information. I am fascinated. The reason I have been looking for info, i did internment fasting. I have seen some extra results. For instance, I am aesthetic now. Full 6 pack. I have a lot of striations and muscular development. Lots of definitions. My sleeping is 100x better. No brain fog. I've had a ton of new insights. I feel great and motivated. If only I knew sooner than now. I am curious about trying to do the test. Has anybody here did 23 and me? I am considering trying it out and the information from it. I could probably look for the info myself even after the test. Its kind of long but here is the cliff notes : Estrogenics on virtually everything Switch to brita or RO water Lots of estrogenics on water Lots of estrogenics in food Estrogenics on sunscreen 23 and me test + transcripted Improve diet based on the info Improve on your training style Improving fitness and lifestyle Compensation for issues The guy is on trt. It turns out that, the liver is failing to breakdown estrogen be it micro estrogenics or faux/exo estrogenics that are artificial. Irrelevant given, the body metabolites it as if. Like, your body and carbs. I learned about the estrogen steroids on virtually all stuff.
  24. I read estrogenation. I have avoided EVERYTHING LOLOLOL. I need holistic sunscreen. I use soap works. I have routine deodorant. I have a iron vegan protein powder. The fast is banging. Me too. I starter to fast for spiritual practice. Its been superb. Ironically enough, I didn't chase summer aesthetics. I am reading Path to God by Ram Dass. The fast was spiritual and aesthetics were a by product. Have you did 23 and me? I saw a podcast on taking the test and transcribed the context. It essentially breaks down the genetic code and the missing code in your genome, what you can do? You may respond to hypertrophy, strength training or PRs. You can do it all. I want to do it. YouTube PTW. Watch the one on the transcript of 23 and me. The doctors you can have provide you with the best course of action for your genetics. The genetic code is responding to your diet and training. You will know how to handle the best course forward. I am going to start eventually. I could have did intermittent fasting sooner if i had known. I agree with you on money and supplements but day, you have a transcript of your genetic code and the information you need to upgrade? For example, the lad had a liver that was failing to breakdown faux or exo estrogenics. He is on TRT not surprisingly. Imagine knowing say a decade or 2 about the flow state of your mind and body? Fascinating.
  25. You may have a better alternative with another diet. For me, o sleep better and i am More aesthetic. Weight loss a bit too. Forced cal deficit.