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  1. Do you like anything about Iraq at all? Anything that binds you to this country ? Can you point it out in a short paragraph? Please see this as a serious question, I’ve tried to point out things to you in past threads, but it’s important to know for sure that you are not acting out blind hate, as that might lead to bad consequences for you in the future.
  2. Post intelligently is a good way to put it. There are online forum's etiquette, the internet wasn't invented last month, most people who have been in any online forum know this, and can recognize instantly when a low-effort vs. high-effort post is posted. For example, it's universal that seeing PM messages is something Mods can see, it's normal that there are guide lines and rules and criteria, check communities on reddit if you need a reference. I guess people here are not serious or maybe they haven't had any experience in online forums, and that's fine, but I guess maybe even a better way to motivate good posts is some reward points or monthly Best post? possibly even a written guide of how to post a good topic/post with actual examples? these things also exist elsewhere online, and this would be my suggestion to Mods here and Leo.
  3. This got me thinking about a subject I wanted to post about one time but forgot: why is this community/forum not have a subscription fee? Wouldn’t that of-set so many problems? It can be a small fee and bond people to act according to what keeps them in.
  4. Honestly there’s so much gold material in this forum for searching and learning. It would be sad to shut it down. It’s immature to protest against a creator’s own freedom of posting whatever they like. Respect is necessary to do this work. Leo is acting as the guide to this community, sharing whats going to serve most of who follow his content. It’s not like we are paying him for his work anyways.
  5. Is that milking or quality control? From the point of view of ralston I’m sure for the reputation of his org - does not want any of his disciples to be any nut job that has some money and some time to kill. (serious question)
  6. fly to Ukraine only to find a sausage party of Russians occupying the city... while all the hot Ukrainian girls fled here to the US. It would've been fun see that.. damn Leo, why'd have to ruin it
  7. State parks or local parks definitely. Going to San Francisco by car had me feeling spiritual, and Istanbul - Turkey.
  8. @Lyubov which countries do you recommend in Eastern Europe or consider good ? some of these countries are sketchy and a different beast from Europe.
  9. @Lyubov how easy/hard is it to live in Eastern Europe compared to the US ? The closest I've been to Eastern Europe is Istanbul/Turkey.
  10. Islam is like Christianity in many ways. Mehdi is pointing out this in a good deconstruction effort for the centrality of Christianity. I believe many English speaking westerners do not have this understanding or point of view. For example many might choose to deconstruct religions such as christianity and Buddhism/hinduism pointing out the relativity that's dependent on the culture, saying effectively : "you know what, buddha is there christ! Jesus is our buddha! christianity and Buddhism are interchangeable, it's just relative to where you grew up!" but yet don't go far as doing the same with Islam. I'm not sure why, but probably either for not being exposed to the good side of it, or maybe because of prejudice. In reality Islam has internal social problems, issues with some of its logic, philosophy and practices (every muslim is well aware of them) and also the lake of reformers and visionaries who speak out and have publicity. But over all this is a good speech defending islam against western prejudice.
  11. what can males do as a form of personal responsibility to effect a change on the side of women ?
  12. I have an idea about this but anyone correct me if I’m wrong: yellow - at least the way I understand - is about reaching truth together, or building a data-base of truth, thats as much un-biased as possible. This in relationship to green and lower stages, is less dogmatic and allows multiple perspectives to add their take on matters.
  13. The lack of social interaction and general Social life is sad in the US. You are not expected to know your neighbors or have a social group. If you do they are either your race/nationality or you can afford that kind of "life style". Been living here for 9 years, made friends through work and such but never got nearly tight with them like you'd expect else where. space, clean air and less noise are spot on, very nice things to have, but I'd love to see most of the US having people biking, walking along side each other or be more comfortable 'siting outside in the streets' such as how it is in France for instance. The big cities are like how I described above, but it's expensive like hell to live in. I wish more cities where like that minus less expensive rent-wise.
  14. I was going to say 250$-300$. about the price of a rock band or a comedy show. pretty standard friends. my brother wants to go to one of his lectures. I hope he's not willing to pay that much ?
  15. So would you say that applying the same method of query to other nations would yield a different model ? it'd be interesting to see what that could look like in other countries. I personally think it will be the same with some small deferences. the problem is that I'd probably be difficult to find highly developed people outside of the Americas and Europe, however it's possible, for example I've watched this video about spiral dynamics in Egypt, I think this might be insightful and goes to the point your talking about in this thread:
  16. This is a dangerous way of talking about this topic. Many people tried to “turn the whole world ON” when LSD was first being made, Almost all I heard of went to jail for this. This is beside the point that taking 5-Meo would make you unable to tell between pain and pleasure or your surroundings. People who are stupid enough (and also probably uninformed, young and daring) suffocated in swimming pools while on 5-meo. Leo jokes about this but he really should be more responsible, giving that his audience can be young and feel like they have nothing to risk.
  17. Few good long term research is available for age groups. Simply because there was a ban on using psychedelics for research without government approval. Id say try it when your 23-24 thats the age I used them at, but also and for credibility’s sake, I’ve heard that brain development is not over until your 25. If you need psychedelics badly to resolve your depression or some other issue/reason I’d say wait until 20. Take into account that your reasoning, planing, being driven by impulses varies as you grow up. Theres less chance that you might take more than you can handle, or think you got a good handle on ‘tripping’ but then end up in a bad situation if you trip when your older.
  18. I like both logic and design, I guess many people would not want to touch programming, or think it's boring/bland (the people I knew in college hated it) I'm different myself, I like programing, figuring out difficult problems, I find the logic and methodology really interesting. and I would say I'm really artistic and drawn to design, so I comfortable with both. I'd probably go more towards front-end though since it's more my type. I'm currently going through a Udemy course. it has JS/CS /Node.js and mangoDB. I like Js, and I have learned a bit of sql, as far as styling form what I've learned so far (html/CSS) I think it will the most fun. I think saying I like to work somewhere like twitter google, apple, reddit ? is cliché, but I can list a number of companies and websites I like. I'm not sure which criteria should I base my choice on ? how interested I'm in the company ? or where I'd imagine myself working ? I'm also open to challenges, like working at a company just to learn the ebbs and flows and gain experience before I go to a company I really like.
  19. what's in demand/will be in dmeand right now ? I'd like to know so that I can keep it in mind for the future.
  20. @puporing @something_else @InfinityBeats thank you all for posting. this is very encouraging! I realize that my post was a bit negative, so here's some background: I've been feeling bad in the past 2-3 years with my major and finding a good job in IT during and after college. I live in an area with many people are working in IT. I've almost went and learned a little bit about the entire menu of IT fields : networking/databases/data engineering/cloud/security ect. -but never knew about web development, it's almost like it was hidden in plain sight for me! - I thought I'll never find a job that I like and spend my time doing mindless tasks. I knew intuitively that I wanted to do something with code. web dev so far has the perfect balance for me, and sounds - more than all the IT fields I looked at - like the right kind of work I want to do. I'm wondering what kind of projects are desirable ? I have a very limited idea of what a web project can be. I Imagine something like a replica of a popular websites : yelp, Twitter, IMDB ? will a good looking website with decent design and functionality be enough ? I would appreciate any resources you could share !
  21. I'm listening to the talk right now, Thanks for sharing ! I'm wondering if Dhammarato talks about Nimttas (access consentration) in this video, or any other ones? also how hard is it to get in touch with Dhammarato in one of these Skype calls? do you have to pay per call or some type of subscription ?
  22. @bazera Thanks for replying, I feel motivated honestly I'm very new to the field, no one in my circle works as web dev, so Idk where to get a solid opinion on this. I've stumbled upon web dev after trying many things in the field of IT, and finally landing on something close to what I like most (programming and design). while searching reddit, it seems like people are commineting that jobs are saturated, which is what got me worried... I've found good bootcamp and I have been studying to get through their entry test. I'm wondering if you recommend Udemy courses ? I have that as a backup plan, in case I don't get through the bootcamp test, so that I don't waste any time.
  23. I have been interested in entering the first Jhana for quite sometime. I wouldn’t say that I’m practicing diligently or constantly (last year I had an injury that completely interpreted my meditation routine), but I practiced meditation -focussing on the breath with labeling - for almost 2 years not skipping any day, but really haven’t had any interesting development. I also have a difficultly focussing on the breath where the lips and nostrils are, and I’ve heard that Jhanas are difficult to reach if the object was belly movement. how long did it take you to develop in your practice?
  24. I'm starting to develop a liking for the detached approach SD yellow has, it's necessary to roll out the suits and the corporate face in order to find solutions that maintain good cooperation between different levels of development. what this guy fails at is making it clear what he wants. open mindedness to no end leads to problems. I think he is not aware of that.
  25. I’m half the way through watching this. I’m feeling afraid for my Yellow values now … This conversation is showing me the shadow of my previous beliefs, I see that the green lens shows no nuance what so ever, it’s amazing, I can’t believe how dumb I was to be led to believe those value memes like I almost had blinders. poor guy trying to convince vaush to be more compassionate yet, being attacked from all corners… like yayks ! I can also see how hard it is for Mr.Girl to not go straight away to SD and exploring his positions from there as an exit point. incredible honesty! Edit: I think we are not certain that mr girl is stage yellow or tier 2 thinker. The only hint I saw of him was when he says ‘value system’ thats one aspect of yellow. But could be just an open minded guy who found a niche to make a channel about.