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  1. @Preety_India I see your perspective. However this is not a good diagnosis in my take. people will always be sick no matter how hard they try to be healthy and/or fit, no matter how good medicine gets, in theory there should always be sickness. But the main take of this point is that humanity shouldn't drop being doctors or develop solutions such as medicine. if politics, democracy, civil rights, political debates stop existing it's a race to the bottom not the other way around. The man in the video is actually a marriage counselor, maybe the issue that it hasn't been tried before ?
  2. @Preety_India American politics is great. Disagreement incentivize back and forth conversation. it's kind of like having an editor who can't be pleased because they want you to bring your best out of you. I have lived under a dictatorship and in a place where there are 100s of parties, it's not great. The way it is right now in the US is because people are not aware of the consequences actually losing their democracy. This group I think is very civil, and promotes higher consciousness. I haven't joined them but I'm considering it.
  3. Any one here has an idea if Qanon is purple? I theories that it’s a manifestation of toxic purple to red. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/QAnon
  4. Context can help. what was she saying you should be afraid of ? another question is what if you no longer fear it at some point will that mean that fears are kind of like challenges that can be won ? if so that makes the remark your mom made kind of like saying: life has challenges; which you can win or lose.
  5. @Jacob Morres interesting . Hope that gave you an idea of how your mind works. Mine said a month. Then maybe more, then started justifying what good could comes form FB. It’s just interesting how the mind jumps around and start seeing the other people’s perspective once there’s some benefit for it. Which to me shows that when you examine beliefs you start seeing how false they could be.
  6. Costochondiritis can be very hard for physicians to diagnosed.Most doctors have no knowledge on the true cause of it and therefor fail heal it. it can become the future's epidemic, simply because it accumulates over time and is directly related to sitting in front of a monitor for too long or using a mobile phone with bad head and arm position (I-hunch). Speaking from a personal experience it's terrible! and very few resources exist on how to treat it properly. it can be a pain in the butt if you have it and don't know what has happened to you. it really deserves learning about. Best resource for costochodritis that I've found: https://www.reddit.com/r/costochondritis/ hope this helps whoever gets this ?
  7. Hello, I posted here about a week ago about my condition, but the post got deleted with the recent forum crash. In brief, I have pain in the top left rib and back pain on the relatively the same spot. It stared a year ago. Was very severe. It started as twitching that i’d feel around the left breast. couldn’t walk, and my shoulders were tight and lifted up the whole time. Every movement was causing my ribs to pop followed by inflammation like pain and twitching. nothing was giving my any relief including siting and lying down. It’s now better after many months of stretching and releasing muscles around the spine. however the irritation is still present , I still can’t lift my left arm or move it around without occasionally popping my rib. I’m curious If anyone have had this before ? I’ll update this thread with more information, but feel free to ask anything. Thanks.
  8. @RobertZ thanks for your reply, and sorry that you had to go through such pain. I’ve been seeing some good results the past two days. I guess I should’ve not given up on stretching so fast.
  9. @Michael569 thank you I'll try to find this medicine. I'm basically sold on the idea that anti-inflammatory drugs are bad, and such conditions need physical care or adjustment. I'll be updating this theard with what I've tried, what worked and didn't. This condition is really bad and a lot of people are susceptible of getting it because of bad posture, I-hunch and sitting for long hours infant of a computer.
  10. @Michael569 I’ve had this for about a year now. I saw two doctors, one had no idea what it was, did blood test and a CT scan, which showed no signs of autoimmune disease or damage to internal organs. the second doctor was able to diagnose me with costochondritis right of the first visit. Which was very helpful, I looked it up online and found some stretching exercises that helped me a lot. I’m seeing a rheumatologist now. He believes that one rib possibly has calcification on it. And i’ll be getting an x-ray soon to confirm. I think main reason could be that I over exercised during covid. Did lots of breathing exercises, WHM, running and yoga which possibly either caused an injury to the rib, or exasperated an existing one due to siting in front of a monitor for too long (I’m CS student)
  11. @Mesopotamian Spiral Dynamics at the core is a model to pin point the level of society/individual consciousness by assessing their values as a whole. Usually it goes as I mentioned in most societies. Here's great video about an SD development study of a country in the Middle East: Egypt. I think you'll find it informative :
  12. see, tribe, Honor codes, family as the chief of one's freedom is all stage purple, red, blue values respectively. dating doesn't come until atheist orange emerges and challenges blue, building a society with values such as 1.individual freedom 2. individual's independence from family. the whole society has to go through this change to embrace those values. and that comes only when everybody start distrusting stage blue and thinking for themselves. How many atheist orange do you know ? ... and then dating becomes the norm, because how else would you find a partner if you don't have a family to arrange a marriage for you? if your values as such that you are in charge of your choices and won't let anyone infringe upon them ? it's a whole societal shift. not a western concept.
  13. @Carl-Richard I disagree, atheist can be baffled but not personally offended if you told them that your science is not serious investigation into reality. A Muslim is more dense. They would take offense. It’s not about who’s right and who’s wrong, but would resolve to violence if circumstances allow.
  14. Off topic but not too off.. is realizing “Truth” the same as losing all realization in one go? I can imagine my life being radically different losing the definition of Colors, words, objects etc. while everyone around me seem to be stuck with the definition of these things. Like actually if that happens I would probably see a huge contrast between the way I relate to the world and the way others do, which to me sounds a lot like what awaking has been described to be.
  15. I wrote a very long post about how I feel lost and can't find a career path form myself that goes with my intuition of what I feel is right for me. then I decided to summaries it for simplicity and so don't get too lost in details : basically I'm struggling to find a path in life, my college degree isn't what I like or hoped for, information technology is big and growing where I'm located and I thought that I'd easily find a job after graduating, especially since I have the skills, I'm good with coding and actually liked it. I excelled at it from the beginning, and was better than all my peers. I studied networking, studied data engineering and got certified as a cloud architect, but still can't find a job. I'm now hired with a recruiting company that is trying to find me a job with data engineering, but I'm still laking the motivation to go on and persue this all the way through. I really feel like I'm either going to get it or not, and it gets tough the more I find a challenge the more I feel like I can do it and will get somewhere and breakthrough, and then I don't. IDK I think data engineering might not be right for, me or anything in Information technology for that matter. the problem is: I've already completed college, I'm an immigrant and I need a job to get my life situation together. so its trying to balance both priorities, and what I would like to do in life, and it's a tough carp to go through, since I've got reality on one side and what I dream of becoming at the other. I really like art and everything visual since I was a child, it's really and truly me dream to become something within the art field. I really love it and would do anything to become a full time artist on any whatever medium. However, how do I now if I'm not making sacrifice in this situation ? the stability a regular job can get me can really switch my life upside down and give me so much self growth and motivation. truly. You see how I'm torn between two sides and trying to make the best choices I can with at-most maturity and sobriety considering my life situation. but I still feel like I'm not following my life calling. I wanted to make this post to see if the life purpose course is going to be suitable for me now ? should I do it later or now is a good time ? I don't know if I made it quite clear in the post but I have to be 100% sober in this life situation I'm in, and can't mess up and run after a dream at all. I don't know what the consequences of this might be, so I'm really focus on each step being the right step for me. I would really not like it if the life course purpose was to make me chase a dream and lose track of reality. Would really appreciate your thoughts, please ask me tp clarify anyting if you're not clear on whatever I stated in the post. Thank you for reading.
  16. This is how Green makes fun of Orange it’s comedic but also cynic. it shows what green values and focuses on: equality and showing women -even if by forcing it- must always be shown as adequate as men. Its like being in high school and making fun of your younger cousin who is still at elementary schools. https://youtu.be/-GeFM4Mco48
  17. so what do i do with this information ? How fo i integrated into my life ? I know that basically everyone is doing there best from there point of view, and there is nothing wrong with that, even though the mind would say “but they are hurting people!” Or “but they are killing and raping others”. Even if I know that god is doing these things because everything is a manifestation of god -who is good- What does that eventually means for me? I've seen Leo commenting like “of course, your in the bisuness of survival so of course that wouldnt be of benefit to you” or something like that, but i feel like this lacks nuance. If everything is good how come this good is not so apparent? How come rapest and criminals of war find it hard to sleep after going to war (some if them) and some has ptsd? is it ultimately just ego judgment thats preventing me from seen this truth? It just feels too odd to accept.
  18. Finished watching the episode. It’s very profound and beautiful as always. however; I still don’t understand how death killing or suffering is a manifestation of the goodness of life. It’s just too much to understand all at once or actually, I don’t understand it, but at least my mind is open to embrace it with small steps.
  19. @FlyingLotus thinks, this helps, I haven't watched the blog post yet but this will be very helpful for review afterwards. Thanks! @ted73104 I know this "fact", and In fact I live it everyday. however, integration is not a simple thing. even if you love and see the world as a whole as one, no one is going to believe you, and will question your intentions. in practice this feels like watching the world go by like you have no say in it and being afraid to talk your truth so that you wouldn't make any fuzz. @Leo Gura kindly Apologies, haven't watched the whole video and blog post yet. I'm not revolting against accepting this idea as much as wanting to know why do you say "Good". why not "just what it is" "empty phenomena" "just a thought reaction". I get a nihilistic the more I try to understand this.
  20. I have been talking to people and my life couch about leaving my family and starting a new life. The main problem is I'll have to work 2 jobs and be able to afford rent but may also live in a state where the majority of people are not highly conscious. I've been struggling with my family for quite a while, and I don't see that I have the level of respect I deserve living with them. I feel too scared to take this step but I feel like I'll be manipulated, mocked or made to tolerate behaviors and people out of my will if I don't. please help me out if you have any experience, my life couch would not let me consider this idea as they think it's "egoic thinking" so I stopped talking to them, but I hope I find help here.
  21. Lindsey lohan allegedly converting to Islam. I think this is a good example of going from stage red to blue. She's been known for bing a trouble maker, going in and out of jail and having been in a rehab many times. Adding fame to the mix and you get an inflated ego that's out of control. I think she sets a good example for moving form selfishness (Red) to a stage relatively on the selflessness side (Blue). for anyone who's confused about Kanye west embracing Christianity. notice how sillier his situation is to Lindsey's
  22. @Jacob Morres wanted to share my story with basically the same scenario but felt too self aware… its painful, sending loving compassion towards your way.
  23. Leo, you will love this: signed up for two of there course.both were deleted without me being able to access the content even thought they said it’ll be available for life. they advertise in a highly rushed style and “you wouldn’t get a better chance” “your life sucks and you would regret not signing up” also they put a timer on their website so that it will expire if you didn’t sign up quickly as “people can’t wait to join this, and we can only let a certain number of people so that we are not sharing with everyone and reveling our secrets” scammed me 900$ And wouldn’t refund even a day after. learned to just say no to anyone rushing me into something as a rule of life.