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  1. what can males do as a form of personal responsibility to effect a change on the side of women ?
  2. I have an idea about this but anyone correct me if I’m wrong: yellow - at least the way I understand - is about reaching truth together, or building a data-base of truth, thats as much un-biased as possible. This in relationship to green and lower stages, is less dogmatic and allows multiple perspectives to add their take on matters.
  3. The lack of social interaction and general Social life is sad in the US. You are not expected to know your neighbors or have a social group. If you do they are either your race/nationality or you can afford that kind of "life style". Been living here for 9 years, made friends through work and such but never got nearly tight with them like you'd expect else where. space, clean air and less noise are spot on, very nice things to have, but I'd love to see most of the US having people biking, walking along side each other or be more comfortable 'siting outside in the streets' such as how it is in France for instance. The big cities are like how I described above, but it's expensive like hell to live in. I wish more cities where like that minus less expensive rent-wise.
  4. I was going to say 250$-300$. about the price of a rock band or a comedy show. pretty standard friends. my brother wants to go to one of his lectures. I hope he's not willing to pay that much ?
  5. So would you say that applying the same method of query to other nations would yield a different model ? it'd be interesting to see what that could look like in other countries. I personally think it will be the same with some small deferences. the problem is that I'd probably be difficult to find highly developed people outside of the Americas and Europe, however it's possible, for example I've watched this video about spiral dynamics in Egypt, I think this might be insightful and goes to the point your talking about in this thread:
  6. This is a dangerous way of talking about this topic. Many people tried to “turn the whole world ON” when LSD was first being made, Almost all I heard of went to jail for this. This is beside the point that taking 5-Meo would make you unable to tell between pain and pleasure or your surroundings. People who are stupid enough (and also probably uninformed, young and daring) suffocated in swimming pools while on 5-meo. Leo jokes about this but he really should be more responsible, giving that his audience can be young and feel like they have nothing to risk.
  7. Few good long term research is available for age groups. Simply because there was a ban on using psychedelics for research without government approval. Id say try it when your 23-24 thats the age I used them at, but also and for credibility’s sake, I’ve heard that brain development is not over until your 25. If you need psychedelics badly to resolve your depression or some other issue/reason I’d say wait until 20. Take into account that your reasoning, planing, being driven by impulses varies as you grow up. Theres less chance that you might take more than you can handle, or think you got a good handle on ‘tripping’ but then end up in a bad situation if you trip when your older.
  8. I like both logic and design, I guess many people would not want to touch programming, or think it's boring/bland (the people I knew in college hated it) I'm different myself, I like programing, figuring out difficult problems, I find the logic and methodology really interesting. and I would say I'm really artistic and drawn to design, so I comfortable with both. I'd probably go more towards front-end though since it's more my type. I'm currently going through a Udemy course. it has JS/CS /Node.js and mangoDB. I like Js, and I have learned a bit of sql, as far as styling form what I've learned so far (html/CSS) I think it will the most fun. I think saying I like to work somewhere like twitter google, apple, reddit ? is cliché, but I can list a number of companies and websites I like. I'm not sure which criteria should I base my choice on ? how interested I'm in the company ? or where I'd imagine myself working ? I'm also open to challenges, like working at a company just to learn the ebbs and flows and gain experience before I go to a company I really like.
  9. what's in demand/will be in dmeand right now ? I'd like to know so that I can keep it in mind for the future.
  10. @puporing @something_else @InfinityBeats thank you all for posting. this is very encouraging! I realize that my post was a bit negative, so here's some background: I've been feeling bad in the past 2-3 years with my major and finding a good job in IT during and after college. I live in an area with many people are working in IT. I've almost went and learned a little bit about the entire menu of IT fields : networking/databases/data engineering/cloud/security ect. -but never knew about web development, it's almost like it was hidden in plain sight for me! - I thought I'll never find a job that I like and spend my time doing mindless tasks. I knew intuitively that I wanted to do something with code. web dev so far has the perfect balance for me, and sounds - more than all the IT fields I looked at - like the right kind of work I want to do. I'm wondering what kind of projects are desirable ? I have a very limited idea of what a web project can be. I Imagine something like a replica of a popular websites : yelp, Twitter, IMDB ? will a good looking website with decent design and functionality be enough ? I would appreciate any resources you could share !
  11. I'm listening to the talk right now, Thanks for sharing ! I'm wondering if Dhammarato talks about Nimttas (access consentration) in this video, or any other ones? also how hard is it to get in touch with Dhammarato in one of these Skype calls? do you have to pay per call or some type of subscription ?
  12. @bazera Thanks for replying, I feel motivated honestly I'm very new to the field, no one in my circle works as web dev, so Idk where to get a solid opinion on this. I've stumbled upon web dev after trying many things in the field of IT, and finally landing on something close to what I like most (programming and design). while searching reddit, it seems like people are commineting that jobs are saturated, which is what got me worried... I've found good bootcamp and I have been studying to get through their entry test. I'm wondering if you recommend Udemy courses ? I have that as a backup plan, in case I don't get through the bootcamp test, so that I don't waste any time.
  13. I have been interested in entering the first Jhana for quite sometime. I wouldn’t say that I’m practicing diligently or constantly (last year I had an injury that completely interpreted my meditation routine), but I practiced meditation -focussing on the breath with labeling - for almost 2 years not skipping any day, but really haven’t had any interesting development. I also have a difficultly focussing on the breath where the lips and nostrils are, and I’ve heard that Jhanas are difficult to reach if the object was belly movement. how long did it take you to develop in your practice?
  14. I'm starting to develop a liking for the detached approach SD yellow has, it's necessary to roll out the suits and the corporate face in order to find solutions that maintain good cooperation between different levels of development. what this guy fails at is making it clear what he wants. open mindedness to no end leads to problems. I think he is not aware of that.
  15. I’m half the way through watching this. I’m feeling afraid for my Yellow values now … This conversation is showing me the shadow of my previous beliefs, I see that the green lens shows no nuance what so ever, it’s amazing, I can’t believe how dumb I was to be led to believe those value memes like I almost had blinders. poor guy trying to convince vaush to be more compassionate yet, being attacked from all corners… like yayks ! I can also see how hard it is for Mr.Girl to not go straight away to SD and exploring his positions from there as an exit point. incredible honesty! Edit: I think we are not certain that mr girl is stage yellow or tier 2 thinker. The only hint I saw of him was when he says ‘value system’ thats one aspect of yellow. But could be just an open minded guy who found a niche to make a channel about.
  16. @Bioclassifiers I saw a thing at 00:49. It’s kind of fast and skippy. Are you saying that you saw that for a longer period and pulled your phone out to try to capture it afterwards?
  17. @DocWatts ( skimmed through the article) Aren't they also taking into account a large number of immigrants and/or working class ? I get that the numbers are worrying, but the fact that the US is an immigrants country makes a lot of people who come to the US both 1) adult 2) not proficient English writers/speakers ( probably due to not being educated within the US school system). I've worked with many people to count whom I would say where either non-English speakers -yet are working- or barley making it. I would assume that they where also comfortable not working to improve their reading/writing skills, just because the US allows this somehow. I literally know a person who complains frequently about how she can't communicate well at her job because of her poor English, yet she would not take no one's advice to try and turn on the news or watch a sitcom for example to improve her English.
  18. @Nahm if I read this correctly you mean the more you allow a thing to take it's natural course the less of a problem it becomes ? if I took all the Un in that equation it seems to say : suppression, value, purpose, meaning = shame for the human to win.
  19. @Preety_India I feel motivated to say this, but my first post was me about to tell you to explore the world view of green before you debate and look for people here to correct you. You’ve got to live the full experience of green before venturing outside of it and finding weak points in your world view. It just won’t work if you are just getting into green. If you feel like this place is to orange, or too rational, or maybe you think there are a lot of thinking but no feeling or community. That’s probably because it is amid to challenge you. I have the same feeling about this forum: it’s not early-green friendly, but also my own personal feeling is that its an old format website - not like reddit where you can actually have communities of interest- so maybe this issue should be discussed with moderators or Leo. I modified my post later to give a general advice. But I’ll leave it to you to decide which post is better.
  20. I think stage yellow is the one that finds solutions and finds a way to create a path of cooperation between the different stages. it’s not necessarily the one that has ‘compassion’ towards each stage but we could replace that for ‘understanding’ - it’s a small difference in wording, but I think compassion means a true ability to see oneself in someone else’s shoe and completely inhibit their perspective, which has too be highly integrated thing. I think stage turquoise is where that comparison and the humbleness starts to manifest. (I could be wrong, but thats how I understand the process so far)
  21. Trying to apply the concept of Learning by finding distinctions: stage blue shows denial for: god does not exist. stage orange denies that spirituality is important, or science can’t answer all questions, or profit does not equal happiness. what does stage green’s denial look like moving to yellow? How does yellow show green that he/she has built a house of cards ? I’m not asking what tigers green, but what has yellow going for them that green either a) secretly wants b) can directly show green how they are not questioning themselves and/or blindly excepting ideas and beliefs ?
  22. @Preety_India ego calling is a problem like I said. It’s tricky, you have to be the judge in each and every different situation.
  23. @Preety_India Some of what is being discussed here in this forum are very deep interpersonal teachings, subjects or techniques. On top of that the whole self-actualization thing is about looking at one’s ego, you know, that thing you don’t want anyone to see or find out about. Once you have this combination it’s easy for someone to be knowledgeable but kind-of arrogant and, ego calling can be a thing, where else where thats kind of not normal. you really have to take self responsibility here, and listen to people (here or outside of this place) that resonate with you and help you personally. For example I still listen to a stage orange-green monk every night before I go to sleep, and even though his approach is simplistic and doesn’t touch on the complexity of the teachings here, I get a lot of benefit from him and enjoy his talks and it helps me live my life my life happier. I only listen to Leo and/or this form to broaden my knowledge, learn new ideas, when I’m in the mode to discover something new. Or to keep things on the back burner so that i can use when It’s relevant to me. if you just exits on this place because “it’s the best place, and it ofer out of the world insights’” your kind of insisting on only going to a two star michellen restaurant and not eat anywhere else if you get my metaphor
  24. @Loba // this is a bit of a rant but I hope you enjoy it, I kind of tend to spew out my thoughts so I can capture as much meaning as possible that I can communicate, please let me know what you think : I love this this is so insightful, there are a number of reasons why I see green getting stuck: 1) getting stuck with gurus/spiritual teachers that gives them no way to ascend up the spiral, and focus only on the 'Now' and present moment. No mention of self-actualization work, being yourself and/or finding your purpose, what you like about life and how to meet your needs, largely (maybe) because those who seek spirituality form super-star gurus are almost all rich and/or famous, who can afford being in those retreats and are wealthy individuals who has there needs met not by integrating it form lower stages but from possibly being fortunate and they are at green so yeah how else will they not be stuck? 2) people who are born in places where anarchism, relativism and/or post-modernism already present in their society or where they live, they have no idea what living with blue red or purple means, they tend to glorify purple, be either confused scared or tempted to be red and view blue as backward traditional and/or too goody-good and brush them of as delude or unnecessary to society. completely backward way of thinking relative to SD other ways green get stuck is by 3) being too emotional too utopian, this is definitely not how green thinks of themselves but it is the truth and I can attest. for example: Rebel Wisdom which I really am beginning to like and find insightful are a vMEME yellow creators, they can appear as 'A Jordan Peterson cult' as so many people think of them, and I get way green would think that way, just the fact that they step upon subjects dear to the heart of stage green like psychedelic and treat them with a careful mind and an approach of a rational person says so much about how they respect what they are doing and willing to inform people the right way without spreading misinformation or over hyping a subjects, but that alone makes green go crazy. because it's a sacred topic to them that is not allowed to be discussed or looked at from another perspective, 'only green knows what they are talking about when they talk about psychedelics' that's the attitude of green claiming knowledge! only they know and anyone else doses't knows what they are talking about regarding this issue! 4) another problem is the lack of humbleness, I guess it takes a lot to become green, and that's why you don't feel like going back down the spiral and integrating your shadow stuff I'd love to have more conversation about how to transition from green to yellow, for example my response to lmfao was in a way saying ' well how does green find out how to move to yellow if they don't know a yellow person to tell them what to do or where to look ?' like seriously why would I know or dabble in systemic thinking, control theory or ken Wilber work if I'm not already aware of it some how, or super really wanting to find a solution to problems that I'm ready to would look anywhere for a solution!? how the hell would I know these subjects or where to look assuming I'm green and not doing self-actualization and not aware of a Leo Gura ? it's tough and no wonder a lot of stage green people stay in stage green. BTW, I'm either infp or enfp. I've heard that these Myers–Briggs Types come form Carl Jung and the not very well known reason behind them: is to find a way to transcend each letter of your type, by working your way out of each letter and not be stuck with the idea that you are one type rather than another.