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  1. one of my earliest memories, I was given a dinosaur-toy as gift when I had mumps as a kid. when I thought about of the significance of that to me I came up with these reasons: It met my needs of being appreciated, loved and cared for. It made me feel cared for as if I'm an important part of a 'group' - I guess in this case that would be my family- that listens to me and take care of me and doesn't neglect my needs. This was probably one of my earliest encounter with suffering as a human-being, I probably didn't know how to deal with it and what was happening, I remember being concerned and anxious, I was probably 4. Receiving that gift, I felt like I wasn't alone, and that I don't need to fear being un-loved or un-cared for. Someone (my mom) knew that I needed 'something' I myself didn't know or imagined I wanted/needed, assumed the role of a care-giver and preformed on it. I really appreciated that toy, it stayed with me for a long time and I held on to it, didn't get bored with it fast like any other toy. It held a special meaning for me. I immediately remembered that memory when I looked for the earliest and most direct time that I really felt my mother and father's love, actually I'm sure my parents where taking care of me at that point, but giving me that gift was like the perfect icing on the cake.
  2. Great video, although I didn’t understand some parts of it, but I guess I got the general Idea. You said you will be making more videos about other topics, any plans for whats next? Also you mentioned “atomism” as if it’s an ideology, last time I diged into that I only found bad resources about this, do you know where I should start reading about this?
  3. You have to see where purple turns bad/pathological to understand purple. purple is all romanticized until it throttle any effort to in-force modern laws. I have some concrete examples: 1.superstitions, red revolts against this, doesn’t believe in the old ways, having to bow before elders, having to throw salt in the air and dance around it for what ever reason. Red revolts against magical thinking and start thinking more realistically. 2.you can’t marry a guy/girl from another -inferior- tribe, this is still the happens in some places like Saudi Arabia. 3.fude wars in southern Egypt (and else where) countless murders that last several generations. One person’s whole life could be wasted on escaping death, all for a trivial reason that could be over a dead cow that was killed by mistake. the reason this still continues to this day, is that purple tribes believe that this is only way to saddle it, and won’t give in to law makers. 4.kinship is everything, its not safe to leave your tripe. it’s essentially like leaving your religion in modern religious families; It’s so enmeshed in your identity such that leaving is like committing an unthinkable crime. 5.Red sense of self is more advanced than purple, red have a strong sense of ‘i’ and is very self-empowered. Purple hasn’t moved to that level yet. Still thinks sees tribe as it’s identity. putting yourself in any of these examples can show you why it’s not desirable to be purple, and can make you appreciate/understand and favor red better. a positive example of red in modern times that you can see in schools: kids have magical thinking in them, you know how kids tell scary stories about the kid that was killed in the back of the school ? -magical thinking- Red would be the hero kid that checks for him/her-self and shows the rest of the group thats there’s nothing to be afraid of
  4. @thisintegrated yeah very spot on, I noticed things like this I knew a very stage orange guy on the verge of being green, used to take photographs of naked hippies. I urged him to try acid or try weed ounce. At that point in his life he’s ‘good’ to try it. Told me literally: “I lived my whole life without smoking a cigarette, and I won’t try weed either” < thinks it’s the same as tobacco. My experience is blue has little information/interstate in psychedelics: basically thinks it’s dangerous, relies on the authority of what drug ads says about it on TV, and compartmentalize as such. thinks it takes you to another world or their minds connects it with religious visions(Jesus, merry, buddha etc.) Green mentions it to challenge how woke you are. I used to think that everyone should try it, and that it can solve all their problems…. So they can be green, like me! ? My take form Spiral dynamics is that it’s more complicated than and can’t work that way as everyone one has different possibilities according to their level on the spiral. what do red purple or beige experience them as? Baige-purple was the OG hippie? lol
  5. watched briefly... I see they are talking about self-inquiry. when I was a child I used to have experiences where I'd feel like my ego is collapsing as I start questioning 'where am I' ' form where did I come' 'who am I really' ? and It was so scary for me that I had to calm myself down and tell myself to forget these question, and I'll forget about it and they'll disappear. I'm not sure if I was going somewhere there with this kind of self inquiry, but I've been trying to figure out this self-inquiry business for myself, and that 'zone' seems to be the closest thing I have in my direct experience of really questioning who I'm. Idk how to reproduce anymore or who if can, but it stuck with me how powerful these inquires where and how just asking myself these questions triggered terror in me at that time.
  6. @Nabd any source you know on this ? I read your post in a previous topic about Islam, and I'm wondering where do you get a Syriac/Syrica-translated version of the Quran?
  7. It was also educated and un-biased (referring to how you talked about the Russian & Ukraine war.) I think going meta requires one to be more conscious than whats mainstream. so I think you should just balance by speaking about the more mainstream and relevant problems more.
  8. My take is that Green wouldn’t even have a voice anywhere and especially in the elections, if the country on the whole (at least in some aspects, political or social) was not at the least moving towards green or has touched on it. people in the southern part have historically been behind and resisting advancement in culture, politics and social change. Not to say that they are bad, it’s just how it has been though out the entire history of the US. Last time this happened, the north and the south fought a civil war; the agenda of the most liberal (the union) won that war, and American emerged into orange through the next century. I believe we are in a similar situation at the moment. I’m hoping that green advances from now on, even with some of it’s problematic world-views thats just a part of it, because this country really needs some change to happen. with all this said, this is just my own personal take, and would be glad to hear what you think.
  9. look at it in as integral part of a whole that is your health. meditation isn't going to give you all your health/goals, it's just going to help you put on a better health if you take it as a part of a whole. for example, you don't just wear shoes and go out in the street naked, in order to have an appropriate clothing you need shoes, a shirt and pants. you can can choose the length look and style based on what you like but the tree parts are necessary. meditation is kind of like shoes, the modern world are running out with a shirt(career) and pants(say physical exercise or diet etc) but are missing a good shoe to protect their feet. it's just that some folks makes it all about the shoes(meditations).
  10. It's also great if you tell me how not to be like this with others or how I can start to see that life is not about 'Nailing that list of to-do' 24/7. I think I'll have more peace with myself once I see how others live life normally without being on top of things all the time.
  11. Hello, I've been exploring the enneagram model for a while now, and I'm very clearly type 1, but can't really tell w9 or w2. over self-control and over self criticizing is part of my everyday life; I arrive early for an appointment and tell myself off for doing so and not being exactly on the right time; I love an organized room and despite people with clutter or with messy spaces. Fatigue, frustration, and overworking, has been there for a long time but that's how I thought life was like — I was raised by a type 1 with similar attitude, and that doesn't help a lot either. the "I know what is good for you!!" is very strong - and it's effecting my relationship with people and probably have for my whole life. I'm wondering if you know about the model or have any good resources for 1's. I'd be grateful if you could share some.
  12. Do you agree with how Rupert spira puts it ? The idea that everything in the universe are like thoughts/points you’ve accessed/will access, but for the time being god is localized as one person exploring the whole ? I understand the idea of localized consciousness and I’ve had a trip that kind of gave me a glimpse of that. But I’m curious if there is another depth to the whole solipsism thing.
  13. I'm kind of in the middle of a career dilemma, I've been working on getting into web development for the past year, possibly so that I can get a well paying job and start a career. my major in college was Information technology, I graduated with a cert. Now I find myself wondering if this is a path worth pursuing. Don't get me wrong, I would absolutely be happy if I got a role as a web developer. programing is my one of my favorite subjects and I'm cool learning many things and/or coding for hours. However; it seems like jobs are not a guarantee in this field, I don't want to spend a hell a lot of time and effort to not be employed afterwords. it is however the most obvious and reasonable choice that I can make as of now for myself, relative to my life situation and circumstances. Any web developers in out here ? wondering if can get some guidance or change my beliefs about availability of jobs in this career.
  14. I do want to see what his ideas about spiral dynamics at least or non-duality. Idk if he gets people to watch his videos due to the shock factor of his content, or if he really is mature and not playing games as he seems to be pointing out in himself.
  15. Why not share here what you’ve find about coral ? Or at least pointers/subjects/values within coral value system, so that people can do their own search ? I think that would be of great benefit to The forum and Leo. Even if people couldn’t comprehend it, It’ll be useful to know it actually exists.
  16. I was contacted to join via email. didn't think it will come to actual members being requited here, that's just wild shit! for people wondering about the forum, It's a bad replica of this forum – no innovation, nothing ! very possibly for the sake of revenge and/or to form a cult-like following at worst. @Leo Gura I told you I smelled something nasty, and that it will devolve into a cult movement, I respected and still respect your judgment however, and hope people here be careful and not to go into some other place without giving it a good amount of thought and a good amount of shit tests. because you can easily get trapped in a cult like place, that will hold your development for the promise of being a better/friendlier community. Run as soon as the money basket shows up! I dislike people who achieve their goals by abusing the gullibility of others, and refuse to be humble or question themselves, absolutely the worst. you people be very careful! and better have the highest standards and credibility checks when it comes to such communities!
  17. What is the source then? (Serious question) for example in the book ‘a conversation of god’ by Neal Donald, ‘God’ tells him if you love/worship a thing you get it by the supposed law of attraction, in a way I find this similar to having infinite points of god-ness, you attract it with being interested in, so you go right for it. At least thats the main wisdom I got from that book. Yet what is this god ? And why does it speaks to people? can we say that this is not the same god that most religion founders spoke to? of course believing in a biblical god is silly, but I known people who believe in this mythical god, yet in disastrous situations - such as their house burning down or a family member’s death- they assert towards this is god’s will.. which in a way, is a nondual act, Kind of like forsaking the ego/small-self’s vintage point and taking the larger-self/god’s will to be what’s right/good. form an individual perspective, this is too much of a commitment to say they just believe in the mythical god alone, maybe they don’t make sense of infinity, but the lesson is their in the teachings somehow, and it dose what it’s supposed do - bring the division between god’s will and the small self’s will to a collapse.
  18. Christians think Jesus came out of a literal virgin. These perfection standards were common for that era. This whole thread is about deconstructing christianity and islam, that the two religions actually point towards the same 'truth' — God, love, good deeds etc. and lots of members here are completely dismissing the talk in the original video, and insted comparing Mohammad to Jesus. Yes, Mohammad was not the literal incarnation of god like Jesus — that If Jesus actually existed and wasn't an allegorical figure. he did act like a religious leader, and ordered to fight wars in order to spread what was in his own mind the greats good for humanity. but give the dude a break, Mohammad existed in an area where people would slay wild beasts for fun, no sane human would speak his mind in the midst of such people. his deeds/vision/dedication to truth and spreading what he was supposedly ordered to spread -islam- was truly selfless and messiah like. he spoke against slavery and the act of Female infanticide back in the 6th century, when his head could've been easily chopped off for just that. him sleeping with a child is what was normal in that era, of course not acceptable nor defendable. your criticisms is justifiable, but this it's coming form righteousness/limited view/close mindedness not the act of finding a flaw in a thing for the grater good of the other aka good sense making. This Mohammad vs Jesus debate is essentially a childish debate about who's guru/spiritual figure is better than the other's
  19. Haven't seen Steve Macintosh being mentioned here, he was a part of integral institute, and is now leading a movement towards what he calls post progressive-left, which is coined label to represent system thinking left without the using the colors from the integral theory.
  20. @ValiantSalvatore wild stuff ! I think I'm finding joy in understanding Yellow and Turquoise from studying examples from these stages. I think I'm going to leave coral for now and focus on what I can comprehend
  21. I heard it described somewhere, that first tier is where ego survival starts and ends, and the beginning of 2nd teir is about soul survival(yellow) then soul tribes (turquoise) I’m wondering what that translates to at coral, or if this analogy is right?
  22. For some reason, to me this this is way easier and way more approachable -both the way you described it and bashar’s- than the all the ways leo has been trying to say it. It feels like this is what Leo is intending to say but he’s getting entangled in language/wording/delivery and the unique way his brain works -he has shared before that he’s an INTP, and his way of understanding things is very conceptual. * I have in sometimes found it harder to understand what Leo says, but when looking up other sources the whole image kind of comes together and then I understand what he is saying Thats where my problem is : Leo’s way of talking about it, not what it is.
  23. you took a U turn on our conversation just as well, I can't pin point/define your position neither would you.
  24. true that's exactly what I meant by my post. it's absurd but the left is too busy to see it. and is the 'evil' statment good? neither is right in my opinion. I wasn't defending the left/green, we agree on a lot from what I understood from your post, neither saying 'all muslims are bad' or 'all muslims are good' is good or right or thoughtful.