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  1. Tinto brass an Italian erotic movie director. His movies glorify sex and sexual liberation. He’s more appreciateive of women and women’s bodies than blue, yet still looks at women as “objects” of beauty. His responses seems educated in this interview, But seems to think that feminism is stupid: http://allacarta.com/conversation/a-chat-with-legendary-director-tinto-brass Google his name in images, he’s often accompanied with hot women, with him having his hands around their breasts or asses. I wouldn’t say thats a Red kind of behavior as most women in the pictures seem like they are ok with it, Non of them seems dominated or forced, like I’d imagine stage Red would be with women. His movies lack violence and blood, No rape or domination too, which a red type director popboblay have in his movies.
  2. Stage blue reacting against women wearing short skirts and reveling clothes. I noticed that he assumes athourity over “his” women, and generally, I’d say that my experience has been that stage blue sees all women problematic, not only with clothes but also with free will, work, male freinds etc. Criticizing him from an above stage, and knowing what he is reacting against, having gone and experienced it myself, makes me appreciate the level of maturity that stage orange has compared to blue.
  3. I had a conversation with an indian medical student who voted for trump because he promised some changes in pharmaceutical laws that he was bothered with. At the time I was surprised how what l presived as an intelligent, educated medical student could vote for some idiot like Trump. This was about 2 years ago and he didn’t seem like he regerted his decision even though he admitted that trump never actually deliverd on his promises.
  4. @Abrakadabra I watched some of it last night, very intertaining guest, thought I think the problem of legalizing hard drugs is a differnt matter than entheogens, especially when the case is for spiritual growth and mental health.
  5. I was reading an article about how Canada is allowing patients to take magic mushrooms to ease their fear of death, when I found about this awesome campaign working to decriminalize entheogens in the District of Colombia. The name of the campaign is Decriminalize Nature DC, and it has gained a lot of momentum, collecting enough signatures to make voting on decriminalization possible for residents this November. Here's the article in the Washington post: https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/dc-residents-to-vote-on-legalization-of-magic-mushrooms-on-november-ballot/2020/08/05/0e62478c-d720-11ea-b9b2-1ea733b97910_story.html Here's their website where you can volunteer or donate: https://decrimnaturedc.org