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  1. Hi everybody! Speak Write Swedish - English English - Swedish One of many reasons i have not write in this topic before, is the feeling to able be incognito until i got enough self-esteem and a positive feeling deal with it, i bring with me from earlier internet usage, be a perfect offer for "trolls". Have grown the last years and put a lot of effort build a infrastructure and stability. I had problem with the language barrier when found the word self-help 3years ago and a bunch of basic personal development barriers, 90% of time was blank when watched difficult unknown topics, on youtube with weird auto-generated subtitles Changed all electronic menus approximate 2 years ago(also in the car, guess peoples reactions) to english. Can nowadays listen to english much more fluid, especially Leo's 2-3 hours have been improved and doable in parts of 45-60min chunks and without constant google/lexicon words and have a bunch of missing part of the content. Most of good stuff are packed into english. So i can now listen 90% of english fluidly,i dont know how if i can speak when rarely practice. Try to learn and grasp the content, the input level depends not so much on language barrier anymore. Express in text only 25% of what i can express speak swedish, i do lack here a lot and the struggle are energy(time) consuming, short stuff takes hours to express and sometimes people judge the level of the text and that puts the whole dialog away. When i talk swedish with people and especially the deep stuff i have a dialog that are much broader, nuanced, big picture, fast to interact and it often get into flow and effortless. How are you dealing with the language or is it no barrier? @QandC Wow, your homepage was impressive and clear message! Feeling of a mix between heavy duty page with Swedol colours and deep spirituality stuff. Language barrier deluxe for me express this. https://www.swedol.se/ https://www.actualityofbeing.com/
  2. @goldpower123 Hi. Im new into try change my life to a holistic life. However i dont want use drugs anymore if can avoid, and psychedelics are out of question because law and i prefer wait as last resort. Learn, change or reset routines, habits, etc. Breakdown of ego layers, get really tired : Turn up side down on your 24/7 life a while, stay up with no sleep 24-48 hours or more if you need.
  3. @Podie45 How are you feeling today?
  4. Ooh shared room totally or would you like to short explain how your life looks like, you can explain without give to much information. Internat for example, eating in diner or have to make your meals etc. This can probably be explained in many ways, learned about some energy and not give your attention away. You got an roomie, have you consider it as a major issue learn how to accept and let go of bother about roomie, IF it drain you. your work can shift into how to handle to be alone these days, that might be harder than learn not get enoyed of someone in the same room, whoever it is it can make you pay attention uncouncios. Listen constantly on music to avoid external stimuli puts you in a new issue can be your new issue. Dont focus and get angry or so on your roomie, if you switch rommie next might be x10 worse, see it as a mission to save energy to your self. Sure if you can make it into somecommon topic in any area that not drain one of you, fine.
  5. @Nahm Said something to me about express openly and transparently @Podie45 Hang on, dont give up You maybe have know all i write and have watch these many times, easy to forget the basics and focus on the advanced stuff My life was a mess and the dick was rarely working for a long time, if the rest of me are not in a good shape why should the dick work properly? Try not be scared if it not function right now and please focus fix the rest first to function better, it aint falling off and are attached even if it not do regular workout with you and probably need to rest for spare some energy to rest of the complex machine. I changed all my electronics from swedish to english to learn what Leo said, also used a lexicon. Today i can listen a couple of hours of Leo's content, remember pretty much of it, understand and able practice. I never get angry or think mean stuff then i watch him any more Dont give up and try to use the forum as a support and a feeling of connection. Get rid of all mental stuff you ever can that not are necessary now for survival, avoid facebook as much you can to not overload with mostly garbage, keep messenger if you can have mostly positive chats, example streaming can feels good but actually also drains if you running all days on fumes and will power mostly, netflix are fine in small dozes and not to much darkness content, arent we try to cheer up? Then can a horror movie be much for the brain, already got stable relationship and support? Keep! Dating messes head up if you not are stable, Sure you get some up's of pleasure but the downs can destroy you big times. Shift between "boring" and do less "pleasure if you have any, trick your self. Fake a smile in the mirror if you have to. I was f**cked 1 year sleeping and somehow heard that its possible to lure the brain thru muscles, even if suicidal and fake a smile, the brain believes thru muscles that its happy times. I was doing the smile, bath or shower and if lucky able played counter-strike 10 min(get some pleasure that worked at the time). I was able stay up for an hour each day for very long time. Do if you have anything that gives adrenalin and dopamin natural a short amount of time everyday, then spot on the most important you have to do, slowly trick and trick your self, I was almost only able eat, shit and sleep 1 year around idk 2016 or 2017.. Ever since i started eat adhd medicin 2018, i was finally start to able sloooowly remember, sort info and learn a tiny tiny more what Leo bla bla about 5-10min and passed out, repeat, repeat and watched also other sources that involves areas needed to try to function. Idk where you at and how basic tools you understand is needed to go into more advanced stuff. I was switching between new content and more basic survival knowledge. Leo's latest release are always tempting to watch, but remember also watch the goldmine. https://www.actualized.org/start Earlier more basic for primal needs are so easy to feel boring and think, "if i train the black-belt stuff, i will, i will figh... crash boom bang". I had a hard period to realize that i had to go back and repeat, basic stuff in life again, i was not able do kinder garden math or wrap my shoes or know my name entirely and if i had stayed in the believe of the doctors words, you got burnout and we dont think you ever come back. Late 2017 early 2018. But they wanted to give me concerta and ritalin. I was terrified, nothing to loose.. but i had found something that the doctors refuse accept still today, that self-help and spirituality can heal. I can function 1 hour today with super focus during a meeting with doctors today, they have not asked me about why. I told them a while but they seems not care maybe cant think holistic so much at all. I got medicin 2018 as dopamin substitute and actualized.org as the magic toolbox. Ofcourse i slowly had many sources for different inputs. But Actualized.org and Leo was first aid kit to be able start at all. Learn how to learn to learn what you need for every tiny step until you can do as you want. //
  6. @Podie45 Hi and welcome Sorry that you are suffering. I have lived with a lot of suffering my self, self-help was the magical word i discovered 2018 at a age of 38. Have you been able to watch and grasp any Actualized.org content?
  7. @EddieEddie1995 Cool You describe with few words, how i feel and how the last years been and where i am right now.
  8. @EddieEddie1995 Hi Share some of what you write and about 3 years ago(around a age 37-38 old) i had no clue about spirituality, then after 2 years later i wanted to save the world. Sort of crashed because had no clue how little i had grasp and realized that i had to learn a lot before go back to the "front line" again. This have repeated itself a couple of times, but in smaller versions. Out of fuel can lead into disasters and the skill how to manage gas and break makes the difference who survive and can fly long distance over the ocean without crash. Good to land and relax if there any tiny island along the journey, to refuel and maybe remake of the gastank so it last longer and longer. You are around 25 years old, im 40 and we have hopefully many lovely and fun missions ahead to be able thrive and develop our life towards ours dreams, landing and fly without using much fuel are important to build as skill, if the gastank are near empty levels piruetts are not a wise decision. Balanced energies and if possibly try focus to choose the mission wisely, to more often do what you enjoys more and more. Find your balance and to find a LP comes along when you are ready. Balance somewhere between the two person in these trailers. Worry worry worry - Dead Happy happy happy - Dead https://www.imdb.com/video/vi3482041369?playlistId=tt5056196&ref_=tt_pr_ov_vi https://www.imdb.com/video/vi2976037401?playlistId=tt5056196&ref_=vp_rv_ap_0
  9. Thank you @mandyjw for share Abraham Hicks.
  10. Hi! O'boy this topic are so interesting and seems be so endless big to discuss. @Sempiternity Happy you are up for discuss with various people, hope you not only seek for them who tell you what you like to hear and resonate with. But also try listen whatever others utter what you maybe already knows and might see as non relative or waste of time, because somewhere in that dialog can the smallest detail of them all, be hidden because not try listen properly, that can give you the answers you need at most in the very end to be fully successful. Dig deep and watch after knowledge from all the people that have spend their lives doing this and found out by trial and errors. Maybe spend time and go long back in history to learn how evolution have developed stuff that are useful to find a way that last and not builds up a momentum of disaster that you had the chance to prevent if paying attention to what others have done that failed or succeeded a community. I'd really love the concept around what you describes my self and have spend many periods going in this fully, dreaming about find another way of living. Have not experience from a spirituality community, but have lived with both a few people and also pretty large group of DIFFERENT people in various situations, there have always been a pretty happy and good time for a period, then starts the real life and the need to balance WILLS and SOCIAL issues and a lot of other stuff that involves building problems that need be solved before they have a risk to be a problem at all. As you probably already got a bunch of questions yourself, and diving into this big topic and get knowledge, gives answers, some is very good answers and some lead you to new stuff to find solutions about that seems as a perfect way doing stuff as an idea, but how to know what for real works, leads you into get more questions that probably only can be known by experience them at least in small scale. Turn some of my own conclusions mixed with what you write about the idea so far, as advice short and distilled. Start slowly in a small investing scale and build somewhere to live for your self as ground zero and able travel and live in other communitys and still not feel that leave a huge burden that will collapse then away for gather knowledge and experience, then if ready go all in. It can be costly travel or pay for courses. Build more on the land if possible. If not, buy a another land and still have your place until you grown into have proper understanding in so many of the aspect needed. Let the idea grow and be ready to not able do it at all now, because something else comes along that puts your idea in a whole different path. but maybe still will end up as a 100 acre or who knows 10000 acre spiritual based but with a balanced tech holistic living. Please consider do a journal and share the progress, discuss with others if you up for it and hopefully share some experience as well. //
  11. Still Corners - The Trip Lyrics Time has come to go Pack your bags, hit the open road Our hearts just won’t die It’s the trip that keeps us alive So many miles away The falling sun burns a line Tearing into the night Watching you fall asleep The sweetest dove in a dream So many miles away Still Corners - The Last Exit Lyrics I've never been this far from home I've got you on my mind I've been driving through the darkness Got no destination in mind And it's a shame that I had to disappear The last exit I'm drifting off to nowhere The past an echo on my mind In the middle of the desert The devil trailing just behind And it's a shame that I had to disappear The last exit My eyes are getting heavy My will is almost done The clouds above are gatherin' Thunder rolling like a drum And it's a shame that I had to disappear The last exit Home, I’m almost home Still Corners - White Sands Lyrics in the video
  12. @Aquarius Thank you for attending , appreciate it.
  13. @TheSpiritualBunny Transform the "bad" experience if you today see it that way, into the universal toolbox that in the end contains a ton of stuff you can put into maybe complex relation problem solving or big picture understanding how to navigate in life. You are already changing these traits now, this part of yourself have developed then you posted this topic. Yes it can be really hard to quit addictions before you know where to start and what you need to wotk with, hardest step are already taken, that you have the willpower and courage to want change something then you write to us in the forum. You made progress and quit something can be hard, but take a break a while can be easier if the hard quit dont last, you maybe not feel disapointing yourself and can take a breake again later, maybe that time it holds a little longer or forever. Dont be to hard on your self and this experience makes you able have a perspective that many shares worldwide. Navigate and have some understanding about drugs and how this lifestyle can look like, can give you tools to handle many other situations in life a little wiser and maybe nicer ways and know some of this can help you survive then older because not get these traits after some tragic event that puts you in some destructive living then, because you can see trouble arise ahead with earlier experience and also avoid put yourself in bad situations with this kind of understanding and toolbox. Wish you all the best
  14. An idea only, i dont say it works for anyone, i tried and got maybe little happier of this and a bunch of other practices. I tried a lot of stuff a couple of years ago and started listen to various audio as a kind of first aid and kind of "brain" massage, after all years of overthinking and that society rewards the logic and emotions got almost brainwashed away in many ways. Body movements and also hemi-sync maybe can help you to start with, for get a more balanced brain . My shifting from autism and adhd back and forth got better. Can be exhausting if was practice it to much in the beginning, so if you have not try before, take it gently and check how you feel. To exercise your hemispheres might open up "closed connections" to the rest of the "system". Eckhart Tolle maybe can help? Only link part 1 of 3, dont want fill it all with youtube videos Hope you can find solutions that can match to you and your questions, everybody here gives you various answers and all kind of levels from our different path and point of view. Take care and dont give up
  15. "I Have a Dream" A holistic substantially life situation, heart before money?
  16. @blankisomeone I had to try break this issue and tested write notes and all kind of stuff. I tried record some of my calls, as last resort because it felt kind of weird and time consuming, but it worked. Record a few calls and take a moment to listen whats going on and what you have said and what you think you said, how do you perform? It can show that the fear distort your memory to able recall how good the call actually was. This can help break the spiral you gets in after the call, and this can help you atleast start learn whats going on and be able use the time reflecting instead of guess whats happened a long time after.
  17. @diamondpenguin Nice done and very well explained. Appreciated the straight forward writing, courage! Happy for you able doing this kind of important deep work, that for probably many can be both a very sensitive region to deal with and also have a hard shell to penetrate first before able explore it at all. Thanx for sharing
  18. Spain? Woke some thought about how working condition can look like and been developed back and forth around the globe, what 8-12hours in some countries can look like for some people can be hard to imagine for people in some other countries. The mechanical aspect from doing a certain work in one area of for example manufacturing, this example clothes, can give you some perspective to understand more of many other manufacturing areas. Or how the social structure can look like and learn stuff that you must have some degree of skill before going start a business there you maybe will fail because lack of certain experience.
  19. Thank you@allislove for sharing I have watch it now, gave the first episode really much effort to try be able get to know him and how he express it and etc. I got a lot of good reminders to watch this and also new great ahaa moments
  20. Before i got my driving licence, i had to learn a bunch of mysterious unknown stuff, it took time in every area before got enough skill overall, how to drive and enjoy the ride fully, comes with practice. Trial and error. I have driving a lot of different cars, some for many years and some 1 day.
  21. @EternalDream If it possible you dont have encounter any struggles that matters to be able get prepared for various situations, i would say that you have to build up knowledge and experience somehow to get atleast some perspectives that can be found from hard times, to be able thrive in life and have allround experience. Martial arts, maybe a door to be able to come in contact with some of hidden emotions that can occur during training and therefor able to work with, fears and action e.ct and various people that maybe can give perspectives from certain areas of life you today only see on tv. Watch out for trap yourself, one day in life then getting older, realize you have avoid living it fully.
  22. Fantastic compiled video, thanx for making the effort. Made me smile and warm The video "Hey this is Leo for Actualized.org" reminder me about all the hard but rewarding struggle and the nice welcome"Hey" made probably huge impact in the beginning to be able drop the guard, before was start understanding anything of what Leo said and very often passed out sleeping really heavy during the videos Really enjoyed to watch these minutes listen to "Hey". Makes it possibly see a glimpse of his development and effort to share his work, and get a kind of time travel my own during watching the "hey" video.
  23. Thanx for sharing, nice