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  1. Whatever it is, it is in the eyes of the beholder, unique and free of choice what it is Tank you, for various response, in your own way and style @Tim R @Epikur @hyruga @Consept @LastThursday @SgtPepper @Heart of Space @AlphaAbundance I'll would like to elaborate it more, language barrier and lack of writing knowledge makes it a struggle.
  2. This is outside my comfort zone and meet now my fear to make it inside my comfort zone. I have now learned that texting have not the same meaning as writing. Language barrier. How are we supposed to write to each other? This answer can be a one-upmanship if you want to, it can also be the something else. Let's do an experiment, in this article, long and detailed and is about texting. Googled and found something to be able learn from my "mistake". https://the-artifice.com/creative-texting-writing-and-textspeak/ Let's discuss the article somehow, i dont know how. How would you do it? Let's be creative and play together. Here is my way. from a guy that are more practical oriented, metals, heavy-duty works, build and repair stuff to mention some and not skilled/schooled to master writing, irl i talk in a whole another league, especially in my native language. Are my words or experiences less worth because lack of writing for example. Or not reading the 1000 best books to qualify into enough knowledge. When does we consider to read what shares with patient, despite with less perfect writing, but shares with sincerity, what shares can stem from life experience that involves spiral dynamics red or who knows there are maybe people here that have experience from lower also, able and want to share, that makes someone maybe an asset for who want understand the "theoretical spiral dynamics" deeper. But almost impossible to explain with writing for who, that only see writing as tool to judge if someone are qualified enough and this can hinder you from get that puzzle piece you seek, from the one that shares nevertheless enough if read with patient and given the chance to thrive, if we understand that all can contribute with something, if we are given a chance to grow with your help. I learned a lot and struggled read the article, would not read it usually, took a lot of time and effort, but i sincerely care to do my best and NOT be the best in this forum. I have grasped a sense of understanding, but understand the entirely article in detail, it is not possibly for me at my level of reading. Not because a lack of IQ, EQ aha ok there a whole bunch i did not have knowledge until now. PQ SQ whatever else. EMOTIONS Sounds, body language, eye-contact, wibe's and a lot more are gone when texting. This makes it more of a logic version of conversations. Wrong choice of color or emoji, can make it impossibly for a color blind or someone that master how to express them self in texting, not even be able read this at all. Yes, i totally agree with you. Totally expressed without any thought and have a hard time now Language are limited way to be able communicate properly. Texting are totally wide open for decode in plenty of different way's, depending much on how it is written and who tries read it from what perspective. So most of what anyone tries to write deep, from a place of best interest for them self and who reads, will without a huge amount of texting, that no one bother read probably, will therefor often deliver a distilled short text, that get's informal and black text on a white page. Texting makes it very hard to feel the conversation, every step taken when posting, even when we dance together with our best intention, makes it hard to not step on each others toes. The real authentic, that feels deep when sharing a conversation, that only can be understod between the line's, are mostly gone here. If i write more, are you going to read it, might already have passed that line? Many dont bother texting the nuanced, because it can be misinterpret and cause you getting into trouble instead. With colors it is possibly change this very short black and white text into a whole different meaning, still very hard to really grasp and understand. *Pros and Cons of texting* Pros? Cons? <3 Judge? EGO? //
  3. *Pros and Cons of texting* Pros? Cons?
  4. My English skill are still on the raise, until that level of skill arrives to be able the expressions in texting. I will use a video that i feel are related to this topic.
  5. @Dark_White Hi! Practice, dont be afraid to do the trial and error. This is an start
  6. If you keep try focus to do "this" work, as best you can at your best way, the root cause to such distractions as heavily drinking or so, will eventually dissolve it self.
  7. Wrote some kind of questions. Agree. Change word can help who struggles, to get a little more positive view on the situation than the word labels.
  8. @Zigzag Idiot Awesome short video @Mosess I got spend 20 years as an patient in various periods and degree in the mental health field(not called an client, which probably would be a little nicer to self-esteem). Everybody that not shut up about their various mental experience and struggles they have, are called to have an mental illness? What is mental illness? If first change the belief into have an mental issue instead of call it mental illness? Then work on the belief of have an issue that are not the end of life, would it be easier?
  9. I want to find a balance in life, what is balance? It's all about balance, using this word lately so much, that i have to balance my use of balance soon. When we humans take a shit, when the intake of food are balanced and we feel fine overall, then what comes out, will be neither to soft or to hard, and that are the most important mystery, we human beings should put our focus on and master. And if we learn how to master life and what comes out, do our best we can in life, do this with or without using the F word, it dont matter that much in the end, if it is with balance.
  10. Yesterday was an end of a old chapter in many ways, one of them was that i had the broadest, meeting and talking with a stranger this weekend, we talked first about life as it can be with an stranger and later was going almost that deep it can felt as catch up with an friend after 10 years. In the end we start talk health, struggles and ways to handle it. I mentioned doing a little meditation. The person instant freezes, the auto-response was, -You mean that hocus-pocus? But he almost seem to regret what he just had said and returned into our connection and actually wanted to hear more. Why? Idk for sure, but the feeling says. Because our dialog with both materialistic discussions and emotional relationship dialog, he saw me as someone he accept and i was trustworthy enough to at least listen and might learn something. I understand from my own experience how fear for the unknown has held me back, but most break has been the collective-ego. A video came up into youtube flow this weekend, was about a area of life, that i have build up a big blockage in the past and now finally have let go of resistance apparently. Making Sense Of Paranormal Phenomena & Psychic Powers watched with curiosity and had no judgement at all. I realize again that, i know that i dont know anything and especially nothing about this.
  11. What is Fear and How To Overcome Fear? https://isha.sadhguru.org/in/en/wisdom/article/how-to-overcome-fear 24x7 Spirituality https://isha.sadhguru.org/in/en/wisdom/article/24x7-spirituality Think Twice Before Wearing Black Clothes - Sadhguru https://isha.sadhguru.org/global/en/wisdom/video/think-twice-before-wearing-black
  12. @Podie45 Nice that you are fine Late answer. How are you doing now and if i may ask, do you have any ongoing hobby's or wants, it might help to heal. I know how it can be hard to get into something at all, when struggle with hard times. So i will tell about a long term hobby's of mine, In the past i was doing everything under the clock and measure all time. One reason of many, was because lack of the ability to maintain focus for a long span. Today i slowly try to change that, into enjoy the progress and focus be creative. This weekend i was buying a second-hand furniture, from a private person.(yes, kept social distancing) This furniture made of ikea, https://www.ikea.com/se/sv/p/kallax-hylla-svartbrun-70301542/ I dont know yet how this furniture will be re-build yet. Doing this as a kind of long-term project, that have no end-date, one sort of "goal" are to make my room's more useful, in terms of compact-living. Preparing to be able have smaller apartments, rent prices are raising and a big apartment are expensive. My rooms are about 2,4- 2,5 meters up to ceiling, and lot of space are wasted in so many ways in a room overall. There are so many possibilities, creative and also fun, second-hand stuff are often cheap or free, and looks as new with some paint if needed, some needs repairing or re-building. When it is low cost material, it dont matter if i give up a project and change direction, I got some finished projects during the last years, the policy are safety and easy to do cleaning. It have been a kind of personal healing project in many ways, probably also filling some survival needs as well. There are many ways to heal and grow.
  13. @AmandaJudge Hi Welcome, a well expressed first step taken into the forum. Let out feelings and let feelings in. I have put 1 important tool as reminder on the walls in my apartment, at 2 different locations. The tool works better then i feel great, but then i feel something less great, i really appreciate have the reminder. It say's something like this, translated from my native language. Remember to breath in and out properly! It helps, especially when going thru hard times.
  14. @Zigzag Idiot Thank you, for your short and wise answer. Helps me heal wounds, from earlier experience with "internet trolls"
  15. I decided to stay inside the system to learn and of course choose more wisely in what direction i can get help with some issues of mine, how to being able turn this, my experience of pain and suffering, into some durable change, before i walk away. I dont know how, but a change in mental health field and others fields as well, has to be developed from a perspective both from helpers and who need the help together. Money
  16. @Podie45 Hi. How are you feeling? The day in the week called Friday, are for many a release day, sometimes a party day What are your plan for the weekend?
  17. A community are not suitable for everybody, should be aware who you letting into a sacred place of peace
  18. @Sempiternity Hey, was up? We got to keep this topic alive, lets discuss, learn and share. Its a big topic and very important issue to adress because it is so needed to find ways build different communities around the world, that not get the label as hippie place and what all problems that can bring. This was an awesome idea that can be used in many other ways, so after this summer i hopefully have learnt a new hobby even if there not will be an community in the end of summer or ever. Slowly build an portfolio with skill towards an desired destination, can eventually lead into something else and unknown fantastic experience, beyond current limited goals, desires, dreams etc. It will be an perfect motivation to spend time outdoors and practice, will try this at an location with cabins i got access to, IF possible in the "future" i might start up something small and seasonal at first, a meeting ground for people interested in well-being, nature and tech, eventually also a branch of "spirituality" if possibly. This are only going up in scale, if i feel that i have come to an point of stability. Secure my basic needs and developed enough skill to handle my self properly, and to manage a place for the public with responsibility and safety.
  19. All post in this topic are great and this is my way to say it otherwise at my "level" of understanding about this today and it will probably change For example, my color vision changes during different activities when NOT SEEK for it happen, now when typing here , color change in the area of text i read from white background gets into tone of turquoise(color of the star), for first time now ever i got this color, got amazed a short while, color gone, back again, start write and get some hesitate if im bullshitting my self and loose my credibility in front of Leo and others, the color gone a while again, let go of that and now writing with a nice color of turquoise. Ahaa insight now, i like see these colors and see them change, have to consider the bright white background and remove all Dark-mode in all apps . i was stunned of these kind of moments long time then they started in various situations and when try to seek for it and think it is gone. Logic says, you been looking at the sun, the eye vision are distorted. Or Its the curtains that makes the walls pink, oops the window got no curtains in an another site and it happens again. When different events occurs, repeats in various ways and after tons of logic creative explanations and it starts happens together sitting with a friend, and i see him glow purple and he realizes that im too glow, And then this happens sober, spontaneous and the logic are useless, so leave the doubt that only distort and start grow to get more balance and harmony. For me it was in the beginning very dangerous do self-help and later find a word called spirituality as former drug addict and what all that can involve, was identify that what was my problem and this is maybe not yours @Naked Paradox , it was almost like i start going into a new found addiction, gave me an feeling of searching for next "hit" as in term of addictions. Identify other addictions aka distractions, learn how to handle addictions overall to be able not to pursue and enjoy the ride! //
  20. @Podie45 Hi! Thank you for the update, strong of you checking in even feeling numb. Wise choice, nice done When write here in forum to, especially new members, i have to reflect extra "Is this safe to send, how will this be received and what situation are this person at" before push the "submit reply" button.