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  1. To change your self and going towards a healthier life overall, are much about how to strengthen yourself to handle external "mainstream" issues overall. Where is "sugar" used today and why? @Michael569 Can dopamine be a trigger and related to what you wrote?
  2. @Kalki Avatar Hi. Watch? Matt Kahn ❤
  3. @EntheogenTruthSeekerGreat Cleanse the Lymphatic System?
  4. @Late Boomer Welcome Wayne Dyer perhaps someone you resonate with, a audiobook, found out there is a movie as well, that might be something easy digested to start with. The Shift - Wayne Dyer - Positive Attitude (Movie) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfT8Ts6wPFs Wayne Dyer - Making the Shift by Dr Wayne W Dyer (Audiobook) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cwZR4XDmX4
  5. @Swarnim Correlations? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electromagnetic_radiation
  6. No, i dont. Youtube can be seen addictive or also seen as an choice above many less constructive addictions, conscious choice of content can be a way to learn about everything, that can take us further from a behavior as being addicted and find out how to being more balanced.
  7. @assx95 Use number 1 and 3 on the list, to figure out how to solve number 4. Number 2 on the list, what's that for, can you explain it for someone as me that not used it?
  8. @assx95 How many addictions do you have, how does your top 10 list look like?
  9. @IAmReallyImportant Maybe helpful. Ye
  10. @Esilda Sensemaking, maybe are something that you enjoy? If We Don't Fix Sensemaking, We Won't Survive The War on Sensemaking, Daniel Schmachtenberger What can we trust? Why is the 'information ecology' so damaged, and what would it take to make it healthy?
  11. @Preety_India That's a terrible situation. What happens if you choose someone else to marry? A solution to be able continue your journey towards become who you wish, to do self-help and self-actualizing, without risk for marry a man that might have other wishes and priorities. Outside the box and i dont know your situations, cultures and if this is possible at all.. @Mesopotamian + @Preety_India = United for the sake of self-actualizing?
  12. Until we collapse - Interview with Jamie Wheal
  13. Let go of the fear and resistance, start the journal regardless. Start the journal. Check Step 2. Why do i start a journal and what content? I dont really know, yet Why a public journal? Lvl up skill in language. Pandemic have put a lot on hold, especially social activities. List of stuff that might helps me, to do a (public)journal. Learn how to express myself, readable, struggles write fluently in any language. https://translate.google.com/ https://sv.bab.la/lexikon/svensk-engelsk/
  14. @Preety_India Cool! @flowboy Awesome and a holistic approach!
  15. @Wanderer91 Hello there and welcome to the forum For example if it would happen more or less unconscious, with "red spiral dynamics" people, it be can be dangerous to mirror or other abilitets around people, you can been seen as a threat or even worse scenarios. Maybe gives you some useful info or at least interesting reading. https://strengthessence.com/what-is-a-heyoka-empath/
  16. @Blackhawk Yes , i have noticed it somehow a while back(in that post members share their location maybe).
  17. @Blackhawk ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olI5JvCuz44
  18. Cool, thank you for sharing. Ye, be caution and follow this up and who knows, it would be nice if it turns out, to actually be what he says.
  19. @Giulio Bevilacqua Hi ? Sorry and glad to hear. ?? Seems it ain't living in balance, does it experience and explore life here and now. ?? This feels as reader, a story about an internal conflict. ?? FFS, ye 22 years YOUNG. How do you know that, year 23 or tomorrow might be awesome just because all effort you.... doing now, whatever that is. ❤️? Or stop, pause, relax, chill and enjoy an real deserved vaccination from whatever you want to call it. ?☠️?‍????? Wish you all the best, take care and stay safe! ❤️?
  20. @Eternal Unity Thank you for sharing ❤️