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  1. great tranquilizer, feels like communication for making words unnecessary
  2. the more you are able to compassionely and joyfully accompany the whole growing circle of your food the more high vibrational it is. process of processing and eating of the foods is even more important if you had not planted them by yourself. *trinking water of your sprouts *fermented foods (kombucha, kimchi, miso, kefir) good for bacterial balance, scobys are easy to buy *collecting wild herbs, it's a huge field and possible over the whole year (learn more about it and you will wonder how many is eatable, wild berries are part of it, but always have in mind to just collect from natural earth and soil, be sure that it is not contaminated)
  3. hi all, not sharing essential love at first, but.. are you practizing any grounding techniques for not shiftig focus in a "minute like" -routine? I am really airy and burning, very floating in extremes. tried: *breath work meditation *feeling feet, running always barefoot *wearing crystal, such as rubin, red jaspis,.. *tried to focus on body, especially for ayurvedic types realized the same effect on fruits as leo, to get very frustrated and sleepy. -crappy supermarket food I need the ground, but living in Berlin, where nature is rare as fuck. love us, juni
  4. sounds really advisable! I am always recognizing how badly screens are working on me. Thanks lot for confirmation, will do this.
  5. @Anderz love this simplification found a lot of old stuff
  6. Myself changed a lot from synchronicites. love your, @mandyjw, description. always feel the same. Synchronicities give directions. Always seeing it as direction, not as concrete specific advise, while bringing a lot of safety and self-reliance. I am focussed on changing numbers in case of deep emotional tenderness. (777 -> 400 ->4777 -> 7000) Also colours, mostly primarily things at all, are huge direction advisors. would be great to share mega thread on those experiences.
  7. GREAT report, thanks a lot. <3 -and a synchronicity for myself. Also had my second psychedelia trip on the 5th june on san pedro (san pedro first time). Reading your text is great to trigger some reflections of my own, reframing strang happenings, finding balance in these past experiences at all. I can affirm, that san pedro draws to the outside, for myself to people, got a lot in grounded interaction with strangers (launching a voluntary campaign for food give away from supermarket). Here is my recipe: forearm length of san pedro cutted in thin slices, dried, pulverized through coffee mill, dried, consumption of 19 g dried powder with cold aronia tee (antioxidant effect against vomiting), waiting until it's has a jelly like structure, than I spooned it out without chewing (swallowing of this jelly was really easy and comfortable) - just a little belly unrest (maybe it's also a question of the own regular nutrition to digest it more easily)
  8. I'm very interested for building community life, especially for providing organic, plant based, high quality foods. -gardening within symbiosis of the available environment. Until now I have no opportunity to cultivate some bigger areas of land. At first it would be great to find some resources to cultivate some knowledge for doing so. Anyone read good books about permaculture, organic farming, aquaponics or any other sustainable, efficient agriculture?
  9. lovely thread with a lot of well matched words, thanks a lot. I think I have a difficulty in differentiating between the feelings and the emotions. -feelings are just bodily sensations and emotions are just relative states of mind? Emotion is triggered through perception and beliefs, and feeling is unconditional? When do people label feelings as bad and good? -in case of muscular strain as bad? How are feelings interlocked with attention/focus? -the notion of "feeling good/bad" is just out of attention on specific body part and its sensation combined with an arising thought for labelling it? It's difficult to determine my feelings. My feelings are always in nowhere, just are, maybe similiar yourself put it in words. Most of the time I have strong emotions. For years I was oftentimes stucked in them, sometimes over a period of weeks or months. Now they swing very heavily between extremes. States of bliss and states of limiting identification (sometimes frustration arises then). But after all the years it's just a relief they are flowing in higher frequencies between these different states. The dreamboard seems like a good idea to hold more stabilisation, maybe potential for alertness, when the pendulum swings back to frustration. Just for the 'benefit' of knowing and handling the swing more in alignment. Letting go the thought of being dependend of that crazy strong swing. Nevertheless being always in that rollercoaster makes everything colorful and alive but until now its different to integrate my behaviour in groups. it takes a lot of energy to align to other dynamics. After writing the text it seems it just lacks on clear sight letting this troubled root thought go (getting integration done). maybe you have some clear words for further understanding? sending love
  10. Thanks a lot all. That was intimate. The Video, was the first time I experienced, that ego is god and ego helps me to find to raw love. There were a lot of situations like this: An urging feeling to stop my spiritual thinking and behaviour, to really help and love others and reality. This feeling was always occuring when I got deep stepped in into love for myself, have the clearest experience of love. But always my reality holds me back by my ego, that told me that it's harmful. But this was just the reality-other-I-merging on and on. I experiencing it slightly more often by changing state of consciousness, especially by transcending emotions fully god-centered. The more I'm stepping into the natural flow and let it fully happen, the more everything else goes with me, going fully frustated or going full bliss. That is such a great imagination. - always swinging to both opposites in slightly clearer and clearer rhythm, fully engaged. Thanks a lot to all.