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  1. Honestly, right now, enlightenment feels like a really attractive lie that Leo told me about, and i fell for it like a fool. I feel there is something there, it just seems implausible to my mind, enlightement isnt anything at all is it? Because i've looked and i've looked, nothing has turned up that i could call "enlightenment". Ive done so much looking. That is the trick though right? Nothing has showed up, is that the enlightenment? Its just absolutely nothing? Beyond the idea of nothing in the mind.
  2. @IamMystic if your prepared for anything to happen, go for it.
  3. @Bodhitree well unfortunately now does not seem the time for it... the search continues. Thank you.
  4. @VeganAwake well i suppose i am. Who else would be asking?
  5. @eggopm3 sounds like my story. Existential crises are no fun. But I'd say worth it because it got me here. @Inliytened1 You unfortunately cannot actually awaken yourself. You will never get to a state of no-self as long as you are believing there exists a self you must awaken. Thats a huge trap. Awakening is right now. Right here. Its just not being recognized.
  6. @bliss54 definitely do it again when you feel comfortable and ready.
  7. I did the Neti Neti method while on psychedelics and meditating. It was very powerful.
  8. This is very important. Develop a love for your explorations. You will start to realize things and open your mind to new ways of looking at the world. Perspectives you never dreamed possible will open up to you. You got that right
  9. @Leo Gura It was a one of those sweet sweet mindfucks ?
  10. What exactly does infinite consciousness mean and how do psychedelics bring you there?
  11. @Leo Gura I sure feel awake. God is a tricky beast I wish I was awake. This is as awake as I can get.
  12. Can you guys explain this duality deeply to me? And is it true that it doesnt actually exist?
  13. @BlackMaze Much stronger. I have always had an interest in understanding reality. A couple years ago while I was already in a depressed state, my life brought a series of events, mistakes, and disturbances that threw me into the worst nightmare ever. I ended up going into an existential crisis and started questioning everything. Literally my mind flipped a switch when that crisis hit and I needed to do something. After a little while(I dont remember the time frames for this) I found Leo's content and his channel after searching up "What Is Reality" on YouTube. Stumbled upon this gem: While watching that video, I was completely mindfucked by all the words coming out of Leo's mouth, I've never even thought of considering these types of ideas. Now here I am opening my whole mind to radical new possibilities. Then I looked to see what other videos were on Leo's channel. I was astounded. blown away by how the "universe" through some weird serendipity set me on my life path.
  14. @snowyowl Thanks that helped me shift my perspective
  15. @SoonHei thank you very helpful ?
  16. @BlackMaze Contemplation, meditation, self inquiry, healthy lifestyle, psychedelics. There are many things you can do.
  17. I highly recommend you guys read a book called The Untethered Soul, by Michael A. Singer. It has been quite the profound read for me.
  18. @Breakingthewall How do you make this happen? Meditation?
  19. Maybe I have something wrong with me, but I truly believe Salvia Divinorum, if used with proper respect and responsibility has great potential. The Mazatec shamans use Salvia in a much different way than we do here in the US, they use fresh leaves picked right off the plant, and use it with the uttermost respect. They use no extracts of the plant and dont even smoke it. What they do is they chew freshly picked leaves in a ceremony like setting. Now I know it's kind of crazy but they say smoking it angers the "spirit of the plant" and is why the extracts cause so many horror stories. I dont necessarily believe it's the smoking which "angers the spirit", but I do believe extracts are extremely powerful and are not to be taken lightly or used how they are by most people, which is essentially to go in with the biggest dose you can inhale before your gone, and then come back hoping you can handle the extreme experience. Well this is incorrect and Salvia is a plant that must be "learned", so to speak. You need to slowly get used to it over time and slowly work your way into higher doses, it's not meant to just be used as a one time bungee jump into insanity. Rather it's a plant you are meant to make a lifelong bond with by growing your own, and being the one who nurtures and gives respect to it. Then you will have your own supply of fresh leaves off of live plants, to be used in a respectful setting like the shamans in Mexico. You could chew the fresh leaves straight off of the plant, or you could dry out your own plants leaves and smoke them, even make your own extracts. I truly believe Salvia Divinorum, if used correctly, has great potential. I have to say, it's the single most intriguing of all psychedelic substances. TL;DR Salvia Divinorum has great potential and is being used incorrectly, I believe if it is used properly with respect, it can show you things that will be life fulfilling. And to Leo, I believe you are artificiality limiting yourself by not taking this plant more seriously, and not taking the time to actually look into it. I can tell you, it's truly divine. I think you could learn a lot by doing what I described in the above text. I know I'm just a single insignificant person to you, but leo if you read this please consider using Salvia in the way I described above and you will be shown things you are missing out on.
  20. @AtheisticNonduality There ya go @nistake Infinite pages