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  1. I agree, I heard from Leo Enlightenment can be a bad thing than you trying to achieve things. So at this point I really want to just increase my productivity, that's all. I think many of us are not ready to experience enlightenment, nor do we need it to.
  2. Hey, thank you for your comments and support. I wanted to answer your questions, but I had an idea to shoot another video with some pointers and answers. If you have more questions feel free to ask
  3. Thank you for good words and some pointers ❤ I think what helped to reach this, is not the desire to get enloghtment, but be more focused, so in a sense i did not have any desires for anithing. But in two hours in meditation sesion i just give mysel as little sugestion to let go of myself and then fun things startet to happend Later i wanet to expierience this, but i realized that desired itself did not let to me reach this
  4. Hi, i thouth this may be interesting for you guys. So one time in the winter time i decided to to this meditation and along the way some iteresting things was happening so i want to share and maybe get some fead back P.S. Yea i know you canot promote you own videos here, so please Don't subscribe to the channel, and please don't wach other my channel videos. So, you be warned ?
  5. Don't owerload your digestion this worked wonders to me ?
  6. I already used 1.5 kg Ala in past year, so far so good?
  7. My last video from Work or Relax channel ?
  8. Hi i have idea and ( whi not ) i want to share with you. So here we post your YouTube channel newest video, and who want to participate subscribe to the channel and wach full video ( in the bacground or whatever, YouTube needs this for algorithms) so if you are small channel post here you videos and we do our best to HELP OUT FELLOW CREATORS ? What you think about this idea?
  9. I ended few days ago, i planning wait for a week, and then see how it feels.
  10. Yea, i had really interesting chat in that Andy Cutler Chelation fasebok group. And now I am little bit wiser ?
  11. I started biger dose because i dont have amalams, and i living healthy life for a while now, like olways eating clean, taking vitamins and minerals, everyday extrasize like 3 years now. Cold shower. And i feel prety strong about myself like my body can managed. And i feel good now, no insane side efects.
  12. Hi guys i just wrote a question on Andy Cutler Chelation fasebok group and i got interesting replies like my dose 150 mg ALA and 100 mg of DMSA is way to much. And asked to stop. But Leo say his doing 250 mg ALA and 200 mg of DMSA and its ok. What your thots on this?
  13. Seems to god channel about health Name also is Leo ?