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  1. When I first heard Leo swear and his style of speaking I was like the same, but the only reason for that and most of the videos he creates is to draw people attention to such existential questions. And how do you think how would average man react to a softy pony tale kind of speaking? It would sound like something religious, dogmatic - therefor boring and not worth to listen to. Average man seeks for entertainment, fun and excitement. And swearing keeps attracted people and does its job very well. Then maybe something will trigger them to seek more advanced information on ones existence. And btw how can you say that anything is "wrong"? It is as it is. So what Leo provides isn't the most advanced guide for enlightenment as he himself is still a student (I don't know if Leo is enlightened ) , but he certainly would draw a lot of people attention to it and make them desire to dig deeper as it did for me. Without his videos and this forum i wouldn't meet even greater teachers Eckhart Tolle, Papaji and OSHO This thread might miss a lot but if it exists then someone needs it (actually you can get quite a lot and deep insights here too) and it requires to finish last level before entering the next one, people are dealing with different kind of problems and no single video and no single book would make a switch from TV to enlightenment. It is as deep as it can be for such people understanding.
  2. I think that if you fail to get any actual results in meditation or self-inquiry, then you are separating “self-actualizing” with all the other stuff you are doing, your work, relationships, every damn second you are living. Mind does that way because it is easier, it wants to stay within its comfort, while the real way is trough struggle. Actually I would say it is good to trick your mind into thinking that struggle is good So what your mind does, is you tell yourself like “it’s enough that I do meditations – meditations are all I need, if I meditate I can rest forever and enlightenment is going to come by itself” – so don’t use meditation as an excuse and after meditation don’t be like phew I can fell back asleep now I am meditating very inconsistently as well, but I try to analyse casual situations and be aware, and I try to realize that every thought like EVERY ONE without a single exception, is yet another trap. The question lies are you going to fall for it? Are you going to live in this illusion or choose to be aware of it? So very little I can suggest (it’s just how I get it) is you need to understand how your thoughts process and work at first. There is a book about this by James Allen “As a man thinketh” and maybe “The secret” For me personally those were the books that raised my awareness at the very beginning of this journey. Only my own opinion though.