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  1. @Antor8188 Are you ashamed of what you're doing? Worried that others will find out what you're doing?
  2. As long as you don't mass approach during the day, it shouldn't be a problem. Talk to girls, but don't approach at the same spot continuously, running from one girl after another like a lunatic. Speaking from experience haha
  3. I just watched the video and something about it just strikes me as off. Props to Leo for putting himself out there, but I just get the sense that he is trying to fake having fun in order to get laid. It kinda smells pickupy, like you can smell the agenda. He doesn't really look like he fits in there. Not saying he should fit in, but why would you even want to spend your time in clubs with a bunch of drunk people you have so little interest in, other than as sexual objects?
  4. @something_else hahahaha you live up to your trippy image. Very good catch. I didn't see that before.
  5. Thank you. That sounds interesting. We also do some tapping in the Kiloby inquires thing too as a tool. I may check out eft tapping. I am curious about it.
  6. @Lyubov ???
  7. @Knowledge Hoarder tha k you brother ♥️♥️
  8. @Vincent S ♥️♥️♥️ why I have some tears in my eyes. That was beautiful. What a cool journey. That's what I'm currently doing as well. I'm doing this thing called Kiloby inquiries and training one on one with Scott Kiloby, the founder. I'm freaking excited, but it is also challenging soemtimes to do because of the pain and feelings that get evoked. Quite overwhelming at times. But also very insightful, healing and freeing as I evoke and deconstruct old programs. Looking into things like traumas and repressions, currently working trough anger repression that is connected to my heart contraction and past trauma.
  9. @Vincent S thank you for the advice I know its coming from a good place. I've been struggling a lot with very uncomfortable body contractions in my chest, belly, and sternum. In fact I feel them now and it is uncomfortable. I do a lot of meditation practice where I rest and allow them in awareness and inquire deeply into their origin. I find like trauma commands, deficiency stories, repressions that are connected with dense, tight, contracted areas in my body. So I'm kinda working on healing my body from the inside by clearing unhealed psychological conditioning. So that I can more naturally flow in life without those blocks and unhealed stuff.
  10. @Knowledge Hoarder good for you man that you can do that. Go get. Have fun. I had too. Maybe I have a little too much faith in the universe ;p
  11. I am ashamed of that part of my life. I feel like I have to hide the reality of doing that. A lot of things I did during that period of my life, I don't tell anyone about me. I was not trying to hurt anybody, but I was very insecure, stil am, but a lot less. I feel so weird and compassionate about my mindset and what I was doing back then. The pain that drove me. Trying to get a higher laycount was part of my motivation, literally, like wtf. Because I was so ashamed about how few girls I had slept with. It must mean that I'm not good enough, unlovable, disguieting, alone (deficiency stories ;))
  12. I used to be into puastuff. I did a lot of day game, but I'm literally laughing out loud imagining that I used to do that. I could never do that now. OrI don't want to do that. I want things to be more natural. I trust that life will bring what is best for me as long as I do what I love.
  13. Yeah filming like that here would be sooo funny. If I just imagine someone doing that to me ????
  14. It is actually really really cool that Leo can go out completely sober and have a good time with girls. I can't do that. I have to at least have some alcohol and some friends with me when I go out. I have no chance talking to any girls sober on a night out. It is too much for my system. I get overwhelmed. All the people, the pretty girls, their jolly mood, and my painful contracted heart. Last week I met my colleagues/new friends for 1 hour sober and I couldn't socialize. I was just trying to meditate my way trough the experience until I could get some drinks to soothe my overwhelmed system and contracted heart.
  15. I feel ashamed of this comment. Think Leo evoked something in myself that I have not yet embodied
  16. I'm curious to hear your experience and perspective. Here is what kind of girl I want I don't know. If I think about it, I can list some criteria like being open, feminine, playful, authentic, etc. Of course I also want to be physically attracted if we are talking about sexual and romantic intimacy. But the deeper answer for me is I don't know. I want to live from the heart, and the heart works in mysterious ways. It moves trough intuition, not logic. It just feels, resonates and knows in an unexplainable way
  17. https://m.youtube.com/c/HillsideHermitage I love this channel. Maybe some of you resonate with this too
  18. @PurpleTree haha great song ??It's okay I'll just use spirituality to justify it. There is no inside and outside, there is just the flow of life. And the flow of life wants to inject heroin.
  19. Many interesting responses here. Makes me reflect and recognize more what I feel attracted to and enjoy in girls
  20. Most important thing for me is that she makes me feel good
  21. @Salvijus I couldn't agree more ❤️ The first paragraph articulated so well something I've been feeling as off-putting, but didn't know quite why. And also I find it funny that we can be pure selfless beautiful unconditionally loving spirit, but also selfish, animalistic, horny humans. That's part of what makes dating so strange for me
  22. I also really like the way women move. If she can move well on the dancefloor, I find that sexy.
  23. Insightful response. That does resonate for me too. And of course if she's flirting with me, I'll be much more likely to be attracted to her.
  24. @Shin LIke the spiral dynamic stage is what determines your worth. And it's caricature of how actualized.org followers can use it to judge people. I assumed your initial comment was a. Joke too.