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  1. How to remain disciplined and act responsibly when I experientially see that I have no free will? I notice that being aware of the lack of a separate self that is a chooser/controller is often used to rationalize laziness. Thanks for all the value you're providing
  2. @Psychventure haha yeah it's a grey zone. Just trying not to disturb the neighbors with psychedelic throat singing 😅 @General 2 sure, feel free to dm me I haven't learned Dutch, but as you say their English is great. I'm studying though, but I have heard that on the job market it's a lot easier to succeed if you know some dutch.
  3. @molosku Cool, will be in touch
  4. @General 2 Yeah Netherlands is great. After moving here I was especially surprised by how open-minded people are here.
  5. I notice that becoming more conscious and engaging in spirituality makes me in some ways feel lonely and misunderstood. Although, I can connect to people and make friends, I feel lonely because I can't share my deepest passion in a meaningful way with almost all people I meet. What I really care about is investigating the core root of most suffering, non-duality, psychedelics and investigating existential truth. It's not like I can just sit down with someone at a party and start telling them that who they think they are is a complete illusion, that death could be an illusion, that time doesn't exist, etc. So, therefore I would love to connect with people from this forum in person in order to discuss such topics, learn from each other and support each other on our journeys of becoming more conscious. If any people in Netherlands want to meet up, let me know I live in Amsterdam.
  6. I am interested in hearing your views on freewill and discipline. I assume that there is no free will since there is actually no limited "self" there to make choices. If there is no "self" that makes decisions, then how can one decide to become more disciplined? From my current reasoning it seems like all behavior is determined by our experiences and genes, rather than an entity that is making decisions. Since, I have limited personal experience with "no self" (a few 5meo-dmt sessions), my assumptions are mostly based on thinking, rather than subjective experience.