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  1. Besiege is one of my favourite games of all time. It's basically a physics based sandbox game, you create machines to kill enemies, solves puzzle and deliver objects. The amount of things you can create is infinite. Here are some gameplay images of my own
  2. Haiphong, Vietnam, I would say 80% blue, 20% orange with a hint of red Nationalism overall is very strong here. Parents often advocate their children to be moddest, kind, compassionate but in a very strict and "blue" kind of way. Propaganda is also a big thing here, idealizing blue socialism/communism. Western ideologies like materialism, rationalism, orange self help,... are starting to "blend" into our culture so it's hip to like those things now. It's super hard to do self actualization here because sometime people's energy just sort of "pull you down". Well, the bigger the challenge the bigger the growth Btw, how is it to live in Canada ?
  3. I like how he described God, rather similar to what Leo preaches.
  4. 2 devils decided to visit heaven Once they arived, one said: "What kind of evil God would create this horrible place ?"
  5. A common theme i see with orange comment sections (on Youtube or other social medias) is that people start to "out own" or "debunk" the other by being "more rational". This eventually devolve into a hive of people trying to pull the others down emotionally by mocking their replies, pointing out the wrongs, ect, like crabs in a barrel. Another phenomena with orange (this one is rather humorous) is "IQ bragging". This happens out of pure insecurity and victim mentallity of people at the orange stage, blaming their failures to them simply "being too smart"
  6. I would like to see some information on criminals, muderers, shooters, people that are genrally considered "bad guys" or the "evil one". Society often see them as faceless "evil doer" and rationalize to itself that they are bad from birth and that they are objectively evil. Mainstream media usually look at the surface of the problem, they only see the devilish action of these indivisuals without questioning the causes, and in a way they think crime is just something that appears outside of society and not a part of it. This happens at the cost of understanding the structure of this problem that is crime; why do people breaks the laws, why people kills each other, why are there terrorist blowing themselves up, ect. When these things happen, we ask "Why ? Why do these people exist ? Why are they so evil ?" And the cycle continue. Let's shed some light on this problem: Post videos, article, interviews, talks, ect... either from ex-criminals or just people that have a lot of insights on said topic. Guy almost became a shooter Here's a touching story about a guy that almost became a shooter. Instead of banning guns, the goverment (in America specifically speaking) should invest more into mental health care and raising the consciousness of it's citizens. P/s i don't condone the act of terrorism, mass shooting, robbery, ect... Nor do i see any of the mentioned group of people as angels I simply want a different pov.
  7. Hm, i guess i was too hasty in my judgment, i will be more careful next time.
  8. There is actually a subreddit for spirituality, kind of like a lesser version of actualized forum. Here, the user is trying to prove God existence with science, which ended up like this "After i stopped ignoring my nature, i started noticing the pattern Anyway this is how i startes to believe in God God means the creator of the universe As we are born and die, so do plants, stars, galaxies, blackholes,... when the big bang happened, actually our universe (God) was born. As the god who created the universe, doesn't mean it was the original designer of it. Designer of laws: something above our God, that designed universial laws like mathematics We create our body by eating, exercising, which doesn't mean we designed our bodies There is no evidences that our universe is the only one around If our universe is the God, it would means it mighy has a God of its own The designer of laws, might have his own designer We are creating and destroying our body, just like the universe does for us From microbes perspective we are Gods, frome our perspective the universe is a god The human body function only because 10000 of living microbes creatures in our body. All those species are designed to keep us alive While having different body we all relate to one consciousness Consciousness is something that doesn't change even with time. that means the closest thing to God is our consciousness Every single living things are somehow connected to help the universe (god) exists That means we are here for a reason We are here to discover, to figure out what life is about thru consciousness If a designer of laws or a god desire to experience what he made how would it happens ? To think about Children are always asking: "what it is" "what is universe" "what is right thing to do" I am still searching for answer but atleast i know this: to know about the universe look within self We are not meant to see the god because we are apart of god We are the gods, stimutaniously creating and experiencing the universe within and outside of us. Understand the ego, and you will be able to reconnected to other conscious beings ? Is ego a tool or a mechanism that seperate us from others ? God is us, we are the universe We are all one mean while being one of a kind Feel free to proof me wrong, ask question or even add to this point of view Btw i don't have a religon, srry for grammar i'm not native" Techniquely this person is half right but he is clearly misunderstanding God. A classic example of theories without direct experience.
  9. I had a funny epiphany while listening to a random music video i found on youtube. When the singer said "...slap my ass..." Suddenly my body felt lighten, it almost felt like floating in water. I couldn't diffrenciate her ass from the rest of her body, i couldn't understand what an ass was. I realized that her ass and the rest of her body aren't just parts but an unified whole, it felt like a miracle that she existed at all. I bursted into laughter, mostly because of how random it was.
  10. Do fictional characters count ?
  11. What is this about ? I was watching some videos a spiritual youtube channel that explore the contents of reality and it's infinite layers mixed with motivational videos. I noticed that he mentions "logic" and "rationallity" quite a lot in his video, which trigger my orange shadow a bit. I don't have anything against "logic" or "rationality", they are but a facade of reality. It's just that i have a feeling he see logic as the absolute truth. In one of his video he devides the human race into 2 groups: the real human who is interested in spirituality; the fake human who are less intelligent, "low iq" and have no hope in awakening. I can see that he fell into the trap of hating society, thinking that the government's purpose is nothing but to suppress and take control of it's citizen and to feed the mastermind behind all of it. So me be me, i posted a comment to "debunk" his worldview (in a manner which i consider friendly), using "Godel's incompleteness theorem", i also pointed out the benefits that society gives him. He "hearted" my comment and responded with "Nice points, but logic is logic, in the same way as math is math. Logic is not subjective" What do you think of him ? (and maybe of me) He isn't just some conspiracy theorist that believes reptillian controls the world or anything like that. He seems nice, most of his viewers are open minded indivisuals, the quality of his video is very good (the editing, music,...) I like his videos on mind altering substances, and entities from another realm. This is about his understanding of reality.