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  1. @Husseinisdoingfine Yikes That priest might as well be wearing this:
  2. If love is the currency Then i'm in need for social security
  3. The thumb nail, the title, iq, 10 minutes mark. These types of content are super milkable, the average viewers would just suck it all up like good little babies. It's perfect *teeth grinding noise*
  4. @IJB063 Good bye, *sniffles* friend. That fascist test was fun.
  5. Thank you for your service, we need more people like you on this forum
  7. To escape suffering, i suffer deeply now so i won't suffer in the future. And also to deepen my character.
  8. @Leo Gura If they get killed it's their fault, and they should take responsibilty for that, like a true libertarian.
  9. @Bjorgan I think Beau of the Fifth column is a pretty good masculine frame, even better than Leo in some ways.
  10. @Preety_India Gura
  11. I deeply empathise with your struggle and i think you are a strong person for going through all of that pain and insults. This won't relieves you of the horror of human society, but please keep in mind: The world is always changing in radical ways.
  12. Sony's epic clapback Companies and corporations are evolving.
  13. @non_nothing Same
  14. Ben Shapiro DESTROYS Fact and Logic with Nothing.
  15. This belongs in enlightenment memes/jokes mega thread. Will probably get locked.
  16. Gamers really like the Doomslayer for some reasons.
  17. Probably the most cartoonish manifestation of orange. A lot of praise from the commenters because of his hyper-logical personality, monotone voice and "fact over feeling" mindset. THNKR is a pretty orange channel too.
  18. Good- things/actions that benefit things/values that i identify with Bad- things/actions that harm and threaten things/values that i identify with
  19. @Parththakkar12 Thank you, I had an orgasm with my eyes and my spine.
  20. The typical image of a robot in media is usually non-questioning blue or neurotic overly logical autist. What a change. Who knows what an actual robot with sufficient complexity would act like. Ps: absolutely hate the manipulative "thump" noise and the uninspired pseudo futuristic design.
  21. Seriously thought that you were going to show me high consciousness pornography.
  22. @Aquarius I usually do a process i called "Selective purging" but i do it with musics that i listen to. I listen to older songs that i used to like then decide whether the song is worth listening to or not (does it give me the feeling that i wanted it to), if not then i would remove it from the list. Do the same with those online friends, ask yourself what kind of things are these people bringing into your life, what do they really want from you. If they are just thirsty males looking for a living sex toy, then selectively purge them from your friendlist. Be more perceptive of those bad people, don't let them approach you in the first place. Notice the subtle vibe that they have, check what kind of contents are they into, what do they value as a person, ect. If you want to, change your profile picture to something else, the first thing those kind of guys judge about womens is their physical appearance (or in this case, digital appearance). Change it to something like an object, a plants of some sort, an animal or maybe just a skull with googly eyes. Also also, ask yourself where would those good person hang out in ? You probably couldn't find a vegan hippie friend in 4chan, could you ?
  23. A look into Rockstar® toxic white male dominated corporate culture. Check out Jim Sterling's channel for more related videos.