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  1. @Apparition of Jack Well, goodbye reddit.
  2. @billiesimon In my experience, most girls in my region do not like emotional man, their clits dry up the moment your eyes get wet or show any sign that you are struggling in life. I think they want some sort of 'sugar daddy' or whatever people call them. I cried rather often due to crippling depression and flashbacks, my classmates find it weird because "only babies cry". I got humiliated pretty badly in school, girls often give me this pity grin. I guess because i bottled up my emotions so i had sort of a stoic/mysterious look, seeing me finally expressing myself just made me looks weak to those people. Looking back, my life has pretty much been me trying to please females that clearly doesn't like me for who i was, either that be my mom, teachers, ects. It makes sense that i had a lot of anger towards the oposite gender but also secretly desired a mother figure, i never really got to experience that love and acceptance that i really wanted. I promised to myself that i will never put myself through that kind of suffering ever again. I know all the redflags and cues to filter out those who won't like me. I know who i want in life, i just need to go out and find them.
  3. This really captures the spirit of a generation. People will look back at this era with amusement (or disapointment) Soy >>>> milk
  4. @Lyubov And also, develop more self love. If you love yourself, you won't fall for women that doesn't like you.
  5. Peak healthy green This is what green must thrive to be, powerful and compassionated, but grounded.
  6. This has nothing to do with death, just a different way of saying "don't waste ur loife bruh, it's precious or somethin' i dunno"
  7. @Husseinisdoingfine What ? You don't like the beauty of the human body ? You know that your body doesn't come with clothes by default right ?
  8. @FlowerNote His followers are to be blamed, Mooji is fine (atleast in my experience)
  9. Accidental non-duality You can't handle the Truth.
  10. Don't use the uncapitalized g-word
  11. You can feel the orange in this song. But dang, is it good. An absolute banger.
  12. His coughing made me cough.
  13. BASSFZz is a great guy (his channel has a slight misogynistic tone to it, but i find these videos to be green in essence)
  14. @AtheisticNonduality God wouldn't allow that.
  15. Cheesy enlightened answer: The things you listed do not actively make you suffer, your inner resistance to experience those things does. You yourself is the source of suffering.
  16. The most absurd example i've found so far Like wtf !!??
  17. If you can't see Love in this image, then you are not awakened.
  18. All the great people have to die, don't they.
  19. I like Carey, her videos are so fun to watch. A taste of libertarian left.
  20. @Ook Woah. The restaurant story just sound like normal life to me.
  21. Geography and environmental conditions are great factors when it comes to how evolved a culture is.
  22. I wish i had a purple dmt goddess girlfriend... Or maybe access to dmt in the first place.