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  1. Do your own research if you want to be vegan or not. As for me, I tried Veganism early last year and the profound effect to my body is amazing! Although I realize making such big jump was hard. I did go into being a vegetarian then flexitarian. But as much as possible no meat products.
  2. The Alchemist. A very simple yet profound book for me.
  3. Not so surprising. Now, January 20 is near, I wonder what will happened next.
  4. I just watched some Conspiracy theory a couple of days ago about the CABAL, Adenochrome, pedophiles, The Elites etc., What do you guys think about this? Is this what Leo refers to as Ideologies? Like this one dude who confess about celebs that are pedophiles, a week later shot dead. I always take information with a grain of salt, so yeah, seeing both siders of the coin.
  5. Oh Thoughty2!. I missed watching his channel. I also missed watching Black Mirror. Wonder if the creator will create something of a COVID19 episode =)).
  6. I don't like violence and gore as well, esp for sensitives. But yeah, its one of those reason why I also went vegan after Health is concern.
  7. Hi! Wanted to share mine too! I just started with YT a couple of months ago. Here's my channel: Got busy as I went to my hometown, currently can't record properly with distractions and such lol. But it's an inspiration to see others having dedication cause I know you really have to put so much videos out there. My current niche is mostly traveling. But overtime, I will transition to self-development, new life's perspective and paradigm. So many things to learn with marketing, business, and stuffs
  8. The nearest movie I watch similar to this is Earthlings. It was a nice movie for those carnivores going vegan =))
  9. I was backreading and I'm around pages 27 lol. Never thought the entire thread is 60+.
  10. ^ Exactly. I rely more on my personal experience in regards to this matter. I tried No-Fap for a month and I broke it just because of a wet-dream that lead me to rub my pee-pee early in the morning. However, those 1 month experience gave me tremendous energy, concentration, and productivity. I was able to create things etc. I heard so many ideologies about masturbation and stuffs, but what works for me is moderation. I also did this 'Male Deer' exercise from Taoism few years ago. It's like channeling your sexual energy up to your crown and imagine things you want to create. It's like youre orgasm but no semenal fluid. This way not much of a loss of energy, in fact when done right you can have more energy. @Danioover9000 I can totally relate to what your saying. Can you expand more about this sex karma?
  11. Following this thread for now.
  12. Yeah, it was my aunt that's why I don't really like expanding the topic. I think I was brought up to handle every situation that's why I am asking for some advices. I believe I need to develop a skill to talk people out through about their own beliefs and such. Thanks for sharing! I know someone from the office before giving me some isoteric stuffs about the Bible's accuracy and the pages that was torn out. I have this idea, but it's not really well-built fact while my relative has a solid foundation on their conviction so it felt like it's one of the discussion that I have a small chance of a debate. Yeah, I have similar notions as well. Thanks!