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  1. I think it depends on what you want. The benefit of a forum is that you get very personal answers directed toward your specific situation. I don't think there's any harm in using it. Someone might say something you never heard before. If you don't care about any of that then you probably shouldn't use it.
  2. Well, you said it yourself. Change involves two things that exist one after the other. Those two things are the duality. The "lack of change" needs to exist alongside the "change" in order for you to perceive it. Just like you can't have light without dark, or up without down. Change is just appearances filling in a lack of appearance. But, both aspects have to exist together since they only exist relative to each other, and so they always ultimately exist as one thing. For example, when you add red food coloring to a glass of water, you say that the water changed. But, if you add red food coloring to a glass of water that already has red food coloring in it, you say nothing changed, because it was already red to begin with. You need the initial "lack of red" to perceive the "change to red", and so ultimately the "lack of change" is actually identical to the "change", your mind just imagines a separation between the two for practical reasons, and so that would be the "imagined duality".
  3. Time is not equal to change. Time measures change. It's a unit of measurement. Like how you use a ruler to measure length, but the measurement of length is not the actual perception of length itself. Change itself is not a conception, it is a qualia or experience, which is then put into a model or context such as time, which is conception. If you are trapped in a room without any clocks or devices to accurately measure time, your perception of time will literally change and become warped, because the task of measuring time will be left to your imagination which is much more fluid and flexible. The nature of reality is that it is always changing and not changing simultaneously. It's an imagined duality.
  4. Probably to emphasize the "primitiveness" and the absurdity of being stuck in such a form, like you're just some hairy mammalian creature sitting inside the water. I've had similar sentiments in the shower.
  5. I've also noticed an energy boost when eating eggs. It makes sense since it's so nutritious. Oh damn, I didn't know nuts were a source of oxalates since I eat them so much without any digestion issues. When it comes to stuff like spinach, oxalates are much more noticeable for me. It's probably not macros like protein that you need, but micro-nutrients that are hard to get in vegan diets, like zinc or choline. Animal nutrients tend to be more bioavailable too. Cholesterol is essential for cell and hormone function, so it is possible to be low in it since there is a certain amount of it that your body always has to maintain, but usually your body tries to produce enough of it internally. If you want something that is fatty and nutritious, kind of like eggs, I would recommend avocadoes. It's vegan, and it also has a bunch of potassium, which is an important electrolyte. Nice!
  6. I see. I bet a lot of of your "feeling bad" is lack of nutrition, probably electrolyte imbalances and what not. I don't know if you've tried before, but if I were you, I would still take my advice. Get milk or juice or something, but drink it very very slowly and keep watch of how it makes you feel when you do it. It will be much easier on your body to digest when you take tiny sips and when you're also taking it slowly at your own pace. Coconut water, fruit juice, or nut milk would be ideal. That's what I would personally try. These things are the easiest for your body to digest quickly. If anything, you could at least have some kind of lemon water with low-sodium salt or normal salt (low-sodium is ideal cause it has more electrolytes) so that you can have something to sip on from time to time. I doubt that should be too difficult for your body to handle. Also, tell a doctor or something if you haven't already, about the fact that you can't digest things and get nutrients. This seems like a pretty multi-faceted problem, so it would be nice to corner certain aspects of it down with a doctor or something and then go from there. If you stop funposting I might as well be dead, too. Hang in there, we need you.
  7. I'm not really sure what you're going through, but maybe some simple easy-to-digest source of energy could help, like simple carbs and electrolytes. Nutritionally, they should both aid in energy levels and cardiovascular activity. If anything, the carbs could lower your cortisol levels if you feel overly stressed and anxious. You'd be surprised how well something as simple as consuming carbs could work for your mood and energy. So, something like juice, milk, or nut milks. Sip it slowly and carefully if you feel like it. Hang in there. I know how it feels to seemingly be at the mercy of your physical health. Maybe listen to some nature ambience as well to calm yourself.
  8. Such a juicy topic, can't wait
  9. Finally, the unofficial sequel to "How Authority Works"
  10. Toxic masculinity is not masculinity at all. It is immaturity guised as masculinity, but it has nothing to do with it. The entire game of toxic masculinity is that it is something that isn't masculinity but it is being portrayed to you as something that is masculinity. Fundamentally, it's called "toxic" because it's dysfunctional, right? Being dysfunctional doesn't have anything to do with masculinity, that's just your own neuroses sneaking in and using masculinity as a cover. That's my point. It's basically just the ego doing what it always does, using whatever it can to take cover, but this time around it uses masculinity to justify itself. Sometimes it uses religion. Sometimes it uses science. But, this time it uses masculinity. Here is an example of how it might work: Someone might think that being masculine means being "strong". Someone else comes up to this person and calls them a moron. This makes them angry and vengeful. Now, their mind looks for some sort of excuse or justification for causing punishment to this person so that it can feel good about itself again. Oh, yeah, masculinity means being strong right? If I punch this guy in the face, that shows strength, and thus proves my masculinity, it all makes perfect sense. And so, they escalate themselves into a physical altercation. So, in this scenario, it's just the ego taking hold of some perverted idea of masculinity in order to justify beating someone up, and thus toxic masculinity is created. True masculinity would be realizing that being triggered into a physical altercation over words is in and of itself a sign of "weakness", since it shows lack of confidence in your own self.
  11. Thank YOU, Leo
  12. If something is impersonal, any negative interpretation would only come from a person. But anyways, it seems to be a pointer of some sort which might make you have some sort of insight or realization. Don't get so attached to it, just look at where it is pointing at what the intention behind it is. From what I can see, he is pointing to the "shapeshifting" aspect of consciousness where you, and all things, are constantly changing and taking new forms, in a seemingly impersonal way. Just like when you dream, you become a dream character with no recollection of your existence as a human in the waking state, it can be seen as "impersonal" for your conscious experience to discard the waking state identity so easily.
  13. For me, something that always works is becoming really conscious of the side effects of what will happen if you don't fix the habit. Reality will always outweigh your ego's BS excuses, so get really in tune with what will happen and become of you if you continue doing what you do. Really research it and start contemplating it. I used to bite my nails as a kid, then I looked up pictures of the hands of chronic nail-biters and I immediately stopped it on that day. Stuff like that works really well on me. You have to be really accurate and holistic with how you think about it as well. For example, if you eat junk food everyday, you can't think of it as "eating this piece of cake isn't gonna kill me". No, you're not just eating a piece of cake. You're perpetuating a habit which will constantly be replicated everyday. In a year you're going to have eaten 365 pieces of cake. How does THAT affect you?
  14. Just because something is predictable doesn't mean it should be tolerated. Awakening is not impossible. And also, practicing authority and calling out other people on false ideas doesn't have much to do with only Leo being awake. That's something that extends even into normal everyday life. So, most people are harmed when you're not taught to watch out for that. In life, you are constantly swayed and gaslighted by the loose opinions of others. That's why practicing authority and calling people out is so important. He IS practicing that exact authority you speak of when he calls people out for berating his teachings. And people will learn from that. Someone who has a chance at realizing awakenings would first have to learn to practice their own authority. Many people fall into that trap, and it's a massive one, so of course he would stand against it and exemplify how to do so.
  15. All good. Yeah, super easy. Or recruit from other cults. Can your cult leader make shit float? No? Then you're obviously in the wrong cult, come on over.
  16. I'm not saying it's inherent to magick, I'm just saying that if you start making things float you could easily convince people that you're a prophet or something.
  17. No one will believe you anyways. Even if someone records it they will say it's CGI or something lol.
  18. Very true. When I first joined the forum, I was surprised to learn that you regularly interacted with the people here. You're much more patient with people than I would be.
  19. Oh, cool. So you're a narcissist using narcissism to label non-narcissists as narcissists in order to perpetuate your own narcissism. I'm actually not that surprised.
  20. Making people doubt themselves is Narcissistic Abuse. Trivializing the power of words and ideas is Narcissistic Abuse. Making excuses for bad behavior is Narcissistic Abuse. This forum serves as Narcissistic Supply. We've seen what happens when you don't get that supply: Narcissistic Rage. With such broad criteria, you can make anyone look like a narcissistic abuser. How amazingly convenient.
  21. Surrender to the fact that you might submit it late. Who cares? It's not the end of the world. And there's no way in hell you're gonna allow something as stupid as late homework to end your world, right? Are you even gonna remember that this happened 5 years from now? Think long term. You also need some kind of sustainable set of values or goals. Something really deep and authentic. It can't just be money. There should be a hobby or skill or something on the side that you want to perfect, which will make a lot of money as a secondary side effect or something. Of course, money is important, but if you have this goal of getting money, there should be an even deeper goal arching over it which is more personal and authentic to you. Like, for example: "Once I get this money, I will use that money to do this and this". Also, imperfect decisions are the same as perfect decisions, in the sense that in order to reach a "perfect" or optimal decision, you need to make a bunch of imperfect decisions beforehand to reach that decision. So, don't be so perfectionistic, it's a trap. Your job or work doesn't have to be perfect or amazing at first. You test the waters first, and then that tells you what to avoid and not to avoid.