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  1. Well, I was open-minded enough to sit down and stare at this, and I actually wasn't disappointed. My brain was constantly recontextualizing things and noticing patterns. Sometimes I would see circles. Sometimes it would look fluid like water. Sometimes the screen would start moving or shaking towards a certain direction. The coolest one was when I saw everything as 3D all of a sudden, like a bunch of white objects floating around in some 3d space. Weird. I will never judge people who watch TV static again, I get it now.
  2. And then on the very back of the page, the boss battle of spiritual questions: Is solipsism true? (worth 50% of the test score) (1000 words minimum) (show your work)
  3. Focus on structure, not content.
  4. A fraud? lol, what do they mean? it's so odd how banks can just gatekeep your money cause of random shit
  5. You're being a bastard to yourself. You're just assuming things about God that you don't know. And those assumptions cause you pain. God gives you imagination, and quite generously, as anything you imagine reality will recontextualize itself to fit that imagination. I know you'll probably create another similar thread soon after this one and my response here will be disregarded. But maybe someone in a similar position who is slightly more openminded than you can learn something from this thread and actually change their direction.
  6. You can try eating multiple meals, but I doubt it will fix your issue. I don't see why it would. I eat 1-2 meals and I don't feel tired. It's probably what you're eating, not the timing. Or maybe you're an anomaly. Experiment through trial and error and see what works.
  7. Seems pretty accurate. Not sure what "transcend" exactly means here, but I don't think I want to transcend sex anyways. I find it very enjoyable. Having control over something isn't the same as disregarding it or transcending it, at least by my standards. I feel like your relationship to sex simply "matures" or changes over time. It doesn't completely vanish unless you're biologically incapable.
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  9. Locked at request of OP
  10. What color is your Spiral Dynamics stage?
  11. People do tend to use the word "imagination" differently. I mean it in the most relative and common way when I use it. I am just referring to your mind's eye or inner dialogue, or anything that your human self imagines. I use the term imagination more relatively and dualistically here because I think it is better for communicating and teaching certain things. The human imagination never matches up to "physical" or more "tangible" qualia. That is what the human imagination is, by definition. If the human imagination became more "real", it wouldn't be human imagination anymore, it would be a "physical object" or a "superpower/siddhi" or perhaps "God's imagination". In the relative world, a distinction is drawn between "imagination" and a "physical object", because in the relative world you are a human. I find this distinction to be important when trying to realize how your current human experience interfaces with itself, because then I can distinguish between the different forms of qualia inside it and how they interact with each other, instead of lumping all of it into the same category of "imagination". Basically, yes. It becomes "in time" when you overlay context and imagination on top. Time is a way of measuring change or direct experience, but it is not inherent to change or direct experience. Infinity never has a beginning unless you condense it into something finite through imagination. Reality is always infinitely regressing. Imagination is always finite and limited. Your imagination tries to "contain" or "compartmentalize" the infinite regress. There's nothing wrong with imagining things. Imagination is how you survive. But it is always imagined. "Beginning" and "end" is a separation and a duality, so it is always imaginary. Your memory of being at the store can be entangled with the physical non-imaginative qualia in front of you. But it doesn't have to be. For example, someone at the store might have sliced the apple for you. Now, the sliced apple in front of you is entangled with your memory of the store. You believe someone physically sliced the apple. The physicality of the apple merges with your imagination in this instance, but it doesn't have to. It can be unimagined and reduced to something more direct. A lot of physicality is actually just imagined in this way. Your memory is a specific type of imagination which is designed to make reality seem more consistent. It's just a story to explain how you got here, which is actually from nowhere. It's possible to have bad memory, which is memory that is inaccurate to what reality portrays. Usually, when this happens, people will say: "you must have imagined it." See the distinction that's being made between memory and imagination? The degree to which you trust your memory is in accordance with how accurately it represents reality. If you remember a chair being in your room and it is not there, then you would say you just imagined it. If it is there, then you would say you remembered it.
  12. You're right in saying that your human imagination is a different qualia than the computer in front of you. All that's happening is that you're overlaying a backstory onto your current experience. It's imagination being projected on top of non-imagination. Lets say you have an apple from your grocery shopping in front of you. If you stop imagining that you went grocery shopping, now your apple came from nowhere. It has no context or story or justification to it anymore. For example, when you see a tree inside of a dream, you imagine an entire life cycle for the tree. You imagine that it used to be a seed. You imagine that it sucked up water through its roots over the years. But obviously, the dream did not have to accomplish any of that, all it had to do was show you a tree, and then you filled in the gaps by imagining a story to go with it.
  13. How do you determine anything is sentient? Just apply those standards to AI. You already know how to determine if something is sentient. You do it all the time, right?
  14. Are you really gonna let something so silly bother you so much? Look at it from an outside perspective. Furthermore, the only reason you care what people think is because you're delusional. You're not gonna stop people from assuming things. You don't have control over what people think and you never will. It doesn't matter if they have their own chastity cage. It doesn't matter if they're a serial killer. It doesn't matter if they themselves are horrible people. People will judge you for dumb shit, even if they also do dumb shit. See the absurdity? And you're deciding to play their game and hop around like a monkey trying to avoid their judgement. Have some love and respect for yourself. You're worried about ghosts. You don't even know these people. You don't even know if their opinion matters. You don't even know if they're even thinking about you or judging you, you're just assuming they do! Hell, the event that you're worrying about hasn't even happened yet, it literally does not exist, and yet you're panicking about it. It's because it's all YOU judging YOURSELF. All the time. You use "other people" as a proxy to judge yourself and feel bad about yourself. This is a funny situation. Just laugh at it. Laugh at the absurdity. Be playful about it. The universe is like a comedian on a stage, you can decide to heckle (resist) or enjoy it and play into it (surrender).
  15. They only seem dense because you're being dense about your own position. So to you, it seems like anyone opposing your position has to be biased and they must be ignoring all your talking points on purpose. But the only reason you think that way is because you are so hellbent on your own position that you don't even consider that anyone opposing it is actually coming at it from somewhere charitable.
  16. Birds are definitely a glitch in the matrix. I mean, look at this low FPS walk animation: Not to mention, this bird that can literally mimic the sound of an entire construction site: It's actually much more efficient for God to generate a lyrebird that makes construction noises instead of generating an entire construction site when you're not looking. This also explains why construction never seems to finish. It's just a bird making noises. This is a pretty advanced insight so I understand if it is hard to take in.
  17. No object or subject "has" consciousness. It's the other way around. Consciousness has objects/subjects. And then consciousness might imagine distinctions between itself, and then it might imagine that certain distinctions of itself carry a different or separate consciousness. But all distinctions are ultimately imagined. Something is happening of course, or else you wouldn't have anything to talk about. It's just that it's all happening in your imagination right now. The past can only ever be accessed through imagination, by definition. If the past isn't being imagined, then it isn't in the past anymore, it's in the present. I'm speaking relatively here when I talk about the past by the way, there is ultimately no difference between the present and the past (since imagination of things that aren't happening now are happening now). But, when a past is imagined, it's always imaginary, I'm just highlighting that mechanism. The way the past interfaces itself with the present moment is always through imagination.
  18. Locked for necroposting