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  1. Ralston explains that "states" are relative, and that enlightenment is not relative, it is absolute, so it is not a state, by his definition. You have to decipher how Ralston uses these words here, and I think he makes it pretty clear. Ralston tends to be very picky about using relative terms like "love" "insight" and "states" because these terms all get tangled up in human stories about "not being enlightened" and "reaching truer states" and it can mislead people. Furthermore, he says enlightenment is becoming conscious of what is true and what is always true. If enlightenment is always true, then calling it a state implies that it is possible for some sort of contrasting state which isn't true to exist, which might be why he insists it is not a state. If something is always true, calling it a state that has to be achieved or found somewhere else is somewhat redundant, because it implies you are in a state where truth does not exist, which cannot be the case if enlightenment and truth are absolute.
  2. Your entire life is a mystical experience. When you create this separation, when you say that life is not spiritual or mystical, you turn life into something stupid and materialistic and limited. That's good. This is spirituality at its finest. Even though it might not seem like it at times, ultimately you are creating all the rules and desires. You don't have to do any of this. But, you are. Why? Because there is something within you that wants to create something. There is something that is aware of the potential that is inside you. There is something that realizes that all of this might actually be worth it. You need to tap into that. Go for a walk. Listen to some of your favorite music. Then tell yourself: Maybe all of it will be worth it if I get to experience beautiful things like this from time to time. It is important to get your mind sorted in this manner, because you can easily get pulled into compulsive states of consciousness otherwise. States of consciousness which make you feel like the entire world is ending. Just like if you have a full bladder, your consciousness will compulsively start focusing on finding a bathroom and nothing else. One moment, the most important thing in all of existence is a bathroom, and then the other moment it is something completely different. So, it is important to keep tabs on what types of environments are pulling you into which types of compulsiveness, and being able to detach yourself from that and be aware of that.
  3. Stories are just stories. They have nothing to do with your emotions unless you want them to. There's a difference between consciously story-telling and unconsciously story-telling. No one consciously tells negative stories. Negative stories are always unconscious. People are constantly unconsciously conjuring up stories which make them feel bad. It's the same as self-harm, like stabbing yourself with a knife for no reason. You are using your intelligence against yourself in that scenario. It doesn't have to be that way if you come up with stories consciously. When it is done consciously, there is no harm, because you will not consciously harm yourself. Just like you would not touch a hot stove because you are conscious that it will harm you.
  4. All the love and understanding you need is within you.
  5. Happy birthday Leo!
  6. Yes. All of these are explicit and always sexual. You're not gonna accidentally or non-sexually put your penis in a vagina or any of the other holes. So, it is sex. The intentions only go one way: sexual pleasure. A handjob only involves physical stimuli from a hand, which is not necessarily always sexual. Sometimes you touch your penis with your hand in a non-sexual way, and so I would not consider it sex although it can lead to orgasm, because it's not necessarily always related to sex. Same goes for kissing. It's too indirect, and it can exist in scenarios that don't involve sexual pleasure or orgasm. So, not sex. And also, it has to be done with another person/entity, of course. I think this is a good way of defining it.
  7. How odd. He says that homosexuals can't orgasm. And that kissing is gross as well, because it transmits germs, lol. I think the only thing perverted and unnatural here is Osho's own perspective on sexuality.
  8. I used to get salty when I cared about following the rules as a kid. Everyone was around me was cheating one way or another, and it irked me because it basically invalidates all your efforts. I was pretty naïve for that. I saw rules as something absolute and unbreakable. And so clinging to that mindset caused a lot of friction in me because it contradicted reality. 95% of those rules are built on fear. Fear is not a very sustainable form of motivation, so it will be broken. People in school are taught rules without them understanding why the rules are made, and in order to do that you use fear and punishment. Like how you prevent a toddler from jumping into a giant puddle because "I said so". The toddler's desire to jump isn't really invalidated, it's just that there is some external authority forcefully blocking the desire now for some unknown reason.
  9. This thread is old. Locked for necroposting.
  10. Yes, but the problem isn't AI. It's a flaw in the system itself that is motivating such behavior. The system was always being undermined, it's just being done more efficiently with AI now, to such a large degree that people are actually forced to seriously consider the issue, whereas before they weren't really talking about it. It's a reality check. If someone is genuinely interested and wants to learn something, they won't cheat. No one who cheats expects to actually learn what they are cheating on. It's fundamentally still about the asymmetry in values I mentioned before. On the other hand, AI also makes learning easier.
  11. It put a mirror up to my face and of course it pushes you into action when you realize all of a sudden that you have horns and a forked tongue.
  12. I don't know, probably less sweet and less sour, more mellow and watery. Just imagine you're biting into an orange but subtract the solid part.
  13. That's from concentrate, normal orange juice doesn't taste like that
  14. I don't think I've ever actually had orange juice in my life. Just the concentrated stuff from the grocery stores. You never see non-concentrate orange juice anywhere.
  15. The goal and priority of school is ultimately not learning, but getting a high grade. It's up to the student which one to prioritize. Grades are just a very cheap and lazy way of measuring "learning". The job of learning has been delegated to the grade system. This motivates an asymmetry between two values: "grades" and "learning". Cheating is something that happens when the value tips towards grades. You can get high grades without learning. It's a bureaucratic game, and you may or may not learn something along the way of playing this game. Some people cheat. Some people decide to follow all the rules perfectly. Some people decide to do more than the rules ask for since they might feel the rules are limited. It's up to you how you wanna play it, but ultimately it is a very bureaucratic system.
  16. Well, if you're beyond sex you're probably not human anymore. Just like the butterfly isn't a caterpillar anymore.
  17. To change yourself. To change other people. Resisting what you are. It creates motivation to change how reality is. It indicates a discord in how your psychology is interfacing with reality. A contradiction somewhere that can be inspected if you're introspective enough. And then from there you can learn a lot about yourself. It's not necessary. It can be transcended and the same results can be achieved without it. But some people need it for where they are at. Relatively speaking, no. I've rarely felt it because I always intuitively understood that I was just trying to do the best I could from my current state of consciousness, and that any shame would only be created through a myopic perspective of myself.
  18. This thread is from 2016. Locked for necroposting.
  19. I saw them in a mirror once. Pretty good-looking, if I do say so myself.
  20. This doesn't seem like a good distinction. In a state of nothingness/cessation/turiya/pure consciousness, you are infinite and whole simultaneously. Infinity can maintain the exact same qualia and not change at all, yet still be infinite. Infinity is total, until an ego comes along and tries to separate it, as you are doing.