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  1. I am pleased to see a fellow solipsist, or rather, an imagined fellow solipsist. Allow me to divulge a day in the life of a devout solipsist such as myself. Dare I say, I am the probably the biggest fan of solipsism you will ever encounter in the entirety of existence. Once upon a time in the bustling city of Solipsville, there lived a particular solipsist. That solipsist was, of course, none other than me. Today, I decided to visit the local Solipsville grocery store to restock on my imaginary groceries. As I strolled through the aisles, I couldn't help but chuckle at the thought that all the other shoppers were just figments of my imagination. I picked up a carton of milk and glanced at the label, thinking to myself: "I wonder if this milk even exists outside my mind." Approaching the checkout counter, I encountered a friendly imaginary cashier named Susan. She greeted me with a warm smile and asked, "How's your day going?" Being a solipsist, I couldn't resist the temptation to reply: "Well, Susan, I'm having a delightful conversation with myself, thank you." Susan was taken aback, but not one to shy away from humor, so she played along: "Ah, I see! You must be an expert at keeping yourself entertained." I smirked and nodded, amused by her quick wit. As Susan scanned my items, I couldn't help but wonder if the beeping sound of the register was just a product of my own imagination. Leaving the grocery store, I felt a surge of excitement. I couldn't wait to share my solipsistic musings with the online world. Logging in to an online spirituality forum, I started a new thread titled: "The Profound Wisdom of a Solipsistic Sage." I began my post with a cheeky opening line, "Greetings, fellow fragments of my imagination!" The responses from fellow forum members varied from curiosity to confusion. Some tried to engage with me in philosophical debates, while others dismissed my ideas as the ramblings of an eccentric mind. I found great pleasure in reading their responses, contemplating how their lack of self-awareness further bolsters my solipsistic beliefs. I mean, there's no way that REAL people are stupid enough to not see that everyone is just their imagination, right? The forum quickly became a hub of amused and bewildered responses. Some members poked fun at my unique perspective, while others engaged in playful debates about the nature of existence. I gleefully replied to each comment, relishing in the irony of discussing solipsism with nonexistent individuals. As the thread grew longer and the discussions became more convoluted, I found myself questioning the very foundation of my beliefs. I wondered, "If all these responses are merely figments of my imagination, does that make my belief in solipsism itself an illusion?" The thought sent me into a fit of laughter, as I realized the absurdity of my situation. At the end of the day, I retired to my cozy home, still chuckling at the events of the day. I sat back, sipping an imaginary cup of tea, and I pondered the paradox of my solipsistic existence. With a grin, I concluded, "Whether I'm alone in this world or not, the laughter and connections I share are as real as can be, even if only in my own mind." And so, I continue my life as a solipsist, embracing the humor and irony that comes along with this unique perspective. Each day brings new experiences and laughter, reminding me that sometimes, the funniest stories are the ones we create within our own minds. I continued my day, relishing in the humorous absurdity of my solipsistic adventures. Till next time.
  2. Yeah but apparently second-hand smoke actually carries heavy metals like cadmium: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29224186/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3924441/#:~:text=The level of exposure to,concern [6%2C12].
  3. Like this: It's one thing to love porn. It's another thing to say you're in love with a specific porn star and then considering leaving your relationship because of it. There's a value system which is making your relationship unsustainable. You will get bored of all the girls you get with because you're reducing their value down to something very limited that gets exhausted very easily.
  4. Me too, but I'm not falling in "love" with porn stars. There are different ways of experiencing sex and creating relationships with sex. Some are more sustainable. Some are more limited. Some are even more pleasurable. Lol, I'm not talking about past lives. You just have thoughts and projections that need undoing. They are constricting your experience of sex.
  5. This is lust, not love. Your motivations for being in a relationship might be unsustainable. You have some sexual karma to work through.
  6. There's a new competitor for a hot witch girlfriend:
  7. As long as you are conscious that you are doing this, it's not so bad. But you are sacrificing details to do that. You will not have all the information you need all the time. So cutting corners is fine. But cutting corners without being aware that you are cutting corners will lead to problems, because you are unconscious of what you are doing. Yes, absolutely. Pretty much. You have no option but to accept what they are, or else you are denying reality. But, you do have the option to deal with what they are. Dissecting the label is important, because a lot of times the toxicity stems from your own expectations and attachments. You can deal with toxicity in many ways. You can move away from it. You might even be able to evaporate it by dissolving your own attachments. Or maybe you will try to change the person. Up to you. Ultimately, it will only ever be dealt with when you decide to inspect the contents of label itself. Once you do that, then you can take conscious action.
  8. The term "toxic" is just a placeholder label meant to describe a certain set of attributes that you are perceiving. Labels will always lack nuance, because their function is to just condense everything into one simple easy-to-use term. You lose a lot of details with them. When you say something is "negative" or "toxic", you've immediately created a psychological framework that says their existence has absolutely no positive value. More accurate and insightful would be the answer to these questions: Why is he toxic? What is toxic here? What is it about this person that irks me so much? Why is this conversation so hard for me? The answers to these questions will bring to light the contents of this label you call "toxic". It is not necessarily wrong to call someone toxic, but you must have contemplated these further nuances beforehand so that you actually know WHY they are toxic. Otherwise, the word toxic just becomes a weapon for the ego and it gets applied everywhere indiscriminately. Because your identity and survival quota is so unique, someone else might actually perceive this person as "positive" and not "toxic". So now you see how flexible these labels are, and how easily it can be used to perpetuate your ego and someone else's ego. This guy probably has friends of his own that see nothing wrong with him, for example. Here's a practical example: The person I'm talking with is toxic ("toxic" is the label here) The person I'm talking with always communicates as if I am inferior to him (the contents of the label "toxic" are explicated here, so this is more accurate)
  9. Judgment is on faith. It's a conundrum because you're assuming you know something about someone else when you don't. That's what it means to judge. Just become conscious that you don't know and then you wont be able to judge anymore. Just observe accurately instead. It's not a judgment that 1+1=2, it's just a fact. "I don't like fat people" is a judgment because it is based in your psychological reality and not an existential reality. Distinguish between these two.
  10. Uh oh. Bad if you resist. Looks like reality is saying "stop resisting these parts of yourself all the time". The psychedelic is trying to stretch your identity. If you stop resisting, it might become something more pleasant.
  11. Fundamentally, "downward spirals" are stories designed to justify why you should resist reality. There's some secondary layers and nuances to it, but that's basically what it is. The ego very easily attaches itself to stories and imagination, that's actually how it exists and perpetuates itself. Today, a lot of people place immense value on thoughts and imagination. The reason it is addicting to latch onto these stories is because there is a sense of righteousness there, the ego feels it is right, it thinks something real and valuable and tangible is there, so it latches on. It forgoes feeling good and being at peace, and instead chooses to think incessantly about these stories, which often brings serious emotional dismay. The imagination has limitless potential. It can contort things in many ways. Once you place so much value on something like imagination, it can lead to a lot of problems. After a while, the ego starts creating a bias towards what types of thoughts it likes and identifies with, and it becomes harder to let go of those over time, because after a while your ego builds so much of its personality and life around those thoughts. If you're just conscious of how it makes you feel instead of being "right" or "correct", you might find that it is much easier to let go of these stories and falling into spirals. Next time, if you consciously look at it, you will simply see that the cons outweigh the pros when it comes to "falling into the spiral". You'll realize that it doesn't make sense to continue thinking about certain things because it wont bring any positive change, it will just ruin your emotional state. It's much easier to just let go, and it will be a net positive in every regard. Being conscious here simply means to realize that falling into a "downward spiral" is equivalent to self-harm, like stabbing yourself with a knife for no reason. No one will consciously harm themselves. It's common sense to remove your hand from a hot stove. It's the same principle here. But the ego would rather get burned and feel correct than remove the hand. The ego would rather torture itself than to stop being logical. If you start practicing this, the next time you feel yourself falling into a spiral, you will consciously perceive an upsurge of negative emotions associated with it, and then immediately you will recognize that as a cue to just let go of those thoughts, and then you will easily let go of them, because that is the action that will negate those emotions. It's the only action that makes sense when you are behaving consciously. Just letting go. The outcome of letting go is way better than thinking about those thoughts. There will be an initial thought that creates an unpleasant emotion, then, from there is the vital moment where you can choose to keep your mental peace or allow yourself to get sucked into that thought. Metaphysically speaking, there is no emotional content to thoughts. That is something that comes after the fact. You have to build that type of relationship with your thoughts first, it is not an inherent property of thoughts. Over time, you may have gotten your emotions and value systems unconsciously wrapped up in thoughts, which only have a psychological reality and no existential reality. This can be improved and turned into a more conscious relationship.
  12. You mean your cholesterol levels? Probably because your body is eating it up as fuel
  13. Obligatory mention of The Matrix
  14. Lol, I'm imagining a spiritual retreat "Yo that dude over there keeps talking about solipsism, he's def not natty" "You want some of this? It'll seriously boost your spiritual gains"
  15. I don't think Leo ever said other people are meat-suits. This is just a materialistic anthropomorphizing of the message Leo is trying to convey. All these solipsism threads are just endless intellectualizations. Anyways, this is a great answer from Ralston.
  16. He answered this in Curt's interview and basically said "It's all Love", although the answer may have changed after the alien kangaroo mouse awakening. He recently said his alien awakening is the most important thing to him and that all he wants to focus on is teaching that now. My input, Actualized.org's current ethos is probably something like seriously practicing your own authority. Not being loosely swayed by the opinions of others. Valuing truth over all. And having the courage to say that truth, even if it rubs people the wrong way.
  17. Just read consciously. It seems like you're scared of being deluded by some Buddhist ideas or something. If you approach it consciously with your own authority and a grounded epistemology then it will only be a benefit to you. If you don't, you will probably spend all your time thinking "Oh but maybe Buddhism isn't bullshit, I will never know since I didn't look into it!". If something is bullshit, so be it. You can even learn from bullshit. Leo only apparently realized Buddhism was bullshit after very thoroughly looking into it. Sometimes you gotta jump deep into the bullshit to really conclusively figure out that it is indeed bullshit.
  18. Yeah can you believe he also had an spiritual awakening into absolute love? He's basically God-realized
  19. Cool! It really does create a more smoother caramel-like flavor profile. Just don't put too much, about a pinch, cause salt is surprisingly potent, much more potent than sugar.
  20. Study: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33086585/ Comprehensive article about above study: https://7news.com.au/lifestyle/food/its-time-to-rethink-pink-salt-study-c-1419572 Study: https://themeadow.com/pages/minerals-in-himalayan-pink-salt-spectral-analysis Comprehensive article about above study: https://sciencebasedmedicine.org/pink-himalayan-sea-salt-an-update/ Himalayan salt is touted to have about 40-80 different minerals, but funnily only about 14 of those are actually usable by the human body. So, most of the minerals in Himalayan salt are basically unusable contaminants. Also, the pink color of Himalayan salt comes from rust (iron oxide), which isn't really harmful, but it speaks to how unrefined it is. It even contains some radioactive elements. Here's a Reddit post someone made about all the sand they found in their bottle of Himalayan salt: https://www.reddit.com/r/mildlyinteresting/comments/106xuqj/the_amount_of_sand_and_rocks_in_kirkland/ This is also supported in my own experience with my coffee, I literally only put about a pinch of it in there and it leaves this: 1. Electrolytes 2. It counteracts any bitter elements in the coffee. The more salt you put, the less sharp/bitter the coffee will become. So, it can potentially balance out the flavor of the coffee 3. In my experience, it adds a really nice salted caramel type of flavor to the coffee
  21. Don't know about that, but I do know that Himalayan salt is full of heavy metals. If you ever put Himalayan salt in your coffee, you will find literal undissolved sand/sediment at the bottom of your cup, lol.
  22. Anger is self-harm. In order to be angry you have to be unconscious of the fact that you are harming yourself.