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  1. For what it is worth....When you look inwards put the black hole on the left and the big ball of fire on the right.Then let the EGOS flip them so you don’t know which is which.Then let the fires burnout and the black holes deplete.Then ask yourself where were these 2 balls of fire/black holes and yourself who is witnessing it.Then apply it to outward meditation which is crucial.i.e come out of your head.
  2. Why do you think everything is a illusion...not real...Yeah you do all this when you are asleep...a form of Death but then you wake up.
  3. Yeah that does probably apply if your starting and end position is that you THINK that you are God...Your EGO just won’t let you accept that you might not be because you fear that possibility.That is where you are going wrong.You need to let go of this fear.
  4. Of course there is darkness...All dualities break in to all negatives as well.Why are you so one sided all the time.There is darkness ...there is light...There is hot ...there is cold...there is matter ...there is anti matter....look into the real world and not in your internal world all the time.Give that a chance as well.
  5. Confirms to me even more you are totally imbalanced and lost.There is darkness but the light has overcome it.
  6. We all have robotic tendencies if we only look inward.You don’t appear to know anything at all about outward meditation.That’s what totally confirms to me you haven’t got a clue what you are talking out.You are completely in the dark.
  7. What I have found is that there is a middle ground and there is a left and a right.The left hand side divides itself and then both these sides say I am God ...I am God....That is why they only see a black void.They are completely in the dark.The blind leading the blind.
  8. No I’m intrigued by the reason why it has been blocked? there shouldn’t be other factors at play like emotions.Robots don’t have emotions.
  9. If nothing matters then why are some people getting so upset and locking my posts.What are they getting upset about.You just said yourself you can post anything you want.Do you want to qualify that statement a bit because it isn't true.
  10. You’ve just hit the nail on the head though.I did practice INWARD meditation for years and years..disappearing into myself but for me anyway,I found that this just dismantled me as a person.I discovered that there is such a thing as OUTWARD meditation as well.This type of meditation built me up again as a person.I found that there was absolutely no problem with looking inwards but I have learnt to balance it with outward meditation.This has already been highlighted by someone else in another post albeit in slightly different words to mine.This is the purification works.Don’t see this as me having the last say as it has already been said by someone else.Good luck to you as well my friend.
  11. All that’s coming out of this debate is that whatever I think to be true might not be and the same applies to you.You can say to both sides of the argument it doesn’t matter anyway because it’s just a figment of the imagination..but that’s just a thought that might not be true.I don’t consider myself a thought.I just have thoughts that might be true or not true.You will probably now say their is no I but then we go back through the same loop again.
  12. Why are you even asking the question if that were true? Remember whatever you say will always be countered as totally incorrect.You have only had a thought and have believed this thought as true...It may not be.Its only your EGOS and not You that are preventing you from this realisation.You can’t say there is no realisation because there might be.You only have HOPE at the end of the day that your opinions are accurate.They may not be.This is how it works.Thats why the processor doesn’t take sides.
  13. You need to be reborn i.e. die to the EGOS.When you are reborn you will be more able to see the game the EGOS play.
  14. Thant’s just your EGOS spitting their dummy out.Take not notice of them.Chill.....Take a break from thinking too helps.