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  1. @ttm Just plug in answers in Genesis, the web site will come up. This is just my opinion.My experiences have now convinced me that all is not what it seems. I'm now convinced that our brains are just 2 off interlinked biological computers.They are at the very least quantum computers...who knows they may be more...Either way,they are the most complex things known to man.You can’t get away from them.These machines are insane because they don’t know the diffrence between right or wrong...How can they.they are just machines.Therefore they will compute that right is wrong and wrong is right.If you know anything about the consciousness states (or awareness states) then you will know that there is the autopilot;manual;neutral states of consciousness.Im now convinced that if you are in the autopilot state your consciousness is split between these 2 off biological computers.You are less aware in this state.I call it the gone missing or stuck in your head state.You are totally embroiled within these machines (trapped).Most people spend their whole lives in this state and then die.If you learn to bring yourself out of this consciousness state and into the manual consciousness state (the more in synch with yourself/more in the moment state) what you have done is UNITE your consciousnesses state to one point.Im now convinced that when we are in this consciousness state we are no longer trapped within these computers and therefore we’re less influenced by them.You are able to retrain/reprogramme the computers in this state.You then start controlling them rather than them controlling/influencing you.This state of awareness puts a whole new perspective on how we view things.Leaning about the differing consciousness states is the key to unlocking your mind and definitely affects our perspectives about Evolution/God in my opinion.
  2. If you plug only half the possibilities into these 2 off biological computers (brain) you get rubbish out.It is wiser to plug in both possibilities to stand any chance of getting any sense out of them.These 2off biological computers couldn’t care less what you key in, their lifeless pieces of meat.
  3. @ttm This just my opinion. 1.There is no evidence for evolution that convinces me at all.Not a single thing thing.Man is being deceived, but can’t see it.Can I suggest that you read some of the counter arguments on the Answers in Genesis web site to get a more balanced view of things. 2.Ok,more of a statement than a question. 3.Ok,more of a statement than a question.
  4. God says that there will be those that will see spiritual truths and those that won’t because they have no genuine interest in them.Only God reveals true things to those he chooses.Man makes up his own truth.
  5. It is an instruction from God to be still.If your experience mind movement then this is not a still mind.
  6. @Gnosis @Gnosis @Prevailer God says...Be still and know that I am GOD.... Drifting is a problem...yes... because it is tiring having to consciously move your awareness state to Manual all the time.
  7. @Prevailer God says...Be still and know that I am GOD....
  8. @Gnosis @Gnosis How do you know? The mind needs to be stilled or else you drift constantly backwards and forwards from autopilot to manual.
  9. @Serotoninluv the you (Soul) experiences the differing consciousness states.You are not God...why would you want that responsibly?
  10. @Prevailer He just is ...He is the I AM
  11. @Prevailer Yes Im as sure as God allows me to comprehend it.I think I would have more trouble with the thought that he wasn’t.
  12. @Serotoninluv My experience tells me that YOU experience either autopilot or manual.Autopilot and manual are varying states of awareness that you drift into/out of.if you are in autopilot you can take yourself consciously in to manual.If you slip out of manual you will go back into autopilot.You need to notice this mind movement for yourself.The end goal is to stop this mind movement and come into the still consciousness state.I call this state....Neutral.
  13. @Nahm Nobody created God.He just is.This is difficult for us to comprehend.
  14. @Nahm God is infinite.Learning new things about him/yourself is exciting but can be hard going as well.We are all subject to good and bad things in life.God is looking for a sincere heart, he therefore tests you to see how genuine your trust in him is.This takes patience,perseverance;endurance.God hates hypocrisy and reveals nothing to anyone who is not sincere with him.He let’s them go there own way.Im only human I fail miserably sometimes.He is a faithful/forgiving/loving God though .....thank long as you own up to your failings.God is still great however, he only rebukes you in love like a parent would a child.God is not distant...God is near.
  15. @Serotoninluv You are.Bring yourself into the moment and try to stay there .You will fail miserably to do this .You will slip back into the autopilot state the moment you take your eye off the ball.You will bring yourself back into the moment consciously and you will slip back again.Don’t force this process just be aware of what you are trying to do.At least then you will have become aware of what you are trying to do.The more you practice the more you are training the 2 off biological computers to assist you in this process.Dont force anything though.Take your time and in parallel learn other things like becoming more consciously aware of your body.Think of your body as separate from the real a pair of overalls that you need to put on/wear.This will help you to tune back into your five senses.