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  1. does it counts as achieving enlightment when one has dealt with all past trauma and resolved most bad habits, comortably managing few remaining whilst having life all together, making sense, having purpose, is very enjoyable and all new/bad experience can be solved with small or moderate effort as well as plenty of new fields to improve in so that life does not get boring?
  2. i'm very thankful as happy i am to take part =] in my gratitude i suggest to add small icon/arow that shoots one directly back to top of the page,for easy access to menu's or just rereading first messages of a long and developed topic. it is small convienence, but it's bebefits should not be reduced =] it's strategic layout should be in bottom right corner, very handy thing indeed.
  3. carl jung was all about how dreams are the key to understanding the unconsciouss and consciouss mind along ways to improve our general well-being along the way of treating life in more sane way. sorry for lazy reply, i am in no mood to type long message now, but it is just a small footnote if you want to do any meaningful research on your own.
  4. all this enlightment, spiritual work, and how meditation moves one closer to god/higher self/being/existance/whatever..... all of it sounds very appealing and nice, profound at times, but the goal is just to be in tune with oneself.... as such, one should resolve any and all childhood traumas, then move to bad habbits and only then or at least after resolving at least half of bad habbits, start thinking about these wonderul and very seducing concepts of growing and actualizing oneself. i came to this conclusion the hard way and simply state my viewpoint, i did not intend to pass judgements or insult anyone. also, as i see it, people[some/most, but not all] misunderstand or misinterpret Leo's vids. they are really becoming useful only after one has resolved basic issues i mentioned or at least childhood trauma, from that point on one can see any real meaning from what he is saying and even then, if one does all this actualization as he intended, people would only come here to agree and fistbump with him, instead of being seduced by his jesusness and asking for salvation left and right. i have given advice and learned a lot from people here, i mean no disrespect and apologise if any taken.
  5. drawing from this, i can only guess that there is not enough knowledge/understanding on which food does what for one's body and how much of it is balanced agains weight and overall health. understanding and learning about that should help. also understanding how body and it's internal systems works is good way to improve general understanding =]
  6. understanding how mind and ego works to protect/preserve itself and how it affects my induidual life is of concern. and through this process of reflecting, diving deep and facing myself i just try to move myself forward. so far i can tell that my way of doing things have worked for me, i am making solid improvements over time. all of this is not instant and few good internet conversations won't instantly propel me miles ahead, the speed of this entire process is to each his/her own and should be respected. being vigilant, even to one's own mind is healthy, complete mistrust, however is not. talking to you is nice, i get to see other opinions and viewpoints, but your messages in contrast to mine are more like a philosophy debate rather than exchange of life experience as feedback for my own process. in that regard i appreciate it, but from practical side of things or just my current mood, i don't want to engage in deep thinking and holding high some deep philosophical ideals. as for crediting myself of my good advice, my ego loves helping/giving out advice, this forums is feeding grounds for it, but i don't focus on my ego and it's indulgence, i am just happy with understanding that even if purely out of selfish reasons i am giving out all this advice, it will help others either my ego gains, or not. people will derive useful points from my text and make what they want out of it,regardless of my ego. take away what you will, but please, don't draw me in a philosophical debate =]
  7. over they years i have heard other people's and discovered my own quotes of great value for my everpresent life and dealings with it, but one quote has remained very sharp and clear with me, guess it is only one that made most sense and was of value. i dunno who was the person that was noted for it. but it goes something like this: ''when wind blows in your sails, take the chance and explore the world, when wind does not blow, take the opportunity and clean your ship'' it resonates with me as strongly now as it did back then when i came across upon it =]
  8. there is no need to take upon someone else as personal jesus the saviour, by doing so one only addapts dependency of such person and falls further into helplessness. watch gurus and what they say on internet for free, consider what your friends say about you and put it all in combined perspective. then make your own decision what you need to change and do for your growth. you are growing and developing yourself for yourself. advice and motivation are just guideposts and encouragement for your own journey, they help to balance your posture, from that point onwards you should walkyour own way =] pay nothing to no-one and accept no opinion more important than your own. grow some integrity and life will be fun!
  9. i am not a great thinker, i rely on my gut feeling more and it proves practial and more true way of doing things. trusting one's mind only leads to fear and all the dark pathways of the labyrinth, i now am quite aware how my mind lies to me and tries to have it's way, so i feel safer to travel my own road now. all in all thx for your input, the point on becoming too loose in empty spce was of vlaue to me =] be seeing your around~
  10. to me it sounds as wish to run marathon with broken and unattended leg. by that i mean that unresolved personal trauma or something other that keeps you from doing what you want in the right way. face yourself, your shadow self, your darkness, deep self, or whatever people call it, just the repressed part of you, face it and resolve your hidden/exiled traume/issues and then ater accepting them, slowly move on and as you do motivation and will to do more will come naturally.
  11. when it comes not from ego, it comes from unresolved trauma or actual kindness off heart =]
  12. heh, thx for nudge. i am working on it and am not avoiding it, i embrace new experiences like that, even with shaky legs. with every new one i gain more and also every single one is reinforcing the need/want to do more as i can see improvements in myself from each one =] i don't even need to be in center of attention or be very smart or likeable, i just need to make common ground and open space for further process =]
  13. downloading andabsorbing this tool won't fix harsh reality of dating and interacting with girls, that's for sure. i'm no girl expert by far, but i have realised that if i grow my personal integrity, my charisma will grow also and if can then i identify it and trust it somehow, i will in result attract more girls, if not all or most, then certainly ones that find this my charisma attractive and work my way from there =] as for improving yourself based on this principle, look at this vid, i have not seen it myself, but the vid for my type was very informative.
  14. you simply wish to enjoy life, to be alive and have some meaning and value in life, empty degeneration was ok because you were not alone, but you wisened up and realised that way for you to grow is to cut off bad influence. now you are alone in your circle and that why it hurts or feels empty. but you have to move on, focus on small improvements that you can now make due to time you have free. new people will emerge either way, but if you move on/ improve yourself you will also attract better people, if you stay down and negative you will attract bad people again or slide back to old drinking mates and old sense of misery. i only can congratulate you on your self-integrity of doing what is right for yourself. have will to proceed and move on, little by little every day and over time progress will suprise you. if you push on bettering yourself, better you will attract better people =] life in latvia is not easy, but you can do it brah! have the courage to push against the norm of weak willed people around you, emerge victorious!
  15. i like tools and information of this sort, it is useful and can be applied practically. it should not become a personal bible of any sorts. for me, knowing about my and few of my closest friend's type is enough, it gives some good points to draw from, but completely identifying with it and over-personalising it is not healthy for overal growth and long-term growth. they are just extra insight into personal dealings with others. reason for not overdoing it is simple, it becomes excuse for passing judgement on others and justifying one's own arguments avoiding to be open to overarching/greater picture. toy with it,but don't let it cloud your vision.