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  1. Not to mention, all Bernie will do for you if you don't have gigantic medical debt or are going to college is raise your taxes further.
  2. Bernie has an absurd darwinian immigration policy where academic knowledge will allow you to stay in the US while not having "academic knowledge useful to us especially in STEM" will make it harder for you to enter the US, so he will keep Trump's policy with the outrageous stuff cut. Also medicare for all and other stuff wouldn't pass. (needless to say the secret society will also limit him) And Pete would have largely the same policies as Trump. Trump will CRUSH the upcoming election very easily unless the secret society wants otherwise, and they could be doing so, currently the candidate I'd bet on is absolutely Pete.
  3. A normal person with no connections will not have access to psychedelics at all.
  4. PUA won't work.
  5. The fact that he makes people pay for the book list says something.
  6. Having a good personality or social skills won't do it, successful men were born different from you and have genetic traits that make them more attractive, rapists and abusers succeed with women while you aren't - why? Because the above is true. There are other good videos from his channel and statistics showing you it's genetics that attract women and not body language or whatever. Standards are also getting higher, young men have never been having less sex than now. As Jordan Peterson points out: the current sexual system leads to men who aren't chads having a lot less sex while chads have all the options and women are only willing to be with a chad and it turns the top men into sociopaths while ruining the women's ability to pair bond.
  7. Nope, too advanced for this crab bucket forum.
  8. This, the ego isn't someone stealing money and then you being egoless because you don't do this or bullshit along these lines, don't buy into flatland thinking about what being egoless is.
  9. Leo would enslave your family. Anyone limiting themselves to bullshit like Sadghuru did will be confined and limited but could be useful for noobs. A teacher who is wanting money, subscribers etc. is failing.