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  1. "the video game industries are mostly devil right now", what do you mean by that exactly? How so?
  2. Video games are awesome and never let any plainly ignorant person tell you otherwise. Obviously they are fun to interact with but on a deeper level they employ every artistic discipline currently conceivable by man, generate shitloads of money and jobs (the video game industry has effectively eliminated the "starving artist", if you're a starving artist apply for a job at video game development team), inspire a great deal of passion in the creators and players, and most amazing of all if you have a halfway decent computer you can make your own for free and make millions of dollars: https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/faq "This license is free to use and incurs 5% royalties when you monetize your game or other interactive off-the-shelf product and your lifetime gross revenues from that product exceed $1,000,000 USD."
  3. the tl;dr is that Hunter Biden is a drug fiend that used his connections to Daddy to get access to money and drugs. Precisely what the U.S democrats have been accusing Trump of for years. This is some Wile E. Coyote shit lol
  4. I think you have failed to articulate your point effectively, Nahm. And by that I mean I don't know what the fuck you are rambling about.
  5. neat As a wise modern sage has often said, "it's entirely possible" thanks for the positive thoughts bro
  6. I can't deal with any person/system that attempts to be dominant/authoritarian towards me. Obviously this is a huge problem because our entire society is built on a hierarchical pyramid structure (a lie agreed upon). I am not talking about being a hardened criminal (although I'm sure people like that feel the same way I do, just to a larger degree), but basically any control system - school, work, social groups, family, government,, military, the financial/economic system, even the fact that if you want to live in a city you have to listen to noisy ass traffic and inhale pollution. I could go on. I can't fucking stand this shit! It's so offensive and wrong!
  7. Do you ever get worried that you may be misleading people and sending them down a path that they are not equipped to deal with? In text that sounds very accusatory, but that is not my intention. As you are probably well-aware this "self-actualization" road is pretty rough. How do you feel about people that have not benefited, but suffered, from your teachings?
  8. Fun thread. Skyrim: Every faction is full of douchebags, good example of idealism and dogma leading to idiocy. EVO: Search For Eden: Pretty obscure SNES game where you start off as a fish and evolve into other creatures as the game progresses. Really underrated. FF7: Basic moral of the entire story is that you're a dumbass if you think you can abuse the shit out of mother earth and get away with it. The Sims: Modernity is tedious and boring. Also humans will always torture those they perceive as weaker than them if given the opportunity. Ace Attorney series: Teaches that deception is pointless and self-defeating. Just off the top of my head. Video games are great!
  9. Does anyone who posts here have any thoughts/experiences with AA? I've had some issues with abusing alcohol over the years and have recently (about 2 weeks ago) started attending AA meetings again after not attending for about 2 years. In general I feel better but it's a process that creates a lot of inner conflict for me, and I'm reminded of why I left 2 years ago. The atmosphere and culture of AA is very unusual, there is a definite reason why many say it is 'cult-like" I also am conflicted about the commitment of not drinking ever again as I do enjoy it a great deal, it just seems like I am a textbook spree drinker that has great difficulty stopping once he starts. Love to hear anyone's thoughts on AA.
  10. Leo, why have you never touched upon the subject of Gnosticism and the Demiurge in your videos? Personally I find the Gnosis worldview to be quite disturbing. Yet it is conspicuous that you have never ever brought it up in your videos. It's a hurdle most will have to cross on the path, right?
  11. https://www.dmt-nexus.me/forum/default.aspx?g=posts&t=62070 It's a long read, but a very worthwhile one IMO. I often feel that many psychonauts focus too much on the positive aspects of their experience while downplaying the dangers.
  12. are you really serious with this shit man? Fucking hell.
  13. Leo's actualized.org teachings didn't fly well with your therapist? Why am I not surprised...
  14. I'm not a troll, I was probably just being a bit blunt for my very first post on the forum. More what I meant was like when Leo talks about theory vs practice, many people become contented with absorbing new information and are satisfied with the dopamine hit, there are a lot of people that use personal development material as their source of entertainment rather than as a tool (a step-up from other stuff for sure though). Didn't mean to come off as combative or "troll-ish".