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  1. Nobody, especially me, has said so far that this is an expose of "for what it really is". What I'm saying is that this is an exposure of emotional abuse on the forum disguised as "helping". I'm not interested in exposing something for what it is, I'm telling you in no uncertain terms that you, and others, are bullying and harassing people by calling put projections and attempting to assert that you have the truth of the matter, despite providing absolutely no evidence as to how someone is engaging in self deception. If you want to debate with people here you can do that by exposing their contradictions in order to provide a good discourse. That indeed is educational. But to use fancy terms that you clearly don't fully understand or are qualified to use is abusing the person and abusing therapeutic tools. There is no need to personally target a person for using projection. There may be a need to raise awareness of what projection is and it's appropriate tool to manage / resolve it, which is therapy, NOT online discussion.
  2. Ok. If this is not instead of therapy then please refrain from using psychoanalytic terms, and instead leave it for the professionals. You have been warned. I suggest you research this and get a clear view of What is going on in the self help / online forum community and how you can be held responsible for damaging peoples emotional health. This is real, I just think you're unaware of what you're doing, both legally and certainly ethically. You have no business gaslighting people into accepting your version of the truth by suggesting that how they make sense of experience is a projection. You're NOT in a position to assist in assimilating any projections or calling them out. If you want to behave ethically and legally then you're within your right to outline the concept of projection and recommend a therapist. You are not within your right to "work" with projections. Calling out projections in another is bullying and if it's done on a regular basis it's harassment. It's a veiled form of personal attack. There may a very good reason a person is projecting. It's actually part of healthy psychological development anyway. It's not your place to dismantle a person's ego in front of a forum . You have already been asked by the OP to drop it, but you still continue to play therapist. Please stop.
  3. Sorry, wrong. Despite your religious/ spiritual inclinations, you and your behaviour still exist in a context. And the context is that society is now deeming tbis behaviour emotional abuse. Pretend all you like that you have transcended it, but just remember this when you are in court for sending someone to suicide. Because we now know that this website has indeed forced at least one person to try to take their lives.
  4. This is not a threat. It's me letting you know that I WILL wistleblow illegal behaviour. If you ban me then it will more than likely be taken as negligence and Leo will be prosecuted and the website closed down. You're being warned here. This is not a threat. It's for the welfare of the people here. Leo's disclaimers mean nothing. This is the first step in a process of exposing this website. Ignore this exposure and you will have to face legal consequences. I'm screenshooting everything.
  5. Projection is not hard to understand intellectually. But you clearly dont havr any awareness of the processes that happen alongside it, such as introjection, projective identification, prepetrator introjects, transference, etx etc etc. Regardless, it's not your place to play therapist with people on the internet. Especially knowing that they are already in therapy. Projection are to be assimilated carefully in a private space with a truatable qualified therapist. This is not my personal interpretation, this is consensus ethical guidelines set by the scientific community. Please stop what you are doing this forum with regard to playing armchair therapist otherwise I will take steps to make sure you are stopped. What you are doing is emotional abuse, this can be dealt with by any solicitor where a person can show that they have been harmed by these teachings. If you are not already aware, please be informed that there are already a growing number of people collecting evidence against online forums and the abuse that takes place on them. Please educate yourself.
  6. You should only water fast while supervised by a qualified medical professional. Once per week like you are doing is fine, anything more than that then you're playing with fire. Be careful about taking advice straight from people on the internet, you don't know who the hell they are. What if their entire existence was based on indctinating themselves with yourtube nonsense because they aren't actually emotionally whole or spiritually advanced enough to actually go live their lives? Forums are the perfect place to feel superior and offload the ideas they have spent so long studying. Why? Because nobody else would listen to them otherwise. See my post on the frutarian who died dry fasting. It will hopefully open your eyes.
  7. This is ridiculous. I think people ought to be taking your advice cautiously. I would like to see what a real psychologist would have to say about this idea. You're essentially suggesting that maximus parent was not narcissistic. But then you contradict yourself by suggesting he get help in the form of therapy. Well, therapy is about understanding how one was treated as a child, and learning to break that cycle. Its not helpful to suggest that a child created their own misery by having needs. You should be aware that maximus is speaking from his inner child. Beige to purple. What you're doing is invalidating him. All he has to do is own his feelings rather than speak about them. But the advice you give him is going to cause further estrangement from the feelings. Don't dabble in things you don't understand. Totally irresponsible and twisted
  8. This is bullying. Be careful about throwing words around like "projection". This is a psychoanalytic term to describe a process that is way beyond your comprehension. These concepts should be only used by properly trained therapists who are working with clients. You already know this contributer is involved in long term therapy, so you're behaving unethically when you try to play psychoanalyst with people who you know are already in therapy. You should know better.
  9. That's the problem with forums. They all have their fair share of people who can't help anyone, but still feel a need to voice their opinion, no matter how damaging that might be to another. To sort the wheat from the chaff just look at their posting history for posts where they are asking for help and if you see that they have been asking for help then ignore them, because they obviously haven't dealt with their problems
  10. Nonsense. One glass of raw milk per day is not going to give you oseteoperosis. Think about the studies done showing a correlation between oseteoperosis and dairy intake and you will find they are full of confounding variables. Beware of diet propaganda. Conventional pasteurised and homogenized dairy might not be healthy, you're right about that, but there are no studies done on raw milk consumers. Think about that for a while and you will see how this data can be manipulated to get the gullible to follow a strictly vegan diet. Second, if you eat some fruit and vegetables as part of your diet there is no need to worry about acidic foods being neutralized by the minerals in the bones. Humans have been drinking raw ruminants milk for thousands of years. No need to fix something that ain't broke
  11. A Florida couple who told police that they fed their children only raw fruits and vegetables was charged on Wednesday in the starvation death of their 18-month-old son, authorities said. Ryan Patrick O'Leary, 30, and Sheila O'Leary, 35, of Cape Coral, were indicted by a grand jury on charges of first-degree murder, aggravated child abuse, aggravated manslaughter, child abuse, and two counts of child neglect, State Attorney Amira Fox said at a press conference Wednesday. The O'Learys called police on Sept. 27 when they noticed that their toddler had gone cold, and despite their attempts to resuscitate the child, he was pronounced dead when paramedics arrived at their home, according to Fort Myers News-Press Cape Coral police said that early on in the investigation it was apparent the boy was a victim of neglect. The 18-month-old only weighed 17 pounds, according to a Cape Coral police report obtained by The Associated Press, which is about the amount a 7-month-old should weigh. The couple told police they were vegan and fed their children only raw fruits and vegetables. "The evidence in this case is horrendous," Fox said, who accused the parents of "torture" at the presser and said the child died due to "starvation and extreme lack of care." The couple's three other children, ages 3, 5, and 11, were also victims of child abuse and extreme neglect, authorities said. The 3- and 5-year-olds are now in state custody, and the 11-year-old is in the care of her biological father, according to NBC Fort Myers affiliate WBBH. In November, the parents were charged with aggravated manslaughter, but the charges were upgraded after the grand jury indictment. They will be arraigned on Monday, Dec. 23, and WBBH reports they could face the death penalty. If anyone claims that the vegan diet is a species specific diet then show them this article, because they are clearly deluded.
  12. This is a strawman. Not even a deliberate one, just an unconscious misrepresentation of what I said born of the fact that you don't listen to what's being said.
  13. It's very difficult to have a discussion with you if you don't even listen to what's being said. There is a difference between playing the victim (victim mentality) and true healthy expression of being victimised by a situation or abuse. You still fail to recognise where I'm coming from.
  14. You're attacking your own characteristics. You have a problem with belief, yet you are posting your beliefs and opinions on this forum every day. This is a double bind and a clear indication that you are repressing the ego rather than transcending and including it.
  15. Yes I can and yes there is. You're contradicting yourself. By your own logic who you are you to call something dysfunctional? By saying something is dysfunctional you're also saying it's unhealthy. If you were intellectually honest you would have not even said such a thing. No you don't, you only think that because you obviously have no experience of what it's like to have helped a person move from victim mentality to a healthy translation of their feelings. You're making assumptions based on you yourself being a victim and wondering why nobody gave you a pass for your behaviour. To empathize with a set of destructive behaviours is called enabling. The other term for it is called "idiot compassion". Idiot compassion makes the ego feel superior because it can keep itself locked into a co-dependent relationship with other unhealthy individuals. Something may indeed feel more healthy than others. But the two examples you gave are both healthy behaviours. Playing the victim is not a healthy behaviour, and if it's interpreted as a healthy behaviour then that person needs assistance in being able to translate their experience more accurately.