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  1. How long have you been into this? Because anyone is free to check your posting history to see how far back you first mentioned this stuff. I'm pretty sure it's only been a few months
  2. It can't be proven. Some people have nothing going on in their lives except to watch YouTube all day and then irresponsibility try to convert others to their nonsensical religious beliefs and put other people in danger for absolutely no reason other than to become "more spiritual" (whatever that means).
  3. As I expected. When push comes to shove you have nothing except a belief system
  4. So, what about Lockhart? I guess he was still a "materialist" and didn't understand how the body really worked despite his 40 -45 year involvement with the raw vegan community? How long have you been a bretharian? Bloody years by the sound of it. You sound like you got it all figured out now. You make out like Lockhart was an amateur and that he just didn't have access to the YouTube channels that you have access to I mean, with all your years of personal experience in the matter, I have no doubt you're acting ethically when you're trying to convert everyone to your transcendental knowledge! I mean, you talk about beliefs, but your whole belief system seems to be an inchoherent convoluted mish mash of contradictory YouTube videos and actualized. Org teachings Oh I forgot, your only direct experience so far is that you burn less when you don't eat KFC. Whoopdi do!
  5. I'm more than happy to change or expand my perspective. But what I won't do is be coerced into letting any old Tom dick or harry indesriminately pour their own particular flavour of irrational nut brown piss into my earhole I'm an adult and I take responsibility for my own development rather than handing over my mind to random people on the interne who cannot even present an argument but are more interested in getting me to drop my guard so that brainwashing can commence. Nope. You said there are no objective facts. If there is no objective quadrant then there is no cancer. So what is your position? Either you're a upper left reductionist who says everything is perspective and there are no facts, or you are an integral thinker who anknowledges that there are indeed facts and one of those facts is a disease called cancer. If cancer was not an objective fact then why bother defending Morse and his method for healing the objective reality of the physical body? Again you contradict yourself. You say you're the one who knows what is important while criticizing me for asserting what's important. So you're attacking your own characteristics. The difference between you and me is I present an argument, and you make baseless statements with the view to control other people's thinking. Yes and this is my reality. Not yours. And you desperately want your reality to be my reality, dont you? That's why you try to gaslight instead of presenting an actual coherent argument and then stepping away and letting others make up their own minds. So please present it and let us see if it can be integrated.
  6. @wesyasz it's a big change, your brain is doing a lot of things to adjust. Seeing this all as an inevitable part of being human will give you depth.
  7. Yes there absolutely is objective fact. You're contradicting yourself again. If there is no such a thing as objective fact then your arguments for Dr. Morse healing cancer is null and void. If there are no objective facts, then there is no cancer. There is no lymphatic system and there is no kidney filtration. There is no need for fruit and no need for herbs. So trying to argue in defence of Morse and his quackery while saying that there are no objective facts is absurd. The objective fact of the matter is that "cosmic love" feelings that people on a fast experience is just parasympathetic mode where the body can do deep repairs . Therefore the reality is that it's beneficial to enter into parasympathetic mode occassoionally to fix a problem, not to stay there . Which exposes bretharianism for the unessessary, pre-scientific, pre-ratonal blue stage woo woo that it truly is
  8. I didn't come up with this model. This model of the quadrants is a map of your own perspective. And to be able to cross reference all four quadrants into a whole is what it means to be a second tier thinker. If you don't include objective scientific fact then you are only operating from a pre scientific belief system. It's not me calling the guy a charlatan, it's you also calling him a charlatan, because he clearly is not a turquoise if he misinterprets parasympathetic with "cosmic love".
  9. This is a strawman. Not even a deliberate one, just an unconscious misrepresentation of what I said born of the fact that you don't listen to what's being said.
  10. It's very difficult to have a discussion with you if you don't even listen to what's being said. There is a difference between playing the victim (victim mentality) and true healthy expression of being victimised by a situation or abuse. You still fail to recognise where I'm coming from.
  11. You're attacking your own characteristics. You have a problem with belief, yet you are posting your beliefs and opinions on this forum every day. This is a double bind and a clear indication that you are repressing the ego rather than transcending and including it.
  12. Yes I can and yes there is. You're contradicting yourself. By your own logic who you are you to call something dysfunctional? By saying something is dysfunctional you're also saying it's unhealthy. If you were intellectually honest you would have not even said such a thing. No you don't, you only think that because you obviously have no experience of what it's like to have helped a person move from victim mentality to a healthy translation of their feelings. You're making assumptions based on you yourself being a victim and wondering why nobody gave you a pass for your behaviour. To empathize with a set of destructive behaviours is called enabling. The other term for it is called "idiot compassion". Idiot compassion makes the ego feel superior because it can keep itself locked into a co-dependent relationship with other unhealthy individuals. Something may indeed feel more healthy than others. But the two examples you gave are both healthy behaviours. Playing the victim is not a healthy behaviour, and if it's interpreted as a healthy behaviour then that person needs assistance in being able to translate their experience more accurately.
  13. Talking about what is healthy and what isn't is not subjective from person to person. Just in the same way heart disease is not subjective. You have no idea what you're talking about and are just parroting things you have heard. If you dont respond to personal attacks, then surely that's a very obvious and overt indication that you really don't believe what you are saying when you say that everything is subjective. If everything is subjective then you wouldnt feel personally attacked.
  14. @Parththakkar12 Even an enlightened person who's permanent experience is non dual awareness will still see the ego in another and try to help them. Your idea of non duality is purley conceptual and distorted. It's just a philosophy for you at this point.
  15. No it's not an assumption that playing the victim is unhealthy. What you're saying right here is unhealthy and self deceptive. Everyone knows on an intuitive and insitinctive level that playing the victim is not healthy. The same way that everyone knows that putting your hand in a hot flame is not sensible. Being stuck in a victim mentality is not an ok life, and this is incredibly irresponsible of you to suggest this. What you are doing is called spiritual bypassing. It's obvious to me that you haven't lived much..In order to actually have a meaningful discussion about these things you need to have experienced suffering in yourself and others. Rather than intellectualizing, it would be better if you got some real life experience. You just disclose that you know very litte about life yet. You really think that trying to help someone who has come into a forum to be helped is an "attack"? Maybe it's time for you to move out of mummy's basement and start interacting with real people?