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  1. Why are men seemingly always obsessing “reaching their peak” or “actualizing their potential” before a certain age? Life doesn’t circle around you and you obsessions, you know ;)? Sometimes it takes a longer time than being in your twenties or thirties before you find your “thing”. And even then, life is a cyclical thing. You are doing one thing for one time, then another time you do something else. People study, then get their first ‘real’ jobs, get married, get laid ofF or fired, get divorced or a spouse dies. Life is a constant change. Learn to work with life (instead of trying to control it), learn patience, cultivate humor and an ability to handle uncertainty and then you are able thrive in any external circumstances. Learning that message took me a decade and I am much happier now than ever in my twenties. I have had many ‘peaks’ and many valleys in my journey but learning to adapt to circumstances and finding spirituality has made me happier in both times. Leo made excellent Video on topic, helped me a lot a while ago. Hopefully it does same to you
  2. In the video Leo claims that the two possible scenarios for the future of the universe (Big Crunch vs Heat death) leads to exactly same conclusion. How is that? If universe keeps inflating until there is no energy differences left, how come it will be the same fate that with Big Crunch, which usually is thought to lead to cyclic universes. If entropy is going to be the same across all universe where will the extra energy for the crunch come from? I do understand the idea that the radius of zero universe is the same that the universe of infinite size but in my understanding Big Crunch leads to cycling time-universe while heath death should be the final (?) fate of the material universe.
  3. I think it is impossible to be 100% fearless in this life and trying to be so would make you a mental robot. I believe we are here to experience what is like to be a human: what’s like to live, hate and be to anxious etc. i you want to be less anxious, the best way is to accept the possibility of failure but do in everything in your power to make success possible.
  4. -Ajahn Brahm -Swami Sarvapriyananda -Leo -Alan Watts -Rubert Spira
  5. Thank you for posting this! Wise teaching and beautiful graphics
  6. I listened maybe 3/4 of the podcast. I agree that Dawkins has a very stagnant world view and can be annoyingly one-dimensional in his thinking (spiritual/religious person = deluded, prone to be a terrorist, not able to handle science or any kind of rational thinking materialist = mature and modern person, can be allowed to be a scientist/science teacher). He had an interesting thought about similar religions being the most hostile towards each other. That seems to be true at least regarding monotheistic religions. I wonder would same apply to Hinduism vs. Buddhism?
  7. @Radical why are Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss “cookie cutter clones”?
  8. -Learning to meditate -Self reflection skills -Curiosity -Honesty -Trust to the higher power
  9. @OBEler @Aquarius May I ask why do you want to train your body to survive with only 3 hours sleep each night?
  10. Ted-talk regarding forgiveness(woman on how to forgive a person who killed her brother and mother)
  11. @Shroomdoctor: I have been in your situation, jobless and feeling useless. Since you asked for tips, following helped me: -Try to get at least 7-9 hours sleep. It is hard to see things clearly when you sleepdeprivated. -Why do you think you need to wake up at 5 am. Why not actually sleep until 7-9 am if you then have gotten enough sleep? - Do you feel you would have energy to go out for walk/gym/swimming at least 3-5 times a week? Walking helped me to clear my head. - If you can, eat versatively and enough. Good nutrition & full stomach helps you to see things in perspective. -Do you have someone to talk with? You are undergoing a minor life-change and a change to talk with a trusted friend/counselor/priest/family member might be useful. Remember that being without a job is something that a majority of people goes through during their life, so people do understand the feelings and stresses these circumstances cause. -Now would be a good time to think about studying something new: are you interested in music, learn to program or learning a new language. My brain at least needs something to work with daily or I start to have anxiety/depression issues Overall losing my job was a big blow to me but in the end it lead me here ?. I am currently studying for new kind of career and in hindsight this was probably something I needed to go through to grow as a human being. Still it wasn’t fun but you will get through it. If live really is like a live simulator, this all is meant for you to grow with experience. Nothing lasts forever and there is light at the end of the tunnel.