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  1. yea i use to think that too. But I realized in order to actualize my highest self, I need unshakeable clarity. I really didnt make this post to argue the elementary points of its bennifits. I more so made this as a warning for people using it regularly and are becomming out of touch with their intention.
  2. Ok, So I know what your thinking; "Here we go again, another one of these guys trying to demonize the sacred herb". But hang on a second because if you have been using this herb to further your spiritual understanding, you could just be being taken advantage of by spirits just like I was.For about 2 years, I have used the ganja to expand my perception beyond my minds conditioning; and let me just say this: anything that use to work for you will eventually work against you. Im a 21 year old telling u this. Not an old boomer. On the surface, the experiences that I had with weed were profound. I was able to tap into non dual awareness many times by using it. I was also able to connect with myself and the nature around me a lot more than in my sobriety. It really felt like a cheat code for spiritual awareness. I would smoke out of my pipe and contemplate reality from a completely unattatched perspective. I would read books and penetrate to deeper levels of understanding through the enhancement of the highs. I would do yoga high and really feel in flow with my practice. As my spiritual understanding grew and my metaphysical convinctions became more appearant, I also started to notice changes in me that I did not like at all. Because of weeds dissociative properties, I felt really out of tune with myself. I began to have dreams telling me to stop using it. I even had a dmt trip- a break through dose, and before I did it I had the intentions of wanting to be shown exactly what I needed to see about reality. You know where that DMT trip took me? Right to sobriety! Still for the longest, I ignored my intuition and swept it all under the rug. I mean hell, why would I stop if I am gaining so much from these "spiritual"experiences? So I went on and kept smoking and smoking, telling myself it was for the sake of "spirituality", but eventually, It just became an addiction. I would be high all the time. In retrospect this really set me back in every area of my life. I became so dissociated tnat my relationships with my friends and family became astrange. I felt like it was so hard to be myself around others; despite me being a naturally charasmatic person. I started to feel disempowered and weak. People could tell too. My masculinity became super passive and repressed, my sex drive was low; I started becoming something I was not. Still I kept smoking with the veil of spiritual insight. I mean fuck if the rastafari use it, why cant I?! What made me stop was taking a gooooood long look at what I have accomplished in the past two years. Quite frankly, I havent accomplished anything in the past two years that I could say in my sobriety that I am super proud of. Before weed, my mind was in a box, but at least I had self respect. I recently stoped and renounced all usage of it. Still wana smoke? Let me explain more. For one, I am pretty much a genious (who cant spell at all) and I dont care if I sound like ego man.But on weed, I fel dummer than a cup of sand. I struggled to short term memory was litterally gone. I would be speaking about something hella profound in front of lots of people and my mind would litteraly just go blank in the middle. of me talking I started becoming extremely confused about myself. I had all potential and no clarity. I started becoming depressed and life started to feel harder than it needed to be. I also couldnt get as much oxygen to my brain. The smoke would get into my nasal cavities and block me from being able to use parts of my face and brain. I got frequent headaches and my diet was super unbalanced due to the hunger cravings. I would eat shit just because I was high and it was around. My addiction turned me into the exact thing I was trying to avoid becoming. I am sharing all of this for those who were like me. If you want to reach the highest levels of cultivation, you wont make it on drugs. Psychedelics are cool tools to use, but be extremely intentional about the usage. Dont kid yourself when it comes to these things. You could really delude yourself into thinking your healing yourself when your doing the exact opposite. When you try to cling on to good experiences, you will end up creating a bunch of bad ones! Dont let weed or any substance dull your intentions. Right now, young people everywhere are under the impression that substances are the remedy. We have to show them the power of clarity and the sharpness of sobriety. We are all connected, so if you have been abusing substances, not only are you hurting yourself, but you are hurting those around you. This will create more suffering for all of us. BE YOSELF ?✨ - Skate Shaman
  3. Not sure about poop. Never tried that lol but considering that poop is used for fertilizer it would make sense. Urin is different because its content is essentialy just filtered blood. I recomend you do some research if you want to understand it from that perspective better.
  4. You can litterally, raise your consciousness by drinking your urin ?. If you dont believe me, try it for yourself. Do the research. But dont get caught up in looking at the human body through the gross lense of orange materialism. There are rules to this consciousness game, but you have to understand the power of intention in order to take more control. This is simple alchemy!
  5. So I have seen that leo has been having health problems and I have been wondering if he has ever been exposed to the wonderful medicinal properties of urin therapy, otherwise known as Shivambu Kalpa. I have been doing this practice for 7 months now and my health is litteraly at a peak. My skin is glowing, my brain is functioning in so many new ways, and my digestive system is in its best condition its ever been. To me urin is the only medicine you need. There are tons of books on urin therapy. There are even scriptures in hindu holy books on the practice. Based on my experience here is the reason that it works: Since everything is consciousness, whatever you injest is essentially a ritual that reaffirms the intentions behind your consumption. "Your- in" (Urin) is a ritual of self love. It makes you confront and accept yourself through an act of consciousness. I could write all day about why it works and how it works, but I just really want to get people started on their own expirimentation! I put urin in my eyes, ears, on my skin and everywhere else. I have gone on urin therapy fasts and have healed like crazy from it, I have no idea why more people dont know about this. Our bodies are equipt with its own medicine. Propaganda and societal conditioning has made us seek outside of ourselves when the medicine is always inside. People have been doing this practice for thousands of years. See for yourself. I have done it for 7 months, Im even having my natural psychic abilities restored!! PS. its even more powerful when you age it!
  6. Its come to my understanding the importance of monitoring your bodily functions. Something so habitual such as breathing, seems to me to be very crucial to learn properly in order to sustain higher levels of awareness. Leo mentioned in one of his videos that he would do a separate video on how to properly breath, but I guess he couldn't get around to it. I was wondering if anyone had any other external sources on the matter. Please share any information that you have on breathing!
  7. Hello Friends! I’ve recently reached the point in my development where Im ready to take things to the next level. I realized that for my path, I am going to need to surround myself with those I want to learn from. I live in the dirty south here in the US, so finding a guru (or any self realized person) is virtually impossible. I dont want to keep doing things all on my own. I learn the best and fastest by having real world examples that I can model from. If you guys could list places in the US worth checking out for spiritual advancement it would really be helpful. Leo mentioned that he has been to a lot of retreats and workshops and I would not mind checking something like that out. I am also trying to avoid being swindled out of my money and waisting my time. I know that now a days, buisness are capitalizing of the stage green pseudo spiritual craze
  8. Hey Guys, I am a 20 year old male living in the bible belt. I moved around a lot as a kid, so I had the opportunity of being exposed to all types of people and experiences. I was raised in the church, and even attended private christian schools. I never bought into any of the indoctrination however. When I was about 12 I started moving into stage orange of the spiral dynamics. I would research all day and isolate myself from everyone. I even learned on my own how to make money online. I read lots of science books and this phase lasted until my first year of university. At this point of my life I identified myself as a skeptic and an agnostic . At one point even an atheist. Though, I still had a foot within truth. I knew that there was more. I initially started university as an astronomy and astrophysics major, on the prowl for actual truth. Eventually I realized that Neil degrassi Tyson and the academic world was not interested in truth, but models and concepts. I saw my colleagues getting lost into the orange world, slowly becoming more inhuman. Thankfully, I had many life experiences that taught me the value of being well rounded and open minded. This propelled me into stage green around age 18. I found Leo’s “What is spirituality” episode and ever since, I have expanded my perception vastly. What Leo said felt like what I had known in the back of my head the whole time. Since then, I have been fortunate enough to start customizing my spiritual path and even have a few non dual experiences. I have been doing self inquiry, meditation, psychedelics (whenever I can find a plug), reading books, watching videos, going to temples, and my favorite of all: smoking some marry jane and meditation. All these activities has shattered my previous paradigms. I can easily see through illusion (ofcourse not all). This also has isolated me further from everyone else; as I have a very low tolerance for bullshit. This distancing from others put me back on the track of trying to become a spiral wizard. When I first got into all of this, I was very dogmatic. But as I learned to open my heart and to truly understand, I became more neutral and eventually grounded. So to an extent, I feel like I have transended some versions of naive green thinking. Reality has made sure of that. I also can very clearly see the limitations of being in stage yellow. I have experienced existential love, and I have even learned to embrace and embody it in some ways! Dont get me wrong though, I still value having the mind of yellow! My question is, am I to young to be contemplating moving into turquoise? I genuinely feel like an old soul sometimes, so its very hard to honestly say that I align with the values of any of the other stages. However, I know it is very easy to mistake yourself with this model! I have bits and pieces from each stage. I expect more life experiences to help me understand and embody the nuances of the lessons that each stage teaches. I have self educated myself my entire life, so this has given me a much broader perspective than most people (atleast within the bible belt). I have even learned how to transcend language and go beyond concept! I dont know everything obviously and I expect life to kinker the dents within my essence. I ask this question because I feel especially ready to commit to the highest purpose, but with the gentleness of green and turquoise. Any advice would be much appreciated !
  9. As I go into this work, I realize the importance of having a loving household as you grow up. Unfortunately for many of us, we faced emotionally turbulent conditions in our childhood. This forum is about how divorce greatly affects your psyche to this day.