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  1. What do you mean? I’m not sure how many students are signing up… they said there are a handful of instructors, but anyone can spend as much time learning from Owen, or any other instructor as they like,
  2. Do you think it’s worth it to pay $4,000 to go to a 3 day live bootcamp in Miami with Owen Cook? Owen mentioned that he is going to stop offering his boot camps publicly, and will move on to teach general self improvement, which I know is a common marketing technique that can create the feeling of scarcity. At the same time, he’s been mentioning for months that he is transitioning out of the dating scene. Honestly, I doubt I would even do a bootcamp with anyone else, but I feel like Owen is among the best in the world at teaching the specific field of attraction. I just don’t want to be a sucker… I would appreciate any input. Happy new year.
  3. Whenever I am going out to meet women, I normally look for a girl that is by herself or with a small group because, 1) it feels like less pressure and 2) it feels like it would be less awkward for the girl. Say you see a girl you would really want to date, do you think it’s unethical to approach her in a big group or public situation? Do you think that you’re automatically putting her in an uncomfortable situation since everyone is watching? I guess it’s about being smooth to the point that it’s not awkward for anyone else to witness the approach.
  4. @vladorion @Carl-Richard that makes sense
  5. I'll be honest, I am trying to find a good question that would be valuable for the community here, which may not be as good of a strategy as having a good question come up organically, But I just thought I would post something! I don't think I fully understand what Karma is. I think I understand the relative nature of selfishness and morality. However, is Karma an effect of the Universe punishing a person because they were selfish, or is the person punishing themselves through the boundaries and limits that their own selfishness creates? Or is there more to Karma than that? By the way, I really enjoy the long videos. I've watched almost all of the youtube videos in their full length except for some really early ones, so I just want to say I'm a big fan, and I can feel big positive changes happening due to the impact of this channel.
  6. Hey there, I want to be a musician as well. I am 29 but it seems like you are further along on the process then I am. Congradulations on having 3,000 listerns on Spotify, that's pretty awesome! I've been playing drums with different artists since I was 17, but I am just now starting to put out my own music. So I dont think I'm necessarily I am in a position to give you advice, but I can share my own feelings. I actually think it would be dope to put out good quality music at an older age. The enternainment industry is always glorifying the youth, but if a musician isn't relying on "getting discovered" I dont see any real reason why someone's artistic career can't take off later in life. This isn't an excuse to be lazy about it, but I think it can be helpful for us to see that we can be patient. Hopefully that helps. I am not sucessful yet myself yet, so I'm not really talking from experience, but I still think patience balanced with ambition is the key. I'm inspired by you, good luck!
  7. Congratulations! that's great to hear. I find it very helpful to hear about how people overcome addictions. that's interesting that you didn't go away to focus on the healing, but it came over a long period of time. I am actually struggling with smoking pot. I've been using marijuana since I was 15 and I can tell that it gets in the way of my motivation but I don't feel I am ready to give it up, so anyways, I dont really have a question... I'm just thinking that I am happy that you were able to overcome that obstacle and thanks for sharing!
  8. I appreciate everyone's response. With me, I went through a phase of approaching women and hitting on women pretty often for a few years, I don't think I got that good at it lol, but I think that I grew from the experience. Then I went through a phase of like not trying to date, and when I did I would be super nice to the point of not real authenticity. So now I am finding the balance. By the way, I feel like the energy in life is changing in many ways for the better. And I am really excited to get more into music and creativity and just making it happen. ☮️ ?
  9. Thanks for your replies, it was insightful to read them. Some of these tweaks I think will really help to be more conscious of. I think in general, Im realizing more and more how assertiveness, competitiveness, and conviction are important traits in life. Yeah I think making the distinction between cockiness and actually being harmful is important for me. I guess I just developed like a nice guy persona to some extent. That makes sense. It's not that I don't have any experience with women, but over the years, this is one thing I never really realized until now. I pretty much always am positive . I guess its more manipulative than if I were just being authentically negative at times. Definitely, I can work on that.
  10. hmm, its funny, I was thinking about deleting this comment but your responses are quite helpful and I'm not even British. I appreciate that. definitely @The0Self yeah that makes sense, its perhaps the feeling that I'm not being authentic.... I think I have some stage blue hang ups still that someone out there is judging me or watching how I behave, and I don't want to have bad karma of some kind, but at the same time, I do authentically feel that I just don't want to hurt people's feelings. Perhaps I pull between different levels of morality... (maybe I have aspects stage blue and stage green morality) I think the fact that last year I moved out of my parents house and all that helped too lol.
  11. Im a 29 year old guy. I think that the way I act is too nice and women are not attracted to it. But I don't want to flirt in a way that is negative and manipulative, but it seems like that is what attracts women. I think the answer is to focus on my vision, and adopt more of a masculine stage green/yellow attitude (even if I am not yet at stage yellow) and be myself and focus on my music and vision and things will work out. I am aware that calling myself kind is likely to be an illusion to some degree, but I still think that I am naturally kind, and I can use it as a strength, but it's hard. I feel that I have developed a shadow out of stage red... and I still have a lot of uneasiness about natural dominance and more foundational/primitive levels of sexuality. I think this anxiety makes it hard for me to concentrate and adds to my distraction, as well as issues in my dating life. I don't think I am naive, and I am able to flirt and have confidence, but it's hard for me to be dominant, authentic, and kind. I guess it just takes more practice... I think part of the problem is that I have been judgmental towards guys that act like assholes, without adopting the healthy aspects of and leaving the unhealthy aspects of stage orange sexuality. Does anyone have any advice for these types of feelings? I am practicing dropping my old ideologies and realizing that kindness with expectations isn't really kindness, and I understand that women are attracted to dominant men and that is natural, but do you feel that if I focus on my future and become more competitive in business that things will work out, or is that just putting a band aid on an issue without addressing it? Do you think I need to work on being more dominant and assertive, or accept myself how I am, or both? I know it's kind of a lot, but just threw some half baked ideas out there. Im sure Im not the only one with this issue. I will be thoughtful of your answer while still thinking about it for myself.
  12. Hey community I just want to introduce myself with this post. I have been a big fan of for about 5 years now. I don't really have much to say at the moment, but I look forward to posting and interacting with all of you.
  13. So its crazy to think that I was once stage red. Thats the idea right? that every psyche has to go through all of the stages and therefore we all were once stage red? Sounds weird but I remember when I was like probably 10 years old, I randomly would think it would be fun to like punch my classmate in the face ... you think that was me going through stage red?