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  1. the best thing about life is that you get to choose who you want to be, to make it meaningful as how each individual define life meaningful to them. and there will be no wrong answer to this question.
  2. @flowboy You're right, it is questionable if the video is valid or it could be staged for clickbaits. It's just a rough idea how it works I experienced it so i am telling my story. I never met the animal communicator in person (but she's in the same town) and she were able to connect with my dog through a distance. I had to verbally inform my dog that this particular person will communicate with him at a specific time while she goes into a meditative state to connect with my dog. I was mind blown with the details she gave me and helped me grieve my loss with a unique way to communicate, a very enriching experience really. She's incredible! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Much love Imagine if we have the intuitive ability to read animal's mind. The ability to connect with Mother Nature this way is fascinating.
  3. About one year ago, my family dog died. Before that happened I started feeling like he's losing his appetite and maybe might be sick. I took him to the vet for a checkup and did found some health complications. At that time I happened to see an article/website of a business where this girl were able to talk to animals - she was trained of course. With what the vet were saying, I felt that time is almost up for my dog - this could be it for him, so i thought I give it a try to experiment with an animal communicator. So i hired her for a session and here's my insight: Dogs have good memories - he was able to describe in detail! My dog were able to recall how I got him in the first place He also were able to recall the park he always go for walks after we moved 5 years ago (I have forgotten about it,since it really were a long time ago, ended taking him there one last time before he passed and oh his expression blew me away that time he was very ill) Dogs have their likes and dislikes! My dog liked chewing and his sleeping space, he were able to describe the cooling spot He also pointed out how he disliked being called as getting 'old'. (Story behind it: I've always like to tease him that he is getting older in my daily nostalgic conversations with him, since he's with us for more than 10 years, recalling how I got him is a really good story to hear again and again) Dogs experience jealousy! My dog disliked it when there's a new dog in the house and seen him as a threat to himself since attentions going towards the new family member. Dogs are able to express gratitude! He were able to express gratitude for living with my family with food and a place to sleep. The animal communicator described my dog's personality perfectly She were able to tell me how my dog's behavior and mood at home Dogs experiences pain, anxiety, sadness, frustration, and fear It broke my heart when he were able to describe the places where he felt uncomfortable, how this unease gave him anxieties, breathing difficulties and try it hold in with the pain while he still can. He also expresses fear of death - not knowing what its like to go to the other side and leaving behind our family for good. Note: I did not mention any specific moments to the animal communicator, but she were able to get all information by communicating with my dog. It's really fascinating how she could 'get' animals, even pest control like dealing with rats, cockroaches and ants by communicating/ negotiating with them. The pests didn't cause any trouble again. She also helps with animal behavioral issues with their respective owners - usually it is the issue with owners that causes a pet to behave the way they behave - over barking, chewing furniture etc. It was a very eye opening experience for me. Mostly human just think that animals have no feelings - since they're just animals and that is not true. I always thought that whatever that I say to the dog he would half understand what I say to him since he doesn't reply me lol - and that is not apparently the case. How can we make our relations to Nature a more compassionate and considerate for the ones who can't speak. We can in fact live with each other harmoniously without stepping on each other. Have you experienced anything similar? I would love to hear your thoughts.
  4. @Keyhole the pets clearly wants to communicate but doesn't know how. It will be helpful using a product like that. That is so neat I found a video (start from the 9th minute) that documented the whole process of using animal communicator. Even though i experienced it but I still find this so fascinating. They actually have very complex, self conscious thoughts.
  5. This clip showing a baby elephant went running across the river just to save human who were washed away by the river. This is amazing when animals shows more compassion and empathy than human beings. What are we? Monsters?
  6. Orang utan offers help to a man in Kalimantan, Indonesia. We all have the same nature, that is Love. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7975207/Orangutan-reaches-help-man-protects-ape-snakes-Borneo.html Credit: Anil t. Prabhakar
  7. Recently, I’ve had an encounter at work which did not turn out so well. I did a task at work that I didn’t follow the sequence of doing it in the proper format. I got some criticism from my colleague and people talking behind my back saying that I wasn’t doing my part right. Sometimes, I see other colleague face the same thing like I do too. How to handle the emotional trauma of being criticised? I totally didn’t mean to make mistake but it gives me a sense of trauma, small anxiety and a sense of rejection. I can recall a few times that it happened in several different occasions. Long story short, I apologised to my colleague and redo the task. It had ended and forgotten of. What was hard to handle was to digest the criticism in a constructive way without feeling traumatised of it. Sure, I can brush it off and act like nothing happened and move on and do the task right next time. However, It can be a build up of resentment of feeling unworthy subconsciously and leads me to have self esteem issues, afraid to speak up on my own opinion, and try to avoid engage with more people in general next time by silencing myself in a protective manner. Has this ever happen to you? How do you heal from the trauma of criticism? How to do you overcome it and still be confident to be your unapologetic self while being self reflective at the same time?
  8. The cards reflect that there may be issues with intimacy and vulnerability. Perhaps you feel a sense of difficulty with going out into the world and making new friends... which may be influenced by a fear of loss. So, there is perhaps a guardedness that gives way to isolation... because it’s hard to risk losing people. And if you have few people to lose, you can shield yourself from acute grief. But this resistance to “death” of relationships leads to an aridity in life. So, if the cards are reflective of your situation, the advice here is to make peace with the many deaths in life. Once you open your arms wide to death’s embrace, you will start to live and love again. @Emerald That’s a beautiful read Thank you for your time pulling 3 cards for me, I appreciate it.
  9. @Emerald What’s my current issue I’m having? How do I overcome it?
  10. How do you know if you have clairvoyant abilities? How to discover that talent? How to differentiate if one is a real psychic with a fake one? What causes one to get psychic abilities and others don’t? What’s your view as a psychic on what everyone’s life purpose is suppose to be? What role psychic has in the collective consciousness? How to go higher than where I am right now? Thank you
  11. @Leo Gura @Raw Nature Hehe.. He was probably hungry God playing in the form of orang utan, offering humans a hand. “Hey there son, I think you are lost”