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  3. this one is real
  4. Since Leo got mega enlighted he thinks he is mega mind and knows everything.
  5. I love your videos, but it’s clear your own personal biases and ego have coloured this entire video. The blanket statement “all conspiracy theories are stupid” and that people who believe them are stupid, is completely false. Many things in the past that were once considered conspiracy theories decades later were proven true. We live in a time where skepticism is more important than ever. We are lied to by the media, our politicians and others. Use this as constructive criticism and check your ego. It ran this video. -Matthew Santoro
  6. On how many ug you had this realisation?
  7. Also if I were you guys I would read this too. Pornhub is directly related to human trafficking.
  8. Porn is more powerful than hard drugs for some individuals.I read journals of people who were porn addicts and addicts on opiods,they said that the porn addiction was much worse. It literally floods your brain with dopamine, you can't think straight from that point,you are just compulsive. It hooks you and makes you addicted. And it deplates you sexually. If you're a man and you waste your semen too much you'll fuck your life up. Also porn is a weapon to weaken the population. Why do you think that 10 years old kids have access to the most mental and spiritual kind of pornography in 5 seconds and there is no filter? Leo is super deluded here, he has no clue. Don't bother to change his mind as he is is not open minded about it. He still thinks that watching porn is a need for men. Take our word for it,porn makes you a pervert. you're absolutely right
  9. 1)How will the project look over 5/10/20/30 years? 2)In the future will you talk about Carl's Jung /+Terence Mckenna's work?
  10. no, I assume that there is common subjectivity. can we drop the objective word? it doesn't exist, there is nothing objective. everything is subjective in a sense. objective is used like unbiased. But basically every POV is subjective. 7.8 billions of people vouching that the Eifel Tower is real isn't enough? How is that if I don't see it then it's not real although everybody says that it's there.
  11. yep, that's exactly what I keep saying. Leo talks like he transcended Leo and he merged with God forever.
  12. Hold on mate. I didn't contradict myself. Subjectivity doesn't imply that if I close my eyes the reality stops existing. This would mean that blinds live nowhere, althogh they live in the same reality as we do. They are just unable to perceive it.
  13. I don't get it. Do you mean sight? So whatever leaves my sight it means that it doesn't exist anymore? If I leave the kitchen this means that the kitchen doesn't exist anymore because I don't see it? This means that my eyes don't exist? But they are real. right? @Leo Gura