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  1. Like if I sit at a beautiful tropical beach and meditate myself to death will that be the same as shooting myself in the head? honestly life on earth Is made for animals I don’t belong here lol. I just can’t handle I gotta do this properly if I’ll do it this is like my 10th post about suicide, sorry if it’s getting too repetitive. I’m just really trying to decide here
  2. @Leo Gura is there an actual god I can TALK TO? U keep saying I am god but if I am god then how am I so clueless
  3. There’s so many day to day issues that don’t seem to affect other people that much but for me it’s like a ton of bricks in my chest. There’s many situations that I don’t think I can take the emotional shock, life is very heavy its nice to think god only puts you in situations that you CAN handle but idk if that’s the truth
  4. existential therapy, didn’t know that was a thing
  5. I thought truth isn’t about opinions? Is it true or is it not true that solipsism isn’t the end all be all? If it’s true it’s not ur opinion
  6. Hmmmm love it come fuck up my psychology, Life. It’s been doing a great job so far👍👍👍
  7. Can I talk to you and you tell me what’s wrong with me?
  8. I’m tearing up :’))))) That happens to me as well Happy to know I’m not alone. or am I
  9. Leo's posts in the blog be like: 1: I reached truth because I don't care about human feelings! Literally the post following that one: compassion is essential for reaching omniscience and understanding me: dafuq? m konfjuuzed :')
  10. so they basically hold events where they get people through various methods to access intrauterine experiences (experiences that happened to you in your mommy’s womb that might have contributed to many psychological, emotional and spiritual issues you’re facing) what are the traps of attending such healing events that I should be mindful of?
  11. Damn, good luck being from Iraq
  12. He does if he imagines a mommy
  13. I want the NO BULLSHIT explanation of what really happens after suicide. Is such information possible to find? Or is doing it the only way to find out. I've scoured the web and don't find anything!! All I get is modern mental health professionals talking shit. I want the actual spiritual explanations of what happens I’d like it if you could share with me some stuff online from mystics talking about this. Many different sources so I can compare and see if there’s some truth in what they say and some common thread. I need to research more before I make a decision so if you guys could help I’d much appreciate it, thanks
  14. Mommy issues
  15. there’s some stuff I’ve done that is clearly in my field of awareness, I’m looking at it, but I am disgusted with myself, walking around with black shadows, fear of judgement and abandonment that I deal with just by pretending that it doesn’t exist me:
  16. Of course you’re depressed and suicidal, you live in freaking Algeria.. if there’s anyone living in Algeria and is happy then either they’re in some deep form of denial or they’ve attained some spiritual dimension that i don’t know of
  17. Let us know how it works out for you
  18. spiritual/psychological perspective: dsfsndfkjsd i hav it too to some degree