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  1. 1. Like the Newscaster suddenly looks straight at the camera and addresses you directly by your name. “Hello, Gabriel. So I see you’re watching the news now, huh?” 😳😬 2. Like All of your dirtiest sexual fantasies are being broadcasted on all of New York City’s billboards 🤡 3. Like someone is holding you tight and looking u in the eyes and won’t let go while u keep trying to get away or look the other way 💔 4. Like dying a death that never comes 5. Like the internet stops working. 6. like all the words on a recipe book that teaches you how to make lasagna rearrange to form direct messages to you about things more important than lasagna 7. Like you’re at the club and the music is very loud but suddenly everything goes absolutely quiet. People are dancing with no music 8. like your mother’s face suddenly turns into the actual devil 😈 for like a split second and ur like wtf was that?🤣 Mom? U alright? 9. Like seeing very clearly how so absolutely batshit crazy every culture is 10. Like realizing that all of your embarrassing Facebook posts from when you were 11 years old haven’t actually been permanently deleted. They’re alive and well 🤣 11. Like realizing your room is your mind 12. like you’re in skin to skin contact with every person in the world it’s rather uncomfortable. Unbearable levels of self consciousness Maybe this is just a trip gone bad?😳
  2. To use your line of thinking, who is the “you” that is abandoning the body? Hehe Who is the you that is using the body? these neoadvaita stuff is starting to sound like materialism with makeup 🤡 My body isn’t an avatar. My body is God. I’m starting to think my body itself is a state of consciousness that won’t die. My body itself has an eternal personal journey through life. I’m not sure, but I’m getting very suspicious of this and it’s kinda cool but also kinda scary at the same time The truth of me at the moment is I mostly just wanted to die and just be over but hey I don’t think that’s happening unfortunately
  3. Any insights into why they occur? what purpose they serve ?
  4. I don’t think so hahh Im starting to get highly suspicious of this! I don’t think this body dies either. I told one of the moderators about this. Also, yes there IS someone inside this avatar. I am here! You are in there! I am here and I’m angry and in pain 😤 and hungry . gonna go have dinner and then sleep
  5. I am tired right now yes I ll sleep now
  6. Sorry I mean forget “other” people in the sense that they’re separate from you. Remove the “other” from “other people”.
  7. That’s the thing. I don’t think a hollow copy gets left behind. That’s a deep issue with materialism. For example materialism says that during nightly dreams, your body keeps on sleeping on the bed while you’re dreaming inside your skull. I think that’s wrong. When you’re dreaming you bring all of life with you. There’s no copy left behind
  8. Yes I think. I could possibly focus on other body experiences but this specific one has its eternal journey as well
  9. I mean this actual body. I don’t think it goes to waste. This one, this one I’m using to text you. I think God keeps it forever. Again, just an intuition, could be wrong
  10. Consciousness is able to create entire bodies from scratch! It’s not just small amounts of damage that it recreates
  11. It was reality, when it was happening. You literally were in a military meeting with Vladimir Putin
  12. that should be true because from experience, I’ve never experienced the death of the body. Quite the contrary, everything points to its continuation. At night for example, Consciousness “re-imagines” it into existence in my “dreams”. “ “ “ “ “ “ The fact that physical wounds heal is also indicative of continuation. im almost convinced I can go into the woods right now, meditate myself to death, and then stand up and come back to talk with you in the forum... But hey this is just what I THINK is true, not sure sure. And I’m talking about MYSELF not anybody else ps: will change it later, can’t do it on my phone right now
  13. @Leo Gura people keep saying oh the body dies but consciousness goes on. Well I think this actual body never dies. The exact one that I’m touching and feeling right now, THIS goes on forever. Is this true?
  14. There’s a part of me who is currently at the hospital being taken care of by these spiritual healers. He looks dead. His body is heavy and he doesn’t move but he’s still there. His skin is kinda purple because blood isn’t circulating well. We’ve put him on IV drip. And he’s resting right now. I think he’s in another dimension where time doesn’t exist so these spiritual healers have all the time in the world to care for him because they don’t have other earthly commitments. I need to go to work, but I’ve left that part of myself being taken care of. We need to bring some parts of him back so his body can be animated again. He got sent to the hospital because the other day he ran into his former physical education teacher on the street and he felt ashamed because some painful memories of being made fun of and neglected shocked him and his consciousness got dispersed and shattered all over the place and his body lost animation. I’d really appreciate it if you guys could send him some love for his healing. Tonight I’ll try to visit him in my dream to see how he’s doing, if you wanna join you’re welcome, but if you have bad intentions for him there’s a bunch of security guards who will whoop your ass. He’s name’s Gabriel. Thanks
  15. Actually when he tries to speak he says a bunch of stuff at the same time which are difficult to follow so he’s kinda panicking inside even tho his body is pretty much still
  16. I tried but he’s totally weak can’t even move his mouth but the spiritual healers already understand everything he needs because they don’t need language at that dimension, understanding happens instantly. Which is a perfect place for him cuz he’s tired of speaking
  17. Gabriel is my name. And that part is Gabriel too. I don’t know if this is how parts work work, but it happened like that. It’s really true that he’s in the hospital. I’m for real kinda feeling unwell, but still not at an actual hospital, so walking on egg shells to make sure I take care
  18. We can’t get in the room though, he’s really resting in silence with these two spiritual healers who heal through presence and love, so it’s almost like we earthlings aren’t allowed in