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  1. @axiom Thank you for sharing your perspective. However, I am curious about how you came to this conclusion. How have you validated this for yourself? From my perspective, I believe that love is a human emotion and that reality simply exists without any inherent value or purpose. I would be interested in hearing more about your reasoning and any evidence you have for this belief.
  2. I reject the idea that a loving God would condone or enable child rape. This belief is deeply disturbing and incompatible with my values and personal beliefs. I recognize that I may have previously held notions of God that were not fully understood or verified by me. I take responsibility for not guarding my mental faculties properly and not fully examining my beliefs. I now choose to embrace skepticism and rational empiricism, and return to atheism as my default position - but in a non-dogmatic manner. As an atheist, I can subjectively choose to call child rape as evil, based on my own logical definition and values. This allows me to ascribe meaning to my reality as a humanist without resorting to twisted and illogical notions of love. I recognize that love is a human virtue, and I strive to embody it through expansive, loving and kind thoughts and actions that benefit other humans and animals. Atheism also gives me the freedom to be myself, own my needs and goals, and choose to do good spontaneously. I understand that life is best played in a collaborative, non-zero-sum manner, and I will strive to enrich and empower others through careful logical considerations and my own authentic heartfelt moral compass. Furthermore, I am open to exploring and understanding consciousness through meditation, kriya yoga, and psychedelics, as I believe this will help me to become a more compassionate and empathetic person.
  3. @Leo Gura Ethics and good politics is bad for business. It's as simple as that. You get ahead by being a narcissitic ruthless asshole. Which is why women are attracted to it. This statement is not only unethical, but it is also incorrect. Business success can be achieved through ethical and responsible practices, and strong leadership can be demonstrated through integrity and empathy rather than narcissism and ruthlessness. Additionally, it is not accurate to make sweeping generalizations about women and their attraction to certain types of behavior. It is important to evaluate and make decisions based on facts and evidence, rather than stereotypes and biases.
  4. I am an artist and scored an 8.
  5. @bloomer very nuanced analysis. Thanks for your input.
  6. Did you guys know that they struck down three wind power plants to get to the coal reserves under Lützerath?
  7. @onacloudynight So you are homeless and jobless and go out to pick up women? Do you see anything wrong with that? What do you expect? In case it doesn't hit you like a freight train: Fix your sh*t first. Facing yourself and suffering through all this will be worth it. Don't give into destructive malevolence. It will rob you of your soul and that inkling that is left and still holds on to a vision of something better. It clearly exists because you are posting here for help. And we are here to deliver, you are not alone. Use your anger to fuel positive change. Like a warrior of light you will conquer your fears, you will conquer your inadequacies and you will conquer your illusions and inner demons. In fact, once you are free, you will have a plethora of inner bodhisattvas. You can do this. This is a fact. Do your part and the universe will deliver the rest. There are so many success stories of people that started in exactly your situation. At some point, you have to let go of the dogma of ancestral trauma and the inheritance of parental characteristics. Fuck this. You are your own man. You decide who controls you (no one). Some practical advice: In the mornings do 3 rounds of the Wim Hof method (30x3) Afterwards, you do 10 minutes of meditation and the 5 Tibetans (a set of Yoga exercises, each Asana 3 times) All in all, this should take 30 minutes to complete. This routine will give you a baseline of awareness, balance and energetic flow. Aim to do 21 days consistently before increasing your workload. In a previous post, you stated that you are skinny. If you feel your destructive anger, go and workout. Like a wild beast you will push your anger into the floor with push ups. This will disperse the bulk of the energy and bring it to good use. Good luck.
  8. I see. Not to dismiss your experience, you do you, but I honestly think this is just a waste of time and can actually be damaging (for the pursuit of truth and genuine development) If you wanna nerd out about stuff, do it. For me this would be sharing and talking about music. While I nerd out like that (seldom), I am completely aware that we are all just sharing our relative experiences and preferences for fun on a subjective or constructed topic (e.g. video games) Spiral dynamic on the other hand, if looked at through this playful perspective, is just a nice little ego enhancing circle jerk. Why speculate about the nature of reality like that? What's the point? Beware, because when you are trying to frame actual reality like that, this can have pretty clear consequences. It's not all fun and games because as soon as you do that you are creating filters of reality that limit the depth and breadth of your understanding. And a lot of that happens unconsciously and automatically if you are not careful. And the result is someone like OP who is clearly lost in his delusions of being tier 2. In the end, either the model is actually useful and brings us closer to the truth or not. Most people just speculate and guess within the confines of a model that is in itself build on a lot of speculation and assertions. And posts like OPs confirm the fact that this is actually potentially harmful for the pursuit of truth and excellence. SD should just be put into a shelf alongside all the other thousands of psychological models. (I am not saying they are all equally useful or truthful). But SD should not be put on a pedestal. We need to apply a lot more scrutiny to it. Even SD itself teaches it. If you become construct aware at yellow, you need to downgrade this model in your mind. Now you are no longer the hero ascending the stages but you have become aware that you are playing a game of illusory and relative stages. Paradoxically if you want to ascend into the tier 2 stages of SD you have to drop the importance of this model alongside it. You outgrow the model as you grow within the frameworks layed out by it. Juicy paradox.
  9. @Leo Gura I have to agree with this but I see that as his shadow side. I don't think that's his core. I predict he will leave most dissenting political opinions online as long as they don't directly attack his fragile little ego. The benefit will be more leeway when it comes to less mainstream and fringe perspectives that are often prematurely suppressed. Refer to the post above for an example of what I mean. I think we need to be able to openly talk about the risks of conspiracies, real conspiracies and major corruption deep within the heart of western civilisation. And him ngaf about the status quo of political correctness will enable these facts to come into the light (I hope naively lmao). Also Leo, I know you are very critical of conspiracy theories, so let me ask you this: what the fuck happened with Operation Northwoods? Google it, it's public knowledge due to the freedom of information act. I am not endorsing any particular conspiracy or non-mainstream narrative. I am just curious what makes conspiracies so obviously false from your perspective. You seem to always be ready to silence them with a ban hammer before any serious exploration or discussion took place. Some are luny and probably deserve it but some are more nuanced. Many think the idea that 9/11 was potentially an inside job is complete bonkers... Again look up Operation Northwoods. We need more free speech, even if it costs us a bit of societal stability. Our systems are doomed to fail if they run like they do right now and either we have a soft revolution that's still uncomfortable or we will run into a collapse. That's my honest prediction. Just my opinion, lay away the ban hammer, not needed my guy, just. my. opinion lmao. The collective unconscious keeps us connected anyways. No amount of banning is gonna make the filth, distortion and corruption of humanity go away. It will fester and come back more grotesque. We need open dialogue.
  10. @mr_engineer I just read through your three initial posts and I have to say: bravo! beautifully layed out. I agree with nearly everything you said. Although I disapprove of Musk having too much power, I strongly approve of a more free speech environment especially when it comes to more controversial topics and "conspiracy theories" - such a convenient thought terminating little phrase that is. In Germany we have the "öffentlich rechtliche Medien" which is essentially tax funded media. And due to fairly wide freedom of press and high quality journalism in these outlets, I have seen mainstream documentaries showing the dangers of the jab. One girl went completely retarded to a serious degree where she now spasm all day and is wheelchair bound after the jab. She got ostracised by her peers and most doctors just brushed it off as an impossibility - cause of the narrative that is artificially pushed through moderation based on dogma and social cohesion efforts. Only because the mother kept on pressing did they find out that it was indeed because of the jab. In progressive news circles in the US this would be considered a public health threat and would probably be removed from social media platforms. Yes, things are gonna get a lot more wild from here on out but my hope is that stories like these will be a lot more widespread. They should leave the context function to controversial posts though. I think that is genius as it allows for a more multiperspectival understanding leading to less radical fear mongering perspectives while still allowing for the kernel of truth to cut through that would have been lost in a simple ban or cancellation.