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  1. @Aakash Well Happy I could help you sir I like this, Pretty much sums up some of my feelings while posting this. I was scared to post this, thinking id be put down for some reason. Thanks for sharing dude.
  2. Im confused at whats so funny but glad I can make you laugh
  3. @Truth Addict I can appreciate this and I guess I'm just projecting my own self bias here.
  4. @Leo Gura I'll Have to watch that again, but if I'm being honest the Cult Psychology videos genuinely got me out of what I would call a Spiritual Cult, you prob know the one. So thank you for that. @Aakash Thanks for the Reply and I get it. I noticed people really call you on your bullshit here which is great.
  5. Honestly how come most spiritual groups feel so Culty, like these forms do. Don't get me wrong I appreciate reading others insights and hearing about their path but I just can't get past this feeling. Also how do you even know who's genuinely enlightened, especially over the internet. I mean anyone can just be bullshitting themselves and just feeding their own ego. I just feel like so many people are lying to themselves, thinking they have something special when they don't.
  6. Thank you all for the replies and taking your time to help me. @Inliytened1Im working on being more honest with myself. Im slowly cutting out toxic things in my life and I do feel myself being pulled back to this path. Thank you. @SpaceI have had some profound experienced on Mushrooms. Ive had 2 breakthrough doses and was absolutely in a non dual state. I haven't touched any psychedelics since (this was about 2 years ago) Honestly kinda of scared to. I enjoy being sober right now and dealing with life as is, but I guess being honest with myself is key here so I'm trying my best on doing that. I get pulled back into these states sometimes when I witness beautiful things that bring me to tears. @Pacific Sage I really like this Image, resonates so well with me and Im in that loop of the spiral right now trying to work my way up : ) really nice symbol. Thanks again
  7. Fair enough wavydude, But Its not that I don't want it. I absolute do want it, If I could be fully enlightened right now I would deff accept that. Im just all around not very motivated in trying at anything for that matter. Gosh that sounds emo of me but It is how I feel. I was motivated before and I lost that. Im just trying to find that same feeling again.
  8. Thank you for the reply : ). So doing things you Love keeps you motivated. I like that. Seeking Truth for Truths sake I guess is what Leo would probably say.
  9. Hey actualizers, this is my first post and just kinda felt like venting a little something. So Ive been sort of on and off the path. I used to Meditate everyday for about 2 years and was experimenting with mushrooms for a few months during this time. I was part of a discord that should not be named, and I was serious about seeking truth!... I used to care so much, but that light inside of me started to fade. Simply put I gave up. Although I say I stopped seeking there's still something in me that wants to break through this illusion. Any time I'm in nature I still feel that connection. Im just trying to accept my reality but this shit is hard. Anyways, how do you all stay motivated in seeking the Truth and advancing up the spiral?