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  1. Don't fuck with that stuff. It's unpredictable, I know several people who have had symptoms similar to psychosis and one friend almost died.
  2. I think it's better to trip at night, especially if you want to take a big dose. In my opinion it's just a better set to go deep. Before I start, I tidy up the room, prepare some food and put together a playlist. I do not consume any distracting media or anything similar on the day of my trip. All day I try to be very mindful and spend time in nature. Just before, I shower and do at least a 45-minute meditation. The most important thing is not to get distracted before and during the trip. Be very clear about what your intention is, or be clear about it when you have no intention. High dose trips are serious business, you should know what you are getting into. I highly recommend this playlist: LSD therapy - a guided session
  3. I'm so happy right now I got my favorite internship in an institute for systemic thinking and coaching. I will attend countless expensive workshops, classes, therapy sessions, etc. there. This feels like a gift from the universe, but I deserve it too. The guy who interviewed me was pretty conscious compared to ordinary people. I think he noticed it in me too, after a few minutes he said he makes decisions quickly and offered me the job. After that, we just chatted casually for about 20 minutes. This feels like an important milestone for me to actualize my life purpose.
  4. It depends. I think it's good to share out of love but not if you just about your ego. So yeah find the middle ground.
  5. I get it man and I think that's true, in a way. But you can also easily fool yourself with meditation and it becomes something that keeps you stuck. It's like if I just keep meditating and never use psychedelics again, I'll have a much easier time maintaining that comfortable, blissful state. But that is a trap in my opinion because little progress is made from such a place. The real transformation happens when you say fuck it and destroy everything for the sake of truth. And of course, it's easy to fool yourself with psychedelics, too. This is all very tricky and complicated... Maybe it's wrong to frame it as a trap, that's just how I see it. In the end I think psychedelics speed up the whole process and I guess some people don't want that.
  6. Hm, that's one way to see it. For me, my life has become a trip. That's not something I have to remember. No, often there is some serious work to be done on the trip too. And sometimes no integration work is needed but that’s rare in my experience.
  7. I think one trip can change your brain in the long term. It can gives you the necessary neuroplasticity so to say. Like if you unpack your trauma through psychedelics or have a deep breakthrough this will change you in the long term, at least from my experience. However the psychedelic experience alone is not enough, you have to integrate it and do lots of sober work to make it last.
  8. You can rely 100% on yourself and then still do psychedelics imo. I haven’t done a long meditation retreat but plan to do one this year. I’m sure it can do amazing this and so can psychedelics. I think what Leo means is that meditation is not an effective technique for most people to have deep awakenings consistently. This is where psychedelics come in to help you breakthrough to absolute reality. I don’t feel dependent on psychedelics for my spirituality but I know what you mean, in a way it’s true.
  9. Go for it, you’ll be fine.
  10. It's like a really good coffee but way overpriced.
  11. First of all psychedelics are certainly my bias and I think Leo’s too. But for a good reason and that is because they work for us. If breathwork or yoga for example is working for you then that will be your bias. Why do you need major teachers to confirm the psychedelic path? Psychedelics are mostly still illegal and only since a couple of decades are they available worldwide. Many people still don’t have access to them. Like if peter ralston would come out and say he’d done 500 trips, then you would see it as a legit path? Leo never said other spiritual practices are useless. And I think that spiritual practices are somewhat necessary, like I meditate and do yoga everyday but for me it’s something I do to support my psychedelic exploration because that’s where the real work happens for me. Also it sounds to me you have a limited view on understanding. It goes beyond thinking and in my experience a deeper understanding of reality also results in more being.
  12. @M A J I All I wanted to know, thanks! Interesting. Do you mean mushroom field or mushrooms grow in the field? Because they grow in the forest where I live and there are literally fields of them, like an endless supply.
  13. Hohoho, the legend says the spirit of the amanita muscaria mushroom is the origin of Santa Claus. This year i'll try them. @M A J I Do you eat the whole thing? I mean including the stem? How do you usually ingest them? Can I just dry them and crush it into powder?
  14. Okay I give you that. With energy body I mean the energetic structure that makes it able for you to move through space. The flesh body is basically a manifestation of that. And it's built in symmetrical geometric shapes because this is the most intelligent design. The shadow methaper I saw like light shining through you and casting a shadow in the real word.
  15. Why not?
  16. In this sense, one could say that the visuals you see is the shadow of your energetic body.
  17. @effortlesslumen 👏 well said!
  18. I experienced my personal hell after my first ego death. In my mind I was trapped in an endless corridor with many doors. Each door opened a moment of my life in which I hurt or caused suffering in some way to another being. It wasn't just this life, but all the lives I've lived and I was there for eternity, it changed me deeply.
  19. At low to medium doses, it's like seeing the inside of my body for me, like my energetic structure. But a high dose I can't explain at all, like my first n-n-dmt breakthrough I was surrounded by sphinx-like beings dancing and greeting me. wtf?
  20. I try to not expect anything from others. So I am constantly getting surprised by "normies".
  21. My colleague has died. She was a beautifully graceful woman who I looked up to in many ways. I liked her very much, we had a lot in common. She had so many stories to tell and knew so many different people from all walks of life Although I mourn her and cry a lot, I'm not really sad. I am full of Love. I am connected to her now more than ever. I feel her presence and it comforts me. I love you Irmi, thank you for always being so sweet and gentle. I feel blessed to have spent this time with you.
  22. Good call 👏