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  1. Snorting DPT is absolutely disgusting. It hurts your nose and it stinks! I don't recommend it at all as you have to snort so much of it.
  2. Everything I wanted from psychedelics I already have now, so in that sense it wouldn't be so bad. But the exploration of consciousness is my passion and psychedelics are the most powerful tool for that so in that sense it would be like a pro football player getting injured and from then on just playing for fun at the old club he started at. I would probably go much deeper into yoga then.
  3. Yes, exactly. Before I use it, I put a chemical solution tab in it and pour a few liters of water on it. At the end I throw everything out and just rinse with water.
  4. My brother has a camper van with bathroom. He's got it for a few years now and we often go on trips together and I always use the bathroom. However my brother never used it since he got the van because he prefers to go into nature and dig a hole 😅😂
  5. It's understandable that you feel this way, but you're already on your way to getting better, even if it doesn't feel like it now. Keep working the mushrooms and dig deeper, you got this!!
  6. I wouldn’t call it a shortcut, but the only way to master life.
  7. Cannabis
  8. I wonder how non-German speakers like this song
  9. I took a heavy dose of LSD at my first psytrance festival. At its peak, I smoked weed and experienced a massive, earth-shattering ego death that left my mind completely empty. When I started to find out what was going on, I went completely insane and spent eternity in hell. I just think it's a mistake for taking such a high dose at a festival with so many people and such a stimulating environment. In the end everything went well, but only because I have good friends who take care of me. The more conscious you become, the more of a gift it becomes. Definitely didn't help in school
  10. It could result in an overwhelming experience that you may not be able to handle gracefully.
  11. Don't fuck with that stuff. It's unpredictable, I know several people who have had symptoms similar to psychosis and one friend almost died.
  12. I think it's better to trip at night, especially if you want to take a big dose. In my opinion it's just a better set to go deep. Before I start, I tidy up the room, prepare some food and put together a playlist. I do not consume any distracting media or anything similar on the day of my trip. All day I try to be very mindful and spend time in nature. Just before, I shower and do at least a 45-minute meditation. The most important thing is not to get distracted before and during the trip. Be very clear about what your intention is, or be clear about it when you have no intention. High dose trips are serious business, you should know what you are getting into. I highly recommend this playlist: LSD therapy - a guided session
  13. I'm so happy right now I got my favorite internship in an institute for systemic thinking and coaching. I will attend countless expensive workshops, classes, therapy sessions, etc. there. This feels like a gift from the universe, but I deserve it too. The guy who interviewed me was pretty conscious compared to ordinary people. I think he noticed it in me too, after a few minutes he said he makes decisions quickly and offered me the job. After that, we just chatted casually for about 20 minutes. This feels like an important milestone for me to actualize my life purpose.
  14. I keep underestimating myself whenever I face a challenge. Feels great to finally be done with Covid. My mind is working normally again and I was able to study a lot today. Also great run today and can't wait to pump some iron tomorrow. I really want to keep journaling this time, it's great to clear my head. Maybe it helps if I feel like I'm sharing it with others.
  15. It depends. I think it's good to share out of love but not if you just about your ego. So yeah find the middle ground.
  16. I get it man and I think that's true, in a way. But you can also easily fool yourself with meditation and it becomes something that keeps you stuck. It's like if I just keep meditating and never use psychedelics again, I'll have a much easier time maintaining that comfortable, blissful state. But that is a trap in my opinion because little progress is made from such a place. The real transformation happens when you say fuck it and destroy everything for the sake of truth. And of course, it's easy to fool yourself with psychedelics, too. This is all very tricky and complicated... Maybe it's wrong to frame it as a trap, that's just how I see it. In the end I think psychedelics speed up the whole process and I guess some people don't want that.
  17. Hm, that's one way to see it. For me, my life has become a trip. That's not something I have to remember. No, often there is some serious work to be done on the trip too. And sometimes no integration work is needed but that’s rare in my experience.