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  1. @EmptyVase I've never been into German Rap but wtf happend with Genetikk? Raping about God? I like it
  2. It's good for integrating difficult trips much more addictive than other "psychedelic" substances
  3. Yeah you can have breakthroughs on 20ug if there is little resistance. Higher dose or to smoke weed on the peak is the fastest way but can also backfire quickly... other then that you could work on your contemplation/meditation/yoga skills
  4. You could look to unconventional therapists or other spiritual healers. For example, I know that there are Reiki therapists and breathwork facilitators in Italy. I think you can also find breathwork courses online. Psychedelics can also be helpful, but in your situation I would suggest doing this with an experienced guide to start with.
  5. I only mentioned it because I disagree with that quote: 'Psychedelics don't work on stupid people'. I think Terence McKenna originally said it. Yeah, that's like after your first time thinking you are a sex god
  6. It wouldn't help them to have this realizations, psychedelics work at the level you are at. So they're still very useful to low-conscious people if you guide them a little, at least in my experience. I think everyone can know God, especially with psychedelics. But many don't want to at the moment. Yes, that's exactly how you should do it. Psychedelics can be a kind of life companion that will keep you on the right track. IMO, if there was a little education about psychedelics, everything would change radically.
  7. You should be very gentle with yourself now. I was also traumatized by an intense LSD trip once. What really helped me is taking low doses like 50 ug of LSD in nature. I usually trip alone most of the time but it didn't fully resolve until after 2 friends and I took a small dose of LSD and talked about everything. Also Ketamine and MDMA can be very helpful with integrating difficult trips. Thanks for sharing your insights 🙏
  8. Serotonin is known to trigger migraines if you are prone to it.
  9. I think you already know that none of this is your fault and that it's okay to feel that way. Now I want you to consider the possibility of an immediate change. From your posts it seems to me that you have already done a lot of theoretical work, but I think that you miss actualizing through techniques. (I might be wrong about that) For example, you could try breathing exercises or start a meditation practice. You have to get out of your head and get active in your life. I also know that you journal a lot and that's great, but you should also be talking to someone in real life. Speaking out loud will process your problems completely differently and you can move on more quickly.
  10. This sounds like spiritual bypassing. You have fundamental problems that you should address first. I think the best thing for you would be to forget about spirituality for a while. Talk to someone in real life about your situation, preferably a therapist. More people than you would think are going through phases like this. In 5 or 10 years everything could look very different...
  11. The Grateful Dead did it at the end of some shows in the late 60's I don't really get it though...
  12. Yes I have experienced it once. I faced absolute truth and couldn't accept it... so I just kept repeating "no this can't be true" and at some point I think my mind just shut off. When I came back I was in a totalay different location and I didn't know how I got there.
  13. Just listend to the Podcast... highly recommended Incredibly great conversation that gives you a deep insight into human nature and society in general. To be honest, I had no idea how bad it really is in North Korea.
  14. Beautiful, thank you for sharing Do you think it would have been better for you if you hadn't come to psychiatry?
  15. @LambChop Thanks for sharing! You have taken the most important first step and you definitely have the right mindset. Now take one step at a time and don't look back I wish you all the best!
  16. There are several methods you can try, such as breathwork, mindfulness meditation, psychedelics etc... But it is always a long process and ideally the methods are used in conjunction with therapy. That would be good to start with
  17. @Ananta No, I am not a Doctor and maybe you are right, I don't know him well enough. But it's also obivous that I don't give medical adive here.. I only have the information shared on this thread and what I am suggesting is what I would do if I were him.
  18. I wouldn't recommend it for every mental illness either, but they seem very effective for major depression and OP has suffered all his life. If you do a little research you will find that psychedelics are increasingly being used to treat mental illnesses. The problem is in Europe it will probably be many years before it can be legally done under medical supervision. You can reduce the risk to a minimum, even if you are alone or only have a untrained tripsitter. In general, you should always be very careful with psychedelics, I hardly recommend them to normal people these days.
  19. It is not uncommon for people with mental disorders to have to go through Hell and experience a mental breakdown before they can begin healing. I have a friend who was depressed all his life and tried to kill himself twice (once on psychedelics) before I met him. He was in closed psychiatric treatment for almost a year and other than being sedated with medication it had no effect. I talked to him a lot about psychedelics and after a while he was ready to take mushrooms again. One experience completely changed his life so that he could start studying again, found a girlfriend and even now about 5 years later he no longer suffers from depression. It can be a miracle cure if you know what to do but it can also make things a lot worse. Oke 2-CB is already considered a mild psychedelic. How did you do it? Like how was Set and Setting?
  20. @Raptorsin7@Gneh Onebar Thanks guys Hopefully this week I'll have some time to write more... 'LSD and the Mind of the Universe' is also my favorite book about psychedelics. I am re-reading it for the 3th time right now and am still finding more and more golden nuggets . It's very similar to what Leo experienced. Both use different vocabulary and have sometimes taken different paths, but basically both tell the same story.
  21. In this journal I am going to share everything I have learned and am still learning about and from psychedelics. For the past eight years I have used psychedelic drugs to shape my life. With every big decision or event that happened in my life, I used psychedelic drugs to point me in the right direction. I have built everything up around the insights that I have gained from the experiences and also examined most of my past, in order to better understand it. At this point I have 150+ psychedelic experiences and have read many books/articles on the subject. For the first years I always tripped with my two best friends, spending most of the time in nature. After a few years my friends lost interest in psychedelics and I started doing solo sessions. From the beginning I knew that psychedelics, for me are the key to explore life. Naturally I contemplated all the questions I had on my mind since I was very young, like "who am I?", or "what is the purpose of life?". And for a while I thought I had the answers... until I discovered spirituality and came across, what opened a whole new world for me. So what I will share here will be like a guide to sustainable psychedelic experiences mixed with and insights about life which I got from those experiences. Hopefully this will give me more clarity and maybe some people even benefit from it.
  22. @intotheblack Thanks for sharing! Looking foward to watch it