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  1. Do 20 minute mantra meditation sessions while you trip
  2. Yes it works. I've done it at concerts and it's crazy powerful once you get the feel of it.
  3. Oh yeah it's crazy!!! You have to be really careful here. I almost killed myself (I'm still not sure if I actually killed myself) because how reckless I got when I started experimenting with this combination. Yes, that's common. Very tricky...but also had some of my most transformative trips with it.
  4. Both. You really should go deep with both psychedelics and dissociatives before you mix them. I rarely do it because it's too good almost like psychedelic heroin or something, if you do it right there is no struggle or resistance involved like not even a hint in that direction. In other terms it's pretty easy to get into a state of no-self.
  5. Yes it's the master key but you can easily be deceived also so you need to know what you're doing.
  6. @Leo Gura @Princess Arabia you guys should date
  7. Isn’t the user banned?
  8. Cool idea! Similar to the ACIM workbook
  9. Very weak compared to acid.
  10. Yes same, well said 👍
  11. yes
  12. Tried 4-ho met, very euphoric and visual but not very deep.
  13. Addiction = attachment People are attached to different things and therefore have different addictions.
  14. I agree with @Recursoinominado.
  15. Maybe you could learn to play an instrument like the guitar or do stretching exercises while listening to podcasts. This is what I do to relax
  16. I want to face the fear. And I've tried 5-MeO with and without caffeine and it works much better without. Maybe it's different for you, it's best to try it out.
  17. Caffeine is a stimulant, meaning it increases the activity of your brain and nervous system. It also increases the circulation of chemicals like cortisol and adrenaline in the body. You want to be very relaxed before 5-MeO, so caffeine is not good.
  18. Do not consume caffeine on the same day that you take 5-MeO.
  19. I use what is most important to me at the moment. So sometimes what you said (trauma healing etc.) and other times deep questions like what am I, what is God, what is Love?
  20. If you got your technique down it’s not that bad and 25mg should be enough. And it’s not like you do that regularly so it’s fine I think. Take only small hits in the beginning to get used to it.
  21. Yes that’s still not it. The k-hole gives you a real taste of reality, it’s almost like you get to lick it . It’s like you become to lowest frequency in the universe and you just exist as that non-existence. Pure being - there is not much to it… I have to think about it maybe I can come up with a better description.