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  1. Haha. What a manipulation. Like if suddenly everyrhing would go back to normal...
  2. There are some crazy good posts here guys. When I read some, it give me a AHA like I already know it or experienced it, but didn't fully realize it. Life is a great teacher..
  3. Don't underestimate people. You can learn something from ANYBODY. Poor people on the street, higher director, kids...
  4. At first, I thought it would be best to resume in one sentence, but who cares if it can make everybody progress or learn something. Thanks so much to contribute all of you guys, one night and 12 reply, that's fantastic! The key is to really put deep/key/important most useful things to have gold "inner game" of life. Leo's videos are a bit similar to this, and we could resume it to : just look at Leo videos channel! But I think we can be complementary and learn from everybody of us also.
  5. Hey guys, I want to ask you what are your main, best, deeper, most useful lessons / "rules" / advices / things you've learned, either personnally or trough personal devlopment. I will list mine, and will add more when I remember : - Never let any outside circumstances direct how you feel. ( of course it's a lot of work ) If you don't like something, either CHANGE it, or be OK about it. - Take responsability for EVERYTHING in your life. - Don't want ANYTHING from people/women, you are 100 % COMPLETE. - There is no failure, only learning in life. - What others say about you, or about anything, is only a reflection of THEIR views/ their inner world. - We are here to learn and evolve, each difficulty, each problem is a call to transcend our ego. When we let go of all of this, we are true LOVE.
  6. Oh my God, i'm new on this forum and I can already see some gold here... Thanks for this magnificiant answer. I thought it was a man but looked your Youtube channel and see that you're a woman haha! So for me also, I think being TRUYLY PRESENT is so attractive. If you read many material on internet, lot of stuff go the same way : presence. Being present means you're not in your ego, you just are... no thoughts going on, just looking deeply in her eyes. If you feel insecure, you cannot be present, thought of inferiority etc... of not being worthy of her etc... It's a lot of work but once you feel comfortable around women or people in general, you WILL BE present. I can be a combination of several work, meditation, spirituality, letting go of your limiting beliefs, energy blocks, changing your worldview, nofap, stop looking at porn, which for me, got me results.
  7. Exactly ! I remember Stephane from Ideagasms, if someone know him. He told exactly the same. Some women will be attracted being treated lie shit, because that correspond to their inner issues. But if you want more like a classy woman, aligning yourself with love is the way. Another thing, the words "nice guy" has soo many different meaning. It can be : nice guy insecure, people pleasing, nice with STRINGS attached, so this not so nice, it's manipulative. Nice guy : strong, secure, independant, masculine, YET nice, kind. That's more attractive already, can you see? For me, you can be anything if you have those masculine qualities.. David Deida materiel is for me very good.