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  1. i agree with you. the aspects of you that are in pain are the ones that cause you suffering. Turn towards it with love and care. heal the pain. self-love.
  2. the enlightened people like to tell us that life is a dream... joy and pain: all a dream? yet, so real? what the hell is going on. this is what ive been thinking about the whole day. like, what the actual f***, where is the exit button? is it death?
  3. This youtuber made another video about the book called 'cloud of unknowing'. it's pretty good. i recommend it. it ties in with what Leo is saying about meditation and mystic experiences.
  4. i hope that you find someone. i can tell that you're very self-contemplative.
  5. the decent into madness is no joke. go watch the joker movie. it is strangely a very healing movie to those who can relate to him... inceldom is a form of madness... MADNESS
  6. what if the human experience is the microcosm and God's experience is the macrocosm? Perhaps this could explain the nature of God. "The microcosm is the macrocosm". And then, this macrocosm becomes the microcosm of an even bigger macrocosm. Rinse and repeat. This is infinity. We, as the microcosm, are curious only because we reflect God, the macrocosm. In other words, God is curious. God also has desires. Perhaps, God is whatever humans are. Some humans claim that they don't have desire! That's why God is so confusing. How do we expect to understand God, if we don't even understand humans? At this point, I'm not entirely sure about why enlightened beings say that the Godhead is the end of desire... Hopefully I can maybe figure this out in the future. I have a feeling that humans are headed towards awakening, and more importantly, conscious creation. In other words, we are gonna merge back into a singularity. I seriously have no idea how it will look like tho. I have contemplated about this before... But one thing I can assure you, is that, it's gonna be beautiful.
  7. psychedelics is a wild ride. my hallucinations were so real that i thought they were real. I watched your video about reality and you were explaining to me that the hallucinations are somehow real, and that my mind is somehow trying very hard to downplay it (a function of the ego). i still have so many unanswered questions. if only i could lose myself into it forever. i never know what to trust anymore. i hope that the answers will come to me soon enough.
  8. make sure the people in your vicinity are people who know about psychedelics. otherwise he/she may confuse you and send you to the hospital. (happened to me... LOL)
  9. be careful... the floor is slippery... being generous and selfless is also a form of ego. the only path is the path of integration. to recognise that one is equally as selfish as they are selfless.
  10. There's an interesting book called "The Heart's Code" by Paul Pearsall