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  1. Leo's latest video about Why something rather than nothing got my mind all twisted up. There is no distinction between nothing and something and there are no boundaries, everything is in perfect symmetry. Everything in infinite. Then why is the universe always describe as infinite love? Why not infinite hate? Is there no distinction between love and hate? I guess not since everything is nothing, you, me, god, universe, love, are all the same...nothing. But why then does no one talk about the universe as infinite hate? If everything is truly infinite and symmetrical, it should include everything right? Why then is god/the universe described as being infinite love? why not infinite hate too? why not infinite comedy? Or is that just it, there is no distinction or boundary between anything? everything is just nothing? I'm confused but this topic is super interesting to think about reality in this way. Loved the video.
  2. Get an AquaTru RO system because it's portable and works on any countertop or table or whatever. Then you can run the RO water that is around 25TDS through a 20$ Zero Water filter and get it down to 0 TDS. I go a step further and distill that with my MegaHome distiller and then take that distilled water and run it through a Vitalizer Plus machine to make it structured and hexagonal. Lots you can do with water. Best water ever though is deuterium depleted water, it's just expensive.
  3. my health mentor has studied longevity for the last 25 years through real world testing and experience. He is 48 but when he gets his cells tested his biological age of his cells test as 28. There is a way to stop aging, most people just won't dedicate their life to the proper protocols to do it, diet, detox, supplementation, health technologies, exercise, etc. Plenty of legends of Chinese masters living over 150 even over 200 years. Ancient mystery schools still exist where longevity arts are taught. This subject is as deep as the spiritual path. I am fully engaged into both.
  4. I like Ron Teeguarden of Dragon Herbs as he defines it: HEALTH BEYOND DANGER Radiant health, the highest level of health a person can attain, is defined as "health beyond danger." In other words, the person is so internally strong and adaptive as to be able to adapt to virtually all normal stresses, as well as many extreme stresses, and is thus capable of overcoming most serious dangers. My teacher, Sung Jin Park, emphasized that protection is one of the primary characteristics of health, and the higher the level of protection the better. When one's protection has reached the stage of "health beyond danger," then one has achieved radiant health. There are many Chinese tonic herbs that strengthen the body's resistance. Thousands of active components in the various herbs influence the human immune system. In particular, the tonics are rich in substances that "modulate," or regulate, the immune system. Regular consumption of a major immune-modulating herb, or a collection of herbs with modulating capacity, gradually builds up a person's resistance. I have seen hundreds of people who were immune deficient and thus prone to chronic colds and other infections. After taking the tonics for several months, their immune systems showed tremendous improvement. After taking the herbs for a year or so, they became highly resistant to common colds and flus. People find it amazing. It's this kind of response to the herbs that makes me think that the tonics are really foods that the body requires. It seems that without the herbs, the immune system is underfed. With the herbs in the diet, the immune system flourishes. The combination of factors found in the tonic herbs makes them an indispensable nutritional requirement. They replenish Primal Essence, they provide the energy to adapt to the stresses in our environment, and they protect us. They can even strengthen our willpower. Radiant health is much more easily attainable if we are truly nourished, and these great tonic herbs provide a form of nourishment found only rarely in nature.
  5. Caffeine burns out your adrenals and leaks jing. It's not necessary. Drink this tea every day as much as you want though. The longest lived people in China drink it every day. It's even better than Ginseng. https://www.iherb.com/pr/Dragon-Herbs-Spring-Dragon-Longevity-Tea-Caffeine-Free-20-Tea-Bags-1-8-oz-50-g/21483
  6. I'd be careful with fruitarian diets. Sugar ages you, and the key to longevity is to eat less, not more. Sugar is the fastest burning fuel and fat is the slowest. That's why a form of ketogenic diet will give you longer sustained energy without the sugar rollercoaster and eventual crash. Being 90% in ketosis you will make 145 ATP per krebs cycle, vs 25 ATP on standard glycogen diets.
  7. Anyone heard this talk by Matt Kahn? This sort of describes why I don't really resonate with this forum as much as teachings like Matt. He talks about the "new spiritual paradigm" that is different than the old paradigm. The old paradigm is better for narcissists to awaken, not energetically sensitive souls. The old paradigm is very helpful, but it's just one stage of awakening. It's very masculine and mental, all the non dual teachings. "You aren't waking up out of the dream of illusion, you're waking up out of the illusion of unworthiness." Non duality by itself it's sort of a half baked awakening as he says. We need to come back INTO the body, the personality, and the EGO and embody love and relationships, and feel worthy of receiving , and worthy of abundance and worthy of love. And you will reflect what is going to wake up what You ARE on a global level. "As beings, as souls, who in heaven had already gone through the first stage of awakening.. The first stage of awakening is the awakening of the mind..." I'm confused if that means I already had a first stage awakening in a past life, and now I'm here to go onto the next step of awakening, embodied unity consciousness? Or do I still need to have a real first stage awakening experience first , in this life, and then do all of the stuff he talks about here. Have a listen to the first 12 mins and see what you think. This whole forum and Leo's videos are mostly about non dual stuff to me, which is first stage awakening. Maybe why I don't resonate with a lot of these non dual battles of language that happen here. The loving path just feels better to me. I'll find out in the coming years
  8. Matt Kahn says your last breath in a physical body is immediately followed with a new breath in your light body. I'm sure he's had direct experiences with this topic.
  9. Matt Kahn always talks about loa differently. You might enjoy this
  10. I'm new to Strong Determination Sitting and was wondering how strict everyone is when doing it. When you are attempting to focus on not moving anything at all, how far do you take it? I sat the other day for 30 mins and my throat became dry and I felt compelled to swallow. Does that not count? Am I just supposed to sit with the feeling of of a dry throat and the feeling of not being able to breathe? technically swallowing is moving your jaw and tongue. I try and rationalize it by saying I would suffocate if I didn't swallow, but deep down I'm feeling this doesn't count and my concentration and will power need to improve. Where's the limit? Like if your mouth just fills up with saliva, just sit with the saliva and don't swallow right? I can see that, but feeling like you can't breath and needing to adjust your tongue a hair, or taking a deep belly breath seem borderline. I'm kind of taking this more as just the intention to remain still is the most important thing to focus on but it seems like pain for a lot of people is triggering things to happen so I don't want to spoil a meditation with something as minor as swallowing or tongue movement.
  11. Yes I understand. My question was in regard to your experience. To you, does it seem like traditional methods are not effective enough after having tasted these psychedelic awakenings? There aren't many people who have gone down your path so I just want to learn in case I decide to go there. It's nice to have somewhat of an idea what could be possible
  12. @Leo Gura how are you going forward with your DPT usage? I thought I remember you saying your goal is to fully realize and express infinite love. If this is true is DPT and other psychedelics the only way to go about accomplishing this? I know you've said no amount of self inquiry or meditation will get you these DPT levels of awakenings and that they are different than traditional path awakenings. One leads to permanent embodiment in human form as a non dual being, and the other let's you raise your consciousness so high that you Are God and can never embody this in limited human form. Are traditional meditative practices not useful to you anymore or are you trying to do a balance of both traditional meditation and psychedelics as two different aspects of exploring the Godhead/reality?
  13. Also I really don't think I'll be tripping again for a while. If I ever do again it will probably be 5Meo. I'll have to wait and see how far Leo gets with his development. Because of my health background and current focus on purifying and cleansing my body I just can't reconcile putting unknown substances that could be dangerous into my body at this stage. Maybe after a few years of meditating I'll feel different. Reading some of these stories from the 5Meo thread here and on another forum have kind of scared the shit out of me. I don't know how I would handle it yet. I feel like my ego has a hold of me too strong and might have a hard time letting go. There may be a time in the future. I just don't see it now.
  14. I used psychedelics in my past during a time when I was not really a seeker. It was for pure recreation, sort of. My first mushroom trip was probably the most valuable as I had 2 big realizations. The first was the realization that I was in love and that I wanted to be with my girlfriend forever. It just hit me. We were there at night in front of a campfire under the stars in Anza Borrego Desert just laughing our asses off at random jokes cuz we were feeling so good. And it just hit me that this woman IS my best friend and any amount of fear I had about what people thought about me dating her or judgements people had about us or even my own judgements just melted away. And I KNEW she was my best friend and that's all that matted was just being with her as my life companion. We've been together 12 years now. The 2nd thing I learned on the shrooms was about time. Were were on a good giggle run, telling stories, and then I kept saying what time is it? WTF? we have only been sitting here for 5 minutes? It literally felt like 45 mins had passed. Mushrooms hit you in waves where one second you feel great physically and the next second you feel like puking. Time is just all messed up when tripping in lots of different ways. But I sort of figured out right then that time is just a perception and maybe not even real. When you feel so care free and in the moment so deep that nothing matters. I was just staring at the flame of the fire watching it morph all over the place, seeing infinite depths of movement the closer I zoomed into a single flame. It was fascinating. So that taught me how being in the now really is a thing. It's hard to get back to that place now but I always reference that mushroom trip to remind me about the illusion of time and how to really mindfully focus on right NOW. All my LSD tips were for pure recreation at music festivals mostly just because it felt good. And although at the time I was somewhat into self help stuff, law of attraction, researching stuff like that about how positive thinking and your thoughts create reality, etc. I didn't really have an intention for spiritual growth so when tripping I would really notice people's faces. I felt like I could really tune into what people were feeling by their facial expressions and people watching was my greatest pleasure on LSD. We went to Disneyland probably a dozen times and realized that people, even at the "happiest place on Earth" all seemed to be deeply troubled and sad. I was thinking this was just more proof of the law of attraction at work, people complaining and creating more unhappy situations in life. I dunno about that kind of thinking anymore, but the point is that tripping just for the sake of escaping your problems feels really good but it's not a solution. It will just make you want to do acid all the time to get into that state where you are in the moment heavily and your body feels so good that any thing you put your attention on is bliss. I had one Bad LSD trip where I was at a concert with some people and I spaced out 4 hits over a few hours, then when the show started I got kicked out after the 3rd song. This was the scariest thing that ever happened to me because it was the first time reality got so distorted that I felt like I was on a different planet. I was going through this movie in my head but it was actually not happening in reality and I was literally wandering through the crowd, walking straight through people as if they weren't there and plowing them over so I got kicked out. Then I would flash back and forth back between reality and this dream I was having, and my friends dad was pinning me to the ground because I was trying to escape a threat in this dream, then I faded in and out of the dream and I was in the back of an ambulance. When I got there I thought I was giong to die but the just let me go an hour later. That bad trip had an interesting theme though. It kept coming back to images and ideas of spheres and going full circle. It's really hard to put into words but it kept going back to in the end, love being the answer. Like no matter what journey of emotions, the highs and the lows, it all comes back to love. I also how these weird freakouts and ideas of balance, like needing to run away because my life was being threatened, then a few seconds later laying down and Needing to sit still. Thank god during this time when I was outside I did not run away into a moving car in the street near me. But the weird way which this trip morphed into a them of love has had me thinking a lot about it and I still don't really know what to conclude from it, other than there might be some truth about love being the only answer, especially after I just watched Leo's blog video about his Infinite Love Awakening. I would just say start incredibly slow with shrooms and LSD until you are comfortable with the right dosage and only ramp up to high doses in controlled calm settings with support. I was lucky to have a large group and have my wife and my friends dad there to help me when I was literally seeing things that weren't there. Interesting, though, this fits with Leo's ideas of life being a dream. I guess it WAS reality for me at the time. Or did it even happen at all? Hmm
  15. Hello everyone! I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Robbie and I just joined. I wanted to start by telling my backstory and how I got here and what I think I can add to this community, as well as some questions for all you veterans. I have been into extreme health the last 8 years off and on and I have fallen off the horse and gotten back on it with a vengeance in the last year, with a 100% commitment to living between 150-200 years old. I'm working with a health mentor who I think could be of value to everyone here. He is the most serious person I've ever met about longevity. He is around 48 years old but his cells biological age test in his late 20s. He has figured out how to not age. He is very much like Leo in the way that he rigorously tests herbs, supplements, health technologies, spiritual practices, and diets from all over the world and blends all the best aspects of everything into a master program. He makes custom health programs for his clients in the 5 categories of: 1. Diet - combination of ketogentic, body ecology diet ( low sugar, high probiotic), raw foods, raw primal, macrobiotics. Sugar ages you, the key to longevity is low carb low sugar. 2. Herbs and Supplements - herbs from the Taoist, chinese, south american, american herbal systems, like reishi mushroom, all chinese tonic herbs that fit into the 3 treasure system, holy basil, etc. 3. Health Technologies - quantum cell phone no emf technology, tesla energy plates, magnet beds, etc. 4. Exercises - 5 Tibetan rites, rebounding, chi gong, etc. 5. Cleansing Procedures - liver gall bladder flushes, colonics, etc. His name is Truth Calkins, and he has taken his health to such high levels that other gifts have started to happen to him. Because his body is so clean he has developed the ability to parallel process with both the left and right sides of his brain simultaneously. If you listen to people like Matt Kahn, he talks about how moving into the 5th dimension is all about synching the left and right sides of the brain. Truth Calkins has learned a lot from monks and Taoist tonic herbalists and all kinds of other people with super human abilities and healing abilities. He even read the book Saint Germain on Alchemy, learned the cloud meditation and had it activate in him so that now if he feels a cold coming on, he can just meditate on a cloud so strong it will literally burn it out of his body in 10 minutes through a sweat. The point here is the connection between health and spirituality and actualizing and releasing your potential as a human. The cleaner your body operates, the more your DNA starts to unlock and turn on abilities that were dormant. So I am coming from a path of extreme health. Holistic health, which I also think is the best way to go about spirituality. That's why I'm glad I learned about Kriya yoga from Leo. It's about getting your body clean and moving chi up your chakras. I have been doing the 5 Tibetan rites for almost a year now. Truth Calkins says you need about 1000 reps of the exercise to reach a breakthrough and have your chakras fully open up and spin fast enough make you feel absolutely incredible and light. So this in combination with Kriya yoga and all the other great practices I'm learning about from Leo should create an alchemy that gives me higher chance of reaching my enlightenment goals. I have seen some of what Leo has talked about in regards to health and I've seen some discussion here, but I can tell you through direct experience from myself and others, that all of you here have A LOT more you could be doing for your body. Do you get sick EVER? If you do, you're doing something wrong. Do you think it IS POSSIBLE to live over 100 years old with absolutely no pain and all your faculties in tact? If not then you're doing something wrong and are a victim to societal conditioning. I have done some psychedelics in the past, mushrooms about 5 times, and LSD like 30 times. But that was before I developed a deep respect for my body. I am curious about DMT from Leos reports but I don't know what to think about it yet. I know Truth Calkins has had clients of his that have had serious brain damage from ayahuasca. I dunno how much DMT differs from it but still makes me want to do more research. When Leo says things like doing consciousness work without psychedelics is pointless, I at first get a bit discouraged. But then I remind myself that there are plenty of people in our history how have walked the path without psychedelics. I am coming from a road of extreme health. If I can live to be 150 years old, think about how much time that actually is to release dormant abilities by cleansing and refining my body to a state of total purity so it can be a clear conduit for God. That should give me so much time to mediate like a monk that I can purify my spirit enough to reach the ultimate goal we all share, without the risk/gamble of using DMT. It just seems like a shortcut and a risk. If you listen to people like Matt Kahn, who can literally see energy and energy fields of people, he says that people who do "plant medicine" have huge holes in their energy field, like swiss cheese. For all the ancient teachings that talk about moving Kundalini energy up the chakras and generally promoting the health of your physical body and energy body, I just can't seem to reconcile the use of psychedelics, even in the name of spiritual development. I love myself too much. And I am still at the beginning of the path. If you really realize that you are God, wouldn't you only want to do what is best for your physical body? We all have the choice to live as we like. But doesn't it seem like the highest truth would involve the most amount of love? Sure everything is God and there is no good or bad in reality, but I sort of like the loving path a little more, not mention the benefits of longevity, getting to see long beautiful periods of history on this planet. Anyway Here is some more info about my mentor for those of you who are interested. He is currently writing a book describing all he has learned about health in the last 20 years. A book teaching people how to be Multi-Dimensional Angelic Beings. A bible of health that anyone can pick up and learn how to design a health program as sophisticated as the ones he puts together for his clients. Here is a video interview with Truth talking about lots of relative topics including longevity, ancient mystery schools, health, ascended masters, and epi-genetics,etc. Another clip of Truth talking about Food PTSD: RECAP Don't underestimate the importance of health. It is possible to feel as good as you did when you were a teenager, and live disease free well past 100 with no pain or disease. The healthier you are, the better your meditation practices will be because you are a clearer conduit to move energy through your body and you can get calm easier. **Tip** Try getting a super critical extract of Holy Basil ( I like the Gaia Herbs brand) and take the pills with liquid inside and eat up to 30 pills at once. Pop the caps i your mouth and chew up the liquid and swallow. It will make you so incredibly calm and centered and make it much easier to get conscious for your meditation practices. Same thing with Reishi Mushroom. Don't eat more than 9 reishi at once, Holy Basil is way more gentle and you can't overdose. But Reishi muhroom will calm you down and is a shen herb, ( it nourishes the spirit). Lots of other great shen formulas in Chinese. Look up the brand "Jing Herbs" and try their "quantum shen tonic". My Questions for the Community What do you all think of people like Matt Kahn? (especially you "awake" people on this forum) He seems to have a lot of contradictory information and states that since we are in the 5th dimension now, what worked in the past simply doesn't work anymore. He generally doesn't like a lot of the teachings like, the drop your story, the world is an illusion, there is no self. He says those are all stages that you need to wake up from quickly because they are not helpful. I understand the goal of self inquiry. But Matt Kahn says you come back to the body to fully be the character that you are, so all of this, "who is the one typing?", "there's no one there", although true, is NOT USEFUL. We're here to help the world wake up through 5D unity consciousness through loving compassionate relationships with each other. We focus here on Actualized.org about unraveling the ego. Matt says its not the death of the ego but the integration of it, back to serving you, the real eternal you, God. And all of this through self love, which doesn't really seem to get talked about a lot here. Leo talks a lot about how enlightened people are humble. That's close, but how important is Self love in an enlightenment journey? I think about these topics daily and I can understand both sides conceptually. But my focus right now is the meditation and yoga practices so I can get real experiential knowledge of these concepts and hopefully move out of the dark night of the soul and No Self stages a quickly as possible. What does the community think about so called "ascended masters"? My health mentor is highly into Saint Germain and has actually produced results with his cloud meditation. I am currently on Volume 3 of the Saint Germain Series of books, called the "I AM Discourses". I generally have not seen much here about affirmations. This book is all about using the power of "I AM" in affirmation statements and decrees. I know you can use these in meditations, or in Kriya yoga has some sanscrit mantras. But does anyone here just repeat or think decrees while you are driving in the car? Do you all believe in the power of the spoken word? "I AM the light. The lighe I AM." "I AM the resurrection, and the Life." etc.. Does anyone have experience with the C+E, Kundalini meditation technique, taught at Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment? It's on my list of things to research, but not in the pipeline for me for a while. I apologize for the noobie nature of my questions. I am new. But I am eager to work and to learn. I've successfully changed my diet radically for the last 10 months so I am confident I can make hard life altering changes in this work. Here's to the journey!