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  1. - Changing my beliefs -self-compasion/acceptance -feeling my emotions non judgmentally These have made me a much more confident person and has improved my life dramatically.
  2. No more that I am loosing a sense of attachment to things such as goals because I ask myself whats the point anyway.
  3. @Tetcher I disagree I don't think having an ego is necessarily a bad things. An insecure self image can lead to things such as arrogance and other unwanted behaviour but a secure ego backed up with feelings of worthiness and self acceptance is very healthy and leads to genuine confidence without feeling the need to prove yourself or put others down.
  4. @bejapuskas By ego I mean sense of self
  5. So my objective is to become as confident as possible. I have found that the best way to do so is by improving my self esteem/worth. Lately I have been making huge improvements in my self acceptance and has helped reduce self doubt. However as a result my ego is shrinking and this is not what I want my objective is to shift from an insecure ego to a more secure ego and not to dissolve it. Is it possible to increase my self love/acceptance without shrinking my ego ? Are they inextricably linked as in does an improvement in self acceptance only occur if the ego is dissolved or is it theoretically possible to be more accepting of myself and also keep my ego or grow it throw doing things that feed my ego ? Could anyone suggest to me a possible way to feed my ego effectively ? Im aware that this is uncommon especially on a forum that is focused on ego dissolution but your help would be much appreciated. Thanks