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  1. Has anyone else tried this? It's basically just another way of saying "allow everything to be as it is". Except that with surrender, it's more of a total collapse, allowing your body to go slack, and having the attitude of "I am helpless; God is all-powerful." After about 15-20 minutes of surrendering in this way, you will begin to notice a tremendous peace, the peace that 'passeth understanding." Highly recommended.
  2. Yes for many people suffering is their main or only spiritual teacher.
  3. It's true that there is no control. There is no doer. In fact there is no entity inside that organism you call 'you'. And yet, there is a feeling of free will, perhaps a gift from Source so that we don't all feel like a bunch of slaves. One of my teachers, Roger Castillo, recommends "doing whatever you feel to do in any moment". If you feel an impulse to travel down the spiritual path, then go ahead and do so. Knowing at the same time that it's not really up to 'you'.
  4. Seeking happiness through enlightenment is what it's all about. Although I'd say the happiness that is available is more akin to peace.
  5. Yes, if you find that you can't just surrender outright, and resistance continues to arise, then allow the resistance to be as it is. Nothing wrong with anything. Everything is perfect as it is, including resistance.
  6. Surrender is the relinquishment of inner resistance to this moment.
  7. Yes, surrender is our natural state! Thoughts will continue to arise even after liberation, but there will no longer be the capacity to take any of them seriously.
  8. Yes, everything is perfect as it is. So it's safe to step back and allow everything to be as it is.
  9. @AMTO Genes and conditioning is ultimately just a story at the end of the day. God makes everything happen. But then even that is a story. There is no truth to cling to. But the genes and conditioning story can help reduce suffering when it is seen that no one is in control of their actions, and therefore all feelings of blame, hatred, guilt, shame, pride, etc. can be let go of.
  10. @Red-White-Light Agree to disagree.
  11. Self-actualizing will occur based on one's genes and conditioning. Free will is simply a feeling; you could say it's a gift from Source, so that we don't all feel like a bunch of slaves.
  12. This is true. There is no doer. This is something my teacher has drilled into me pretty good. Everyone is simply acting out their genes and conditioning. You had no control over the parents you were born to, and hence no control over your genes. And from the moment you were born, life started to impact you (in the form of everything you were taught, your upbringing, etc.) and you had no control over this either. No control over your genes, and no control over your conditioning, and these two factors determine everything you think, feel, and 'do'. So what control or free will is there really in this moment? None, of course.
  13. Interesting. I wasn't involved with Abraham-Hicks for very long but I definitely didn't get that impression from them.
  14. @AMTO As I see it, life is destined to unfold a certain way. But, perhaps your destiny involves using your mind to visualize what you'd like to have in this life...?
  15. When I first embarked on the spiritual path I thought there was legitimacy to it, but in recent years I've come to see that life is just happening, with no one controlling it. Basically, you get what you are destined to get in life. So the notion of someone using their free will and imagination to magically manifest something seems a little much to me. Having said that, as my username implies I try to remain open-minded as much as possible so if someone can demonstrate that LOA is legit, I'm all ears.
  16. @Moksha I appreciate your posts. High-quality stuff. Keep 'em comin'!
  17. Grateful for all the spiritual teachers who have impacted my life. And grateful for the suffering that brought me to them.
  18. Life is a mystery that will never be solved.
  19. Around the 4:30 mark Alan Watts explains how the Satori experience reveals that life is perfect, or as he puts it: "The way everything is in this universe and at this moment is absolutely RIGHT, and that's almost putting it too weakly." Powerful stuff from a legendary teacher!
  20. Rupert Spira talks about this all the time, but it really can't be overemphasized: in being aware of being aware, it is important to relax the attention. Normally, our attention is always moving outward toward externals including thoughts and feelings. Well, one of the major keys in being aware of being aware is allowing that attention to rest rather than moving outward towards objects. Allow your attention to sink inwards and rest within itself. When your attention is fully at rest, it becomes quite easy to be aware of being aware. I should also mention, don't expect the peace or bliss of your true nature to be experienced immediately. It takes time to emerge. Because of this, people tend to get discouraged and mistakenly believe that they aren't being aware of being aware properly. In reality, they are probably doing it correctly but are simply losing patience with the process before the bliss has been given a chance to reveal itself. The peace emerges gradually over time. Patience is required here. I wish you all luck in being aware of being aware. Though, if you can allow your attention to relax, you won't need any luck at all. Peace, and much love to you all.
  21. I am Spacious Presence, wearing the mask of a person. No need to reject the mask.
  22. @Shin I don't think either side here will be convinced by the opposing viewpoint so debate is pretty pointless. Edit: Removed part of post to avoid debate.
  23. Good point. If you are just aware, awareness will automatically be aware of itself. It's the same thing at the end of the day. Whatever floats your boat.
  24. I suspect everything is predetermined (beginning with the 'Big Bang' and continuing to expand into the present moment) and so I doubt that anything I could ever think could possibly alter what is destined to unfold. Having said that, I very much appreciate your compassionate nature and desire to help others.