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  1. Maybe. But I'm leaning more towards him being a d-bag.
  2. Strangely, dude always has a cigar in tow. Just in case it's not clear to you that he's a badass. Now you know.
  3. Experienced "psychosis" while living in South Korea a few years ago. Was forced to take anti-psychotic injections until recently. I feel that it was just something I had to go through as part of my destiny. If nothing else, it humbled me, which was needed I think.
  4. @Javfly33 I agree that life is like the ultimate movie. I've had similar thoughts of late. Control is an illusion. However, it's not necessarily predetermined. God could be acting out this movie on-the-fly. Who knows?
  5. Firstly, I'm sorry you had some difficult experiences in the past. I think anyone who is willing to sit down and explore their experience can realize their true nature, no matter what they've experienced in this life. Now, in short, be the Knowing. Knowing/Awareness is what you are, so exercise your knowingness in this moment. Your Knowing is something you can turn up the dial on. So turn up the dial of Knowing, by just practicing KNOWING in this moment. BE PURE KNOWING. Within a few minutes of doing this, you will begin to experience the peace of your true nature. Realizing who you really are doesn't have to be complicated.
  6. Absolutely. Nothing wrong with anything.
  7. Just be the Knowing, knowingly. This is what you are, so it's quite easy to do. You could think of it initially as "flexing" your Knowing 'muscle'. In other words, really KNOW, just practice really KNOWING in this moment. Not knowing something in particular, but rather, just be pure knowing itself. It will soon become apparent that this Knowing/Awareness is what you really are. In time, you will be able to relax the focus of your attention and not exert any effort to be what you already are. You will be able to rest in your true nature effortlessly. But to begin with, "flexing" the Knowing can be helpful to familiarize yourself with Knowing/Awareness. I have nothing against psychedelics. I'm sure they evoke genuine spiritual experiences. But they are not needed. Simply be Yourself. Rest in Yourself. That is, be the Knowing, knowingly. And with this, the restless seeking comes to an end. What remains is peace...
  8. I'm still getting familiar with the Knowing.
  9. Yes! I get the impression that many people here are seeking extraordinary experiences, seeking to understand how the universe was made, or seeking to magically manifest the perfect life circumstances, etc. This is not what true spirituality is about (in my opinion). It's about realizing who you really are. Simple.
  10. I found David Godman's "Be As You Are" to be a great overview of Ramana's teaching.
  11. @LfcCharlie4 I agree that Rupert's writing can be difficult for newbies, and even for seasoned seekers. But I've grown to appreciate his style over time. Very articulate. He's like the Jean-Luc Picard of spirituality.
  12. "Being Aware of Being Aware" by Rupert Spira inspired me to discover my true nature.
  13. @spiritualryan A simple way of being aware of being aware is to notice the fact that you are experiencing anything at all. Good luck!
  14. I'm sorry to hear this. His audio program "The Deepest Acceptance" was a big help to me.
  15. Happiness is simply the absence of seeking and resisting.
  16. It might be helpful to realize that your ego may always be present, and your desire to be rid of it is causing unnecessary suffering.
  17. @Javfly33 Perhaps you haven't fully welcomed the present moment yet. Eckhart Tolle: "The decision to make the present moment into your friend is the end of ego." And, I would add, is the doorway to deep peace.
  18. I'm thinking of joining a dating site and being upfront about my weaknesses (as a way of demonstrating authenticity). Something like: "A little about me: I have terrible social skills and I avoid exercise like the plague." Would women appreciate the honesty/humor of it, or would they see it as me simply putting myself down and lacking self-esteem?
  19. Thanks everyone for your responses. Mods, please lock this up.
  20. Thanks everyone for your responses. Mods, please lock this up.
  21. 35 year old male here. I've been a hermit for quite a while and haven't gotten laid in six years. It's been ten years since my last serious relationship. Everything has been going well for me from a spiritual perspective: From discovering my true nature as awareness, going deeply into the present moment, to surrendering to what is. But at the same time, there is often a sense of lack, of loneliness, which I suspect can only be healed by meeting a good girl. Am I delusional to think that a woman is the missing piece of the puzzle? Should I just embrace being alone?
  22. You may be right: I might have to experience it for myself in order to understand. Problem is, there don't seem to be many opportunities to date these days.
  23. @flowboy I would just say that a relationship is the ultimate pleasure. Not a source of fulfillment, but of pleasure. Seems pretty enjoyable.
  24. @flowboy Perhaps.
  25. Admittedly I didn't like your approach. But I see what you're saying. In real life, I would easily admit my weaknesses to a woman, no problem. But I wasn't sure if online dating is a different ballgame. Will the humor/authenticity shine through as intended, or will she just assume I lack self-esteem? I just don't know.