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  1. Run a DHV stack on her. Take her through the three phases of Mystery's M3 model, proceed with emotional spikes, takeaways, and finally close her. Bonus points if her boyfriend (your "friend" is present). + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + But in all seriousness... you have to start to question the social conditioning that is running your mind, the thoughts in your head, and how they cause you to suffer. I would recommend you improve socially anyway. You should try to burn the candles from both ends. Improve your social skills AND deconstruct the thoughts that influence your perception and see how flimsy they are when you rigorously inquire into them... psychedelics and weed could help with this. That is probably one of the true few ways to uproot this issue at a fundamental lvl. Simultaneously, you'll never regret learning how to dance (social skills / game, etc...). Combine that with an enlightened mind and that's a pretty good fucking life.
  2. I will speed run my life through 1,000,000s virtual versions of myself and then replicate the one that achieves the most optimal outcome
  3. Leo is the GOAT ?? No ? fam
  4. Yeah, I don't like to do it every single day. For me it's like a little treat to have things revealed every now and then. I think for now Im good going a few weeks or even a month without it. The challenge of falling back asleep and working to bridge the gap of the dream character and the higher self is where it's at for me right now. I think that dream character is a bit of a mess in a number of ways. In many ways It makes the world worse because of my selfishness. I want to work on my avatar
  5. A journal apparently.
  6. if he is a scammer, then this is absolutely true. only a matter of time.
  7. Why do I lose God imagining realization when I don't? ?? ❓ ❔❓ ❔❓
  8. The winking emoji is literally God winking at you while you're a sleep. An inside joke. The ultimate wink wink a of wink winks. Think about it.
  9. God is smart af! Now go off back to sleep and enjoy your dream
  10. I am God bwhahahhahahhahahaha! ? I am God bwhahahhahahhahahaha! ?
  11. Well put
  12. If i am god. I am god. But so what i still have to live this motherfucking life, right? Doesn't matter if you're fucking god. You can be god, it's okay. It's okay to be god. But you still have to live this life at the end of the day. Oh my god. Agree? ? ?
  13. Genuinely curious how these mechanics interact with each other. And what if they are at play, they ultimately mean.
  14. @FourCrossedWands there's nothing wrong with homosexuality, either.
  15. pickup up chicks? as a hobby
  16. I have Physical disabilities that limit my career opportunities and restrict my life in many ways. I have known about RJ for a while. His book is amazing. One of a kind.
  17. it's pretty simple to explain but the significance or gravity of these things cannot be grasped by wrestling with these ideas only mentally... especially not without an open mind. buddha said there is suffering because of attachment. well, what if you let go of everything including, existence? that's the cessation of suffering. are you capable of doing that? and what would your relationship to existence be if you re-entered existence? a little less serious maybe? you probably don't even realize how serious you are about life. and to what extent. and how subtly. same goes for me. I dont know that much and I'm eager to learn a lot more. but when it comes to cessation and Buddhism, it's clear almost nobody on this forum knows what they're talking about. not sure why that is but it's obvious, except for the guys that have really taken meditation seriously--there's a couple. not saying this is the end-all-be-all but it's seems to be a facet of life. the harder you hold on, the more you hurt. clinging. trying to force things to be a certain way as opposed to how they are--changing. but this isn't something you'll realize by me, or anyone else telling you. This is something you'll realize on a much more intimate level for yourself with experience, upon reflection, meditation, via your own investigation.
  18. You don't see the value because you haven't done it yourself, period. Honestly, I would urge you to meditate a little bit more ? Less thinking, more inquiry. Cheers ✌️
  19. It's all part of it. There's layers to this. Yes... all the way to non existence. It is possible. Universities are literally doing studies on advanced meditators undergoing this experience.