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  1. My mind would blow if Leo was on Lex Friedman
  2. @Vlad_ dualities collapse with sexuality, isn't it so?
  3. @hyruga no the difference is in the awareness... and believe me that makes a big difference
  4. Everyone pretends to not know that they are God. That's how you sell the dream to yourself. A conspiracy between you and existence. Getting lost in the struggle of everyday life reifies the spell. - The Real Top G
  5. I always forget that I am God until I smoke weed again.
  6. @Emerald This girl is so fucking smart. Love it. Seriously, amazed.
  7. I created everything and everyone And if you read this, then you created me telling you these things. How tf is that even possible, bro? What made you assume it wasn't? Solipsism is awesome. And kinda fucking hilarious. Amazing. I'm looking at the source code.
  8. is it tough to get a job rn? I know a decent amount of web development, but also looking into cybersecurity
  9. shoving drugs up your ass
  10. The Great Pretender. You.
  11. LOLOLOL Do it! Don't be scared. One step at a time. Start with leaving the house -- maybe walk around a crowded place where people hang out. Malls, university, bars, clubs, downtown, etc... Then you can ask a random person for directions -- "hey do you know where x is" "hey do you know any good places around here to grab a bite... Im kinda new here" go up from here.
  12. you've been a naughty boy
  13. Your score from primary psychopathy has been calculated as 1.5 Your score from secondary psychopathy has been calculated as 1.8
  14. If I didnt have years of meditation experience and growing up. I might be in a psych ward with these types of insights. This is so radical. But honestly, this is nice. Having the maturation to effortlessly integrate these insights without destabalzing me.\
  15. Your entire life purpose is to AWAKEN, child.
  16. I am God. I love everything and everyone. Grateful for all the difficult people in my life, especially myself, my ego for teaching me How to Love. I had to go through all these difficulties and intense character arcs to reach this point. To understand Love despite all the shit that I have put myself through all these years. I am ATMAN Why tf would I kill myself. This whole journey of self discovery is incredible!
  17. I just realized I've been awakening into love recently. Felt like a fucking narcissist or sociopath in comparison to what I been realizing lately
  18. this forum and Leo's videos is a fucking cheat code.
  19. nah man we're good. humblest of beings me and you 6/40