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  1. Because that's how good your imagination is. You can imagine a robust dream that seems to hold up 99.99% of the time (until it doesn't).
  2. Kindle's recent software updates got rid of mobi files and now accepts the vastly more popular epub. In addition to the fact that you can regularly pick up a used kindle for $35 or so on sale... I'm happy
  3. worded that part poorly. I just meant the majority of girls doing only fans dont make a lot. Saw a few girls reported they are in the top 3% on OF and only make $3.5-4k / month (4k month is decent in America but certainly not for being top 3% in a business). It's just such a silly thing for men to focus on. And is not even remotely close to reality when men complain about this. Particularly when it's the top 1% bringing in significant income from this, while 90% of girls can merely use it for additional income.
  4. And the majority of women are sacrificing their integrity and still only making pennies through only fans. it's quite the male fallacy that it's that fucking easy to print money for a hot chick on only fans. though with a decent amount strategy, placing yourself around the right people, it would not be significantly difficult either. it's a pretty misogynistic view in general though and undermines the female perspective, whilst simultaneously positions men into the victim of the two sexes. very masculine guys, lol.
  5. Pure projection ? Still too attached to this wasteland bro, that's why we're here
  6. Consider that the most vocal people are the least receptive and inclined to genuinely explorer what you're explaining. But others benefit from reading reading your explanations, and even some of the ridiculous back and forth dialogue. There's a sample/availability bias in the 'supposed' audience because the 'swine' will be the first to speak against you. They don't represent everybody.
  7. yep happens gradually too.
  8. Recently, on psychedelics I've been introduced to higher levels of empathy and love than what I've previously experienced. It is difficult to discern whether I've been blind to this the whole time, while most people this is their baseline. Either way, I want to step into this more and more. I want to experience this and not deprive myself of this type of beauty. My whole life, I've been so isolated and lonely. I've noticed that a large part of that is how I relate to others.
  9. I agree. I'm just saying I hope he doesn't have a terminal health condition. I don't wish that upon him, even if he is guilty of the horrible things he's being accused of. At the same time, it's probable that he's using it as a strategy to get out of prison.
  10. More than likely Tate is making this up so he can get out of prison. I hope it is just a strategy as opposed to actually being true.
  11. @StarStruck everything the girl's is this thread went Mt Everest peak levels over your head @Lila9 @Emerald Not only the things you mentioned. But we're doomed if we continue to view each other as mere trophies. that sort of narcissistic objectification is very isolating for both the recipient and the giver. That's just not a sustainable way for us humans to relate to one another.
  12. Definitely the case with anyone with autism, severe emotional disturbances, cluster B disorders, and so forth. Meanwhile it is so second nature to many others. You can be awake as hell in certain facets -- but blind in other respects. Been there. Still am.
  13. @Loveeee If it helps you feel any better, Einstein was pretty developed spiritually as well. Nikola Tesla seems pretty gifted here as well.
  14. Frank did the same for a couple of years after his 'awakening' if this is the metric you're going to use then Frank Yang would also be enlightened Edit: sorry for being argumentative. I'm just bored
  15. I'm ready to join this poorly-veiled cult.
  16. Leo was most likely on psychedelics when he wrote this and hence the insights were so clear to him. Speaking with any other fashion besides that which he used would pretty much dilute the message entirely. You guys are getting caught in the weeds and as a consequence WILL TAKE A LOT LONGER to grasp what he is trying to tell you.
  17. itt everyone will certainly become enlightened by finally bludgeoning Leo into submission regarding their preference for his communication style. I'll add one more to the cause. Fuck you Leo, you narcissistic prick.
  18. `25 I overthought them the first half of the test and that lead to getting many incorrect. My strategy in the second half was to go with my first guess and I barely missed any when I did THAT
  19. @Jowblob this man is speaking the truth
  20. @Eternal Unity In essence, yes. But I am not an expert in this field. Maybe a true Fapstronaut runs into this thread and can chime in.