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  1. @M A J I @Moksha @Yimpa @Water by the River Thank you guys! I've been learning so much recently. Love yall. This is peak
  2. You would be doing a disservice to humanity if you did not seek out to stabilize towards God realization. "Little by little, slowly you showed me how to love. Little by little, slowly I fell in love with you." ^^^
  3. Learn to appreciate you humanness / vulnerability.
  4. I've had a few run ins with solipsism -- while high on MJ. Pretty much every time I do a decent amount. But that shit is fucking scary. I've had a few times where the suffering in my life was so unbearable that it gave me a sense of comfort, though I was still pretty shocked. But I was still playing both sides. Realizing solipsism, yet playing the game and pretending it's all real. But when it really hits you like a train, the realization of solipsism that shit is so traumatizing and scary. Every fiber of my being wants to be put back to sleep. The emotional abuse I endure on a regular basis, all the strife and constant barrage of 'problems' I've faced during my life. All that shit is easier to face than the realization of absolute aloneness.
  5. @Leo Gurajokes on you Leo. I got a 10 year advantage on you since our age difference. Also I have a full head of hair. Further evidence of my superior genetics.
  6. There's cycles of withdrawal / immersion with the world. Nothing wrong with that. It's whatever the heartmind needs.
  7. @Jodistrict Leo said DMT a few times as an alcohol substitute. I'd concur. Along with weed. Anything that puts you in God Mode
  8. This guy is an idiot. I feel sorry for all the young kids that get misled by him.
  9. well said
  10. The idea of "enlightenment" seems so immature. Egoic clusters conceived of a way to make themselves feel "above" others -- and hence the mind games begin. A special type of narcissist.
  11. @Thought Art You want to climb the mountain then
  12. @Thought Art is this something that you necessarily care about handling? it fine to go around the problem sometimes and carry on towards more meaningful work. we spend too much time on the wrong problems. they can self correct when we're aligned, rather trying to solve the problem indefinitely with cheap patches and bandaids.
  13. He's making a joke. About solipsism
  14. @Leo Gura I am relistening to the original solipsism video. That video is a work of genius.
  15. @Schizophonia it's different when you're not on psychedelics at least for me. Not as obvious. More of backdrop. And you just roll with it. Like before. As always. Chop wood carry water ot whatever ?
  16. @tuku747 you're reading me very clearly. Things that I didn't myself notice, but seem to be and always have been the case. You're right. Creating consciously as I go moment to moment. This is a nice balance. I can feel it. It feels nice ?
  17. @Sincerity great inquiry ❤️
  18. @Sincerity The perception of others is comforting. Like laying in your bed at home with a soft fluffy blankey. It's comfortable. It's familiar. Stripping that away is more intense than anything I could imagine.
  19. Notice the drawbacks... you are forever dependent on others. You are giving away your power by doing this. Continue to pay close attention and reflect on this dynamic. What are the benefits and cons. Does it bring you peace or strife? Then you let it go. Detachment!!!
  20. @Leo Gura You sound like an asshole in your other comments. But this makes a lot of sense^^^
  21. @davecraw ur not even listening... I don't care for debates. good night
  22. You can have a dream without knowing you're dreaming. You can dream of other autonomous beings.
  23. Because that's how good your imagination is. You can imagine a robust dream that seems to hold up 99.99% of the time (until it doesn't).
  24. Kindle's recent software updates got rid of mobi files and now accepts the vastly more popular epub. In addition to the fact that you can regularly pick up a used kindle for $35 or so on sale... I'm happy