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  1. that kind of thinking makes you more similar to him than you think. slippery slope fallacy, maybe...
  2. I think it shows that there is hope for him... He's a good guy deep down but too many defense mechanisms and lack of self-awareness.
  3. that's a tough one I realized recently. I reached a point where I realized I was just God imagining everything. Imagining my "personal individuated existence" and everyone and everything else. It was a scary place to be AND made me love the everyone I have even more. Maybe I'm just clinging on for dear life but...
  4. Your best bet is to move to North Carolina
  5. Buddha, Jesus, Zherka, Andrew Tate, Owen Cook Hitler, Einstein
  6. And then I go back to sleep... Hello God ?? Define God realization: God realization is when you literally realize that you are God If you as God did not realize that you were God, that means you literally don't have self-awareness. Therefore, how could you be mature in the first place if you're not even aware of yourself of who you are and self-awareness yourself aware you're lost in a f****** child
  7. I mean even Buddhist themselves say they are trying to calm the "monkey mind". So literally Buddhism is about taming the monkey LOL
  8. Understanding and open to learning about LGBTQ+ people and their perspective. Everyone deserves love. 10 years ago I was so close-minded about this stuff. Saying that they should keep it to themselves and private even though I was "okay with it" LOLOLOL
  9. thanks a lot man, appreciate it. I will definitely be doing this
  10. either delta-9 from disposable pens from vape shops or the ones that have the THC-C or THC-A wanna get away from that shit as it fucks my lungs. but the real shit is illegal here so I stick to what I find at vape shops.
  11. it's not arrogance, it's just sovereignty. You can't be a humble sheep forever and expect to get anywhere besides the trainwreck the herd will inevitably lead you too
  12. As excited as I am for the new course, the clever jokes and massive suspense of an episode of TV SHOW keeps me on my toes even more. Who would've known Leo had such a knack for writing soap operas. Cheers!
  13. No shit... anyone who believes that is most likely seriously deluded and deceiving themselves I am curious does this not apply to you anymore? Not trying to be rude or condescending I am genuinely curious what your Baseline Consciousness is like now relative to say five six years ago
  14. exactly youve we've been duped into unhealthy = fun. snap out of that shit.
  15. Only your perception disallows you from accepting contradictions, or rather imposing them out of thin air, and then convince yourself that those justifications are reasonable. How convenient, and oh what a simple lock on truth. Yet it is effective. Not much more is needed. We don't second guess it because we can only observe and attempt to analyze these in an obtuse manner. Yet, we are not conscious of this -- this is the whole problem.
  16. @Kconsciousness pls do share
  17. @supremeyingyang @Rilles this man had no Eyedea
  18. Pretty much their is an infinity amount of avenues that either exist already or can be created. I'm not going to sit here and lecture someone and say they're lazy because that is a massive and ridiculous oversimplification. But yes, pretty much anyone can will themselves to whatever life they want in America. Most of the not being able to make it comes down to trauma, bad programming, not having the right information, poor diet that leads to bad headspace, and so on and so forth. I won't say it's easy. But anything is possible. The grass is greener wherever you water it
  19. Hang in there bud. I made these decisions years ago too and I wish I hadn't. Lots of money and time wasted because of my impulsive decisions. You can optimize your life over time but quitting now will most likely shoot you in the foot unless you have a better plan laid out. That will set you back even more. Be honest with yourself.
  20. But Leo, I don't want to be raped 300 times